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Brand new Seductive PPT


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Brand new Seductive PPT

  1. 1. Production Agency Credentials
  2. 2. Seductive is…  Vendor of IT Solutions for Marketing  Mobile and Social Apps Developer  Experienced in Game Development and Gamification  Ready to invent unique Software + Hardware Systems  With solid Digital Production Experience and Million Ideas
  3. 3. Our works…
  4. 4. 20+ Mobile Apps Web & Hybrid applications Augmented Reality Social APIs Geo-locations, Accelerometer, Hyroscope iOS, Android, Windows Phone UX/UI Design M-Commerce, Surveys, presentations
  5. 5. Online Travel Application for searching and buying airline and railway tickets, with planes schedule, personal account and Facebook connection. Localized in English, Russian and German languages. • iPhone and iPad versions • Mobile site and widget • Backoffice • CRM integration
  6. 6. Loyalty App Application for serving Loyalty Program of payment card operator. Features include registration, geo-located search and notifications, settings of interests (food, beauty, shopping etc.). • iPhone and Android Apps • Backend CMS We have a product offer for loyalty programs, to know more please contact with subject «Loyalty App».
  7. 7. Augmented Reality Application for watching 3D animations attached to user photos. Easy creating and adding new effects and markers through backoffice. Posts photos to Facebook and shows teasers of new effects. • Smartphone and Tablets • iOS and Android • Backoffice
  8. 8. Profitability Calculator and Product Catalogue for BASF App for margin calculations for agro industry. In created reports app offers recommendations of BASF products, that improve profitability (reports can be sent to e-mail). Catalogue presents products by categories with a lot of valuable information. • Smartphone and Tablet • iOS and Android
  9. 9. 15+ Games Ideas and Scripts Character Design 2D/3D Art Animations 3D and physical engines Socials Games: VK, FB, Foursquare, Twitter Webcam and Kinect Games Mobile Games: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  10. 10. Samsung Adviser Goal Show in the training format key features of the new devices Samsung: All In One, Smart Pc and Smart Pc Pro. Solution An application with 3D character that guides the user through a series of tasks and 3 devices in united story about the search for his relatives in the future. In the process of communication with the consultant users learn the new interface of Windows 8, try gesture controls in the air, 10-point multi-touch, use MS Office on tablets and are tested on their new knowledge.
  11. 11. Bridgestone Race Game Goal Develop a 3D race for entertainment of promo site visitors, that will reveal benefits of Bridgestone tires in different weather conditions. Solution Game idea, design and development form a scratch made in 1,5 months.
  12. 12. MTS Goalkeeper Goal Gather football fans around the MTS area Solution Kinect-game that begins with authentic form selection of Euro 2012. After that, the player (as a selected team goalkeeper) is to defened gates in 10 penalty series. Characters on the screen repeats all the motions of a player. The game is supported with high-quality 3D- graphics and sounds.
  13. 13. Phygital, Digital Out of Home etc. Creative and POCs Interactive Vending Machines Gesture controls Online + Offline Mech and electronical 360 / crosschannel communications NFC and RFID Social Networks + Shelf + Mobile + … Interactive Digital Signage (video ads)
  14. 14. Games on big screens Video: The essence of the application was to control screen with your smart phone without downloading applications. Just follow the link could control things on the screen, in this case a simple game, same to «Space Invaders». All this was made possible thanks to our new technology «Connected Signage». Read more about it in the presentation: -signage
  15. 15. RFID Event For cigarette brand we have developed a set of installations connected through RFID bracelets. On a series of parties promoters registered guests, gave them bracelets and created entertainment and advertising brand activity. Activities offered creating and sending your photos, communicating with frineds and receiving gifts. Total participants count exceeds 2,000 smokers who created and published more than 10,000 pieces of content. Stands were used for promo and corporate events.
  16. 16. Interactive Vending Machine for Mirgorodskaya (mineral water) We assembled a vending machine with touch screen that rewarded good players with a bottle of water. The game was about bursting the bubbles with minerals contained in Mirgorodska water. The device has a capacity of 200 bottles of 0.5 liters.
  17. 17. Development Team Maxim Kirill + unique specialists on demand CTO Dima Mobile Developer Gleb Mobile Developer Kolya Web Developer Alexey Phygital PM Nazar UX/UI Designer Женя .NET Developer Lesha 3D Designer Gleb Mobile PM CEO
  18. 18. Our Clients Agencies: ADV Group (Momentum, TMA Draft, Publicis Group), CHEIL, SPN Ogilvy, ADK Group (Branson), INCH Kiev,, Cloud9, Go Interactive, Legendary,, Magic Events, BTL Pro, Lime, Vitamin Projects for Brands: 3 years of successful practice and more than 100 projects done
  19. 19. We strive to…  Creating outstanding mobile and phygital projects  Achievement of measurable goals using digital tools  Market development, teaching and learning
  20. 20. Thanks for your attention! Maxim Semenchuk CEO +380 (96) 890 6666 Our sites: Contact us for consultation or project calculations