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Shape memory-materials


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Published in: Education
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Shape memory-materials

  1. 1. Shape Memory MaterialsShape Memory Materials
  2. 2. What is a Shape Memory Material?What is a Shape Memory Material?• Has Two Crystal StructuresHas Two Crystal Structures• Change in Crystal StructureChange in Crystal Structure• ThermoplasticThermoplastic• Displays Pseudo-Elastic BehaviorDisplays Pseudo-Elastic Behavior
  3. 3. Shape Memory Material ApplicationsShape Memory Material Applications• Morphing WingMorphing Wing• Customizable and Reusable MoldsCustomizable and Reusable Molds• Deployable Mirror MechanismsDeployable Mirror Mechanisms• Portable, Deployable BridgesPortable, Deployable Bridges
  4. 4. Shape Memory Material ApplicationsShape Memory Material Applications