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  1. 1. Nomex
  2. 2. What is Nomex• Nomex fiber is a member of the aramidfamily of fibers, and is similar inappearance to nylon• Used in applications requiring good textileproperties, good dimensional stability andexcellent heat resistance.• Nomex is a synthetic aromatic polyamidepolymer that offers high levels of electrical,chemical and mechanical integrity.
  3. 3. Uses• Electrical Insulation– extend the life of electrical equipment.– transformers, motors, generators and other electrical equipment.• Aircraft and Shipbuilding Industries– construction of boats – provide buoyancy that enhances speed.– aircraft parts- tail-fins, engine nacelles and helicopter blades.• Asphalt facilities – Hot gas filter bags– Lower power cost,• Protective clothing– firefighters, industrial workers, racecar drivers, military flight suits• high temperature hoses• Heat shields
  4. 4. Reasons to choose Nomex• Multi-Climate Protection System (Rain, Snow, Fire)• Flame resistant up to 200°С, thermal protection,comfortable and durable, chemical resistance• Fabrics are practical and colorful• High mechanical strength (unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio) and light weight honeycomb sandwichcomposite structures which are cost effective.• The flammability characteristics of fabrics woven ofNomex fibers do not change with laundering.• Exhibit a higher resistance to beta and gammaradiation, to X-rays, and to water or steam at hightemperatures