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South africa


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South africa

  2. 2. GENERAL INFORMATION Capital city: Pretoria(executive) Bloemfontein(judical) Capetown(legislative) Largest city: Johannesburg President: Jacob Zuma Population: 48.810.427
  3. 3. LOCATION OF SOUTH AFRICALocation of Map of South AfricaSouth Africa
  4. 4. PROVINCES 11 provinces Biggest: Northern Cape Smallest: Gauteng Most population: Gauteng Least population: Northern Cape
  5. 5. LANGUAGES IN SOUTH AFRICA 11 languages Most important:1. Zulu 2. Xhosa 3. Afrikaans
  6. 6. FLORA AND FAUNA 23000 different plants Biome: Grasland Savanne Top 5 animals: Lion Elephant Leopard Rhino Buffalo
  7. 7. ADVENTURESParagliden Bungeejumping
  8. 8. ADVENTURESSnorkeling Microlight flying
  9. 9. SIGHTSEEING Table Mountain Cape of Good Hope Robben Island Kruger National Park
  10. 10. THE ENDThanks for watching and listeningMade by: Jildert Bangma Max Postma Jelmer van Slooten