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Maxuni Presentation 2012 English


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Specialized on Automotive Exteriror, Interior, Lighting Molds. For details, welcome to send email to directly.

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Maxuni Presentation 2012 English

  1. 1. About MaxuniMaxuni provides plastic mould manufacturing service, plastic parts design supports, and molding parts in limited quantities for Automotive and Aerospace industries.Maxuni has an approximately 20,000 square meter plant with leading mould manufacturing systems and lean mould manufacturing. The annual capacity is 1,500 sets of moulds.Maxuni has three flexible manufacturing lines for large, medium and small size moulds, meanwhile ,we could provide customers with moulds assembly from 2Tons to 50Tons simultaneously .Our advantage is to provide our customers with manufacture the injection molds of bumper, side wing , instrument panel, rear and front door, center control console ,automotive light , etc..
  2. 2. Maxuni Organization Chart
  3. 3. 2011 Number of Employees• Total Headcount:650• Engineers:300• Technicians :270• Project management:60• Others:650
  4. 4. Revenue by region in 2011
  5. 5. Revenue by Industry in 2011
  6. 6. What We Can Do • Capability:Up to 50T moulds • Automotive interior • Automotive exterior • Automotive lighting • Aerospace interior
  7. 7. Advantage• European mould design philosophy and process standard• Mould component manufacturing• Large complex structure mould• 2K mould• Over mould• SMC mould
  8. 8. Automatic flexible Manufacturing System
  9. 9. Lean Mould Manufacturing System
  10. 10. Engineering Center• European Process Standard• Complete in-house design facility & 3D mould design• CAD/CAM software: UniGraphics• Support Solid works/Catia./Pro/e, etc.• Component process analysis before machining• Mold Flow analysis• Quotations provided with preliminary mould design/layout drawings • Suitable steels :• 3D data update and confirmation before the design stage 1.2738HH,P20HH,8407,1.2343,1.2344,1.2767, NAK80,420ss,Moldmax,etc. • Experience on plastic mold flow analysis: PP,PC,ABS,POM,PPS,TPE,10% to 50% GF PA66,PEEK,etc. • Cooperating hot runner systems: Mold Master, Synventive, Husky, Incoe, Mastip, Yudo,etc. • Commonly used surface finishing : SPI Standard,Mold-Tech,VDI,,CH, NiHong texturing,Coating treatment, chroming, etc
  11. 11. Manufacturing Planning Center Maxuni mould manufacturing system is controlled and managed by software and barcode system .The ERP system updates the work schedule automatically every 30minutes. Following chart illustrate our work procedure.
  12. 12. Manufacturing System chart A. ERP system controls manufacturing status and machining process for every mould component. B. ERP system supports mould design, CNC programming, and mould trial status. C. Barcode system monitors real-time status. D. Employees from all departments can access the ERP system and the database.
  13. 13. Quality Control Center • ISO 9001 2008 Certified • AISI Standard • IQC Incoming material quality control • IPQC In-progress quality control • IQC Steel hardness checking • QC Molding samples inspection and QC report • FQC Mould final quality control
  14. 14. Mould Trial Center• In-house mould test• Sampling with process report provided• 4 hours continuous test on request• Mould trial video provided Material trialed: ABS、PA6 、PA66 、PP 、PC 、 PS 、PE 、PPS 、POM 、PBT 、PC +PBT 、 PMMA 、PEEK、TPO 、TPE 、 ULTEM 、PP+GF(15%-50%)etc、 PC+ABS、PA6+GF(15%-50%)etc.
  15. 15. CNC Center The equipment name Process stroke Quantity Process speed Germany DEPO Center 2000*1200*800mm 1 7-Axiss CNC Germany DEPO Center 2000*1200*1000mm 1 5-Axiss CNC Germany DEPO Center 3000*1600*1000mm 1 5-Axiss CNC Germany DEPO Center 3000*1600*1000mm 1 3-Axiss CNC Germany DEPO Center 2000*1200*800mm 1 5-Axiss CNC Germany OPS Ingersoll Center 1120*750*450mm 2 5-Axiss CNC Germany OPS Ingersoll Center 550*370*399mm 1 5-Axiss CNC Japan MORISEIKI Center 730*510*510mm 1 5-Axiss CNC Japan MORISEIKI Center 800*500*500mm 2 3-Axiss CNC Japan MORISEIKI Center 400*300*300mm 1 3-Axiss CNC American HARDINGE Center 810*510*500mm 6 3-Axiss CNC American HARDINGE Center 1270*650*650mm 1 3-Axiss CNC
  16. 16. EDM/Wire Electrode Cutting Machine EDM Equipment name Process stroke Quantity Germany OPS-ingersoll EDM 1600*1100*1000mm 1 Germany OPS-ingersoll EDM 500*500*500mm 1 CHARMILLES EDM 380*260*290mm 2 Beijing Agie EDM 400*300*300mm 1 Double-head EDM 2800*900*650mm 3 Single-head EDM 900*800*650mm 1 Single-head EDM 430*350*350mm 3 Single-head EDM 540*400*400mm 3 CHARMILLES Wire Cutting Slow-feeding 400*380*265mm 1 Su Sanko slow-feeding 500*350*260mm 2
  17. 17. Grinding and spotting machine Grinding Machine Equipment name Precision, stroke Quantity Japanese small grinder machine 350mm*220mm 8Okamoto cylindrical grinder machine 280*ф120 1 HT Grinding 350mm*220mm 5 Guilin large grinder machine 1000mm*600mm 2 Spotting Machine Equipment name Process stroke Quantity SHUNXINGKAIHAO 500T 1 SHUNXINGKAIHAO 100T 1 AQU A mate 320T 1 AQU A mate 200T 1 AQU A mate 160T 1 AQU A mate 120T 1
  18. 18. The Injection Machine Equipment name Injection ton Quantity Zhen Xiong injection 3600T mould 1 molding machineHai Tian Injection Machine 1600T 2K mould 1Toshiba Injection Machine 650T 2K mould 1Hai Tian Injection Machine 380T 2K mould 1Hai Tian Injection Machine 300T 2K mould 1Hai Tian Injection Machine 300T 1Hai Tian Injection Machine 160T 1Hai Tian Injection Machine 86T 1
  19. 19. QC inspection machine QCHexagon Apollo DEA ALPHA (3 coordinate) 1 Sweden3D Measuring Hexagon Apollo 1 SwedenTESA CMM MICRO-HITE 3D Measuring Equipment 1 SwitzerlandLinear 2.5 D Measuring Equipment of LH-600B 1 ChinaHexagon Apollo DEA ALPHA (3 coordinate) Profile ProjectEquipment CM300-D 1 Tai WanWILSON Hardness Instrument HT500 WILSON hardness 1 AmericameterProfile Project A3000 hiccough 1 Japan
  20. 20. Maxuni Primary Customers
  21. 21. End Users
  22. 22. Maxuni’s Global Coverage
  23. 23. Shenzhen Maxuni Technology Co., Ltd.( Headquarter )Zhuhai Maxuni Mould Co., Ltd.Germany Maxuni Industry GmbHWeb: