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CHUA A51: MidTerms


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Mid Terms.

Published in: Food
  • My presentation is about the effective method of Century Tuna in promoting their product through the “Superbod Challenge”. 'Century Tuna' has been one of the products that 'promote' both fitness and nutrition. They are also one of the smartest companies that thought of an interaction project with their consumers as a way of advertising and that is through the 'Superbod Challenge'. Created in the year 2006, the Superbod Challenge dares us Filipinos to take the challenge of having a great body with proper exercise and, of course, through eating their tuna. The promotion of this challenged reached Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which fully helped the 'Superbod Challenge' spread across the country. And is even easily accessible. There are available diet recipes and online workout routines on their website that are absolutely for free. As Ariel Comia, the PC&V Communication President- Century Tuna’s Advertiser said, “Every two years, the Century Tuna Superbods competition takes place. It is a search for the sexiest and the fittest man and woman to become the brand’s image models. It is a brand-building effort that not only builds Century Tuna’s equity on health, but pushes sales to a peak for the given year.”
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CHUA A51: MidTerms

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