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Ux examples


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Some examples of my latest work (October 2011)

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Ux examples

  1. 1. MAX SOE UX Examples
  2. 2. WIREFRAMING AND PROTOTYPINGWireframes created through HTML prototypes, Omnigraffle, Visio, and Axure
  3. 3. “What’s On” - Gig guide around major Australian cities
  4. 4. Asciano - very conservative, focus on share price and showcasing upcoming plans
  5. 5. Click Foundation - Not for profit organisation, focus on acquiring donations and volunteer work
  6. 6. Gatorade Replay - Gatorade video competition
  7. 7. BFB_wireframeV05:: Reviews Log on to My Optus Account Business Mobiles Mobile Broadband & Tablets Internet Office Phone Bundles MyBiz Blog Log on to MyBiz 0 items Overview Features and Benifits Reviews Product screenshot Buy [Product] RHS Plans and Pricing $49 $29 $19 per month per month per month Add to cart Add to cart Add to cart 60 Users 20 Users 5 Users 25 GB Storage 10 GB Storage 5 GB Storage Feature X Feature X Feature Z Feature Y Feature Y Feature Z more info more info more info FooterOptus MyBiz - Product review, plans and pricing
  8. 8. CONTEXTUAL INQUIRIES Including the creation of Affinity Diagrams, Personas and Findings Report
  10. 10. 5 Allow people to vote on flavourful tips Person clicks on "like" screenshot - zoom into section of "like" Is the person Yes logged in? Are they using Facebook connect? Yes No Publish to No Facebook stream Vote number goes up screenshot - screenshot - zoomed into zoomed into refreshes instantaneously previous number of updated number of votes votes "Like" button Are they changes to If person Yes Publish to using "Undo". decides to Facebook Facebook Options to log log in stream connect? in appear. No Person is screenshot - zoom logged into into logged in the site status Masterfoods’ Favourful Tips -Facebook “Like” social media integration
  11. 11. BFB_wireframeV05:: Shopping interaction Notes for shopping process - omit unnecessary steps from the order process Add to shopping in the navigation, and add the pages that the user Cart sees. - selling add-ons/extras should be done after the customer has bought the item. Optus are losing sales otherwise. - omit unnecessarily distractions during the checkout process such as "$0 upfront only", "Not a business customer" and "Free delivery for online orders". These links take the customer away from Item gets added to paying Optus money. shopping cart - There is no need to link back to the shopping cart Show shopping cart with the checkout button once the customer is (current system - already in the checkout process. summary view). Rename this page to - There are multiple places where there is no shopping cart distinct/primary call to action. eg summary page "continue shopping", "continue" and "checkout". Details page has "checkout" and "submit" Shop for other products or continue with checkout Shop for other products Continue with checkout Input shipping and My Biz homepage payment details Thank you page (payment processed, order ready to be shipped) Customer can finish things here Limited special offers (this is how add-ons should work) when you purchase in the next 30 mins. Limited specials added to purchaseOptus MyBiz - Shopping process
  12. 12. ANALYSIS AND REVIEW Expert reviews and site analysis
  13. 13. Usability Review:: Homepage Top level menu items should be kept to 7 items or less (look at 1 as an example). Reconsideration and prioritisation of global items is required. 2 Menu items as images increases the load time of the page. Use 2 text instead of images wherever possible to speed up page load times, increase search engine readability and on-page 1 searchability for users. 3 Avoid using ALL CAPS where possible. Online, using all caps 3 allude to shouting. This occurs in various places across the entire website. Reconsider the purpose of the homepage. In the online space, 4 a website is a companys brand. Within 2 or 3 seconds, visitors should be able to tell what the website is about and immediately form an affinity with the brand. 4 Visitors arriving at the site may be looking for what David Jones has on offer at the moment. Going past the Elizabeth St store in 6 Sydney, there are posters for "You are invited to save" and "Royal Randwick Spring Carnival". There should be cohesion 5 between online and offline activities. Avoid using Flash when another (more accessible) technology 5 such as HTML, AJAX and images will do the job. The main element on the homepage takes almost 3 minutes to load using a 3G connection. 4 minutes for the entire page. Maintain a consistent visual style. These links lack the same 6 design polish and flair that is under the credit card, ie "Learn more" and "Apply now". Look at for an example of making links visually obvious, yet not underlining 10 them. is also another good example. 7 Avoid right alignment with text. Right aligning text makes things 7 difficult to read and/or scan. 9 Links should be self descriptive. Eg "Christmas Hampers 2009" 8 instead of "click here". As a general rule, avoid using the same name for different links or calls to action. Make the entire box clickable (linked) so that the visitor can 8 9 quickly get to where they want to go instead to having to hunt down a small target area. Ensure there is always enough padding around text so theyreGeneral Notes 10 not squashed against margins.The page title (<title></title>) should be URLs - Regarding the top level"David Jones" or "David Jones Australia". navigation items, some items areNot "David Jones - Homepage" subdomains, some link to pages in the same directory, and others to pages within subfolders. URLs need to be human friendly and structured for consistency. Regardless of the technology used to generate the pages, the URLS should be shown as .htm or .html Max Soe User Experience Consultant 0405 022 546