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Unimax+ IO Board - Maxon Solutions


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The cost effective all-in-one Unimax IO interface controller MA–4030 can be used in conjunction with the Maxon 3G Unimax M2M HSPA Ethernet Router to provide effective and seamless system integration with automated processes and controller devices. It dynamically supports almost each and every type of field applications when a Unimax modem is used for data telemetry proposes. The modem connects directly via the ethernet port to data loggers and hosts. The onboard I/O controller can be configured to collect data automatically, as well as to connect with sensors, meters, loggers, and other process equipment. Moreover, the I/O interface controller can be dynamically programmed, locally or remotely, via the logging processes supported by the built-in web interface utility. It supports programming features, and can process data commands through SMS utilities (up to 3 phone numbers). It also identifies and supports the input/output data changes. It has 2 digital inputs (5V), 2 digital outputs (up to 30V), facility to send SMS messages to 3 phone numbers when the input/output data state changes, can switch on or off the output streams via the web console as well as by SMS messages.

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Unimax+ IO Board - Maxon Solutions

  1. 1. CHOOSE WELL... CHOOSE WISELY... CHOOSE MAXON... THE UNIMAX+ WITH THE I/O INTERFACE CONTROLLER COMBINES THE BENEFITS OF DATA TELEMETRY OVER THE HIGH SPEED HSPA NETWORK WITH THE RELIABILITY OF PROVEN I/O MODULES AND COMMUNICATIONS OPTIONS. The I/O Interface controller when used in conjunction with Maxon’s 3G Unimax+ M2M HSPA Ethernet Router is a cost-effective all-in-one package that provides system integrators and users with the flexibility to automate or control different field applications while using the Unimax+ as a modem for data telemetry. The Unimax+ modem connects directly via Ethernet port to a data logger or host while the I/O controller can be wired to collect data automatically and connect directly to sensors, meters, loggers or process equipment. The I/O interface controller can be programmed locally or remotely via logging in through the Unimax’s built-in Web Interface. The web interface allows programming features such as phone numbers (can report up to 3 phone numbers (via SMS) when a input changes state), input debounce time and messages that will be sent when an input or output changes state. Unimax+ I/O Board Features • 2 DIGITAL INPUTS (SUPPORT 5V) • 2 DIGITAL OUTPUTS (SUPPORT UP TO 30V) • CONFIGURABLE SMS MESSAGES THAT CAN BE , SENT UP TO 3 PHONE NUMBERS ON CHANGE OF STATE • ABILITY TO TURN ON AND OFF THE OUTPUTS VIA WEB CONSOLE • ABILITY TO TURN ON AND OFF OUTPUTS VIA SMS MESSAGES 081112 * Not to scale
  2. 2. Controlmax Solution Metering Water Unimax+with IO coupled with Controlmax - robust, IP rated enclosures allows automated measurement and control of remote applications utilising 3G connectivity for data retrieval as well as two way communications and remote control – making it an ideal solution for industrial applications. The enclosures can be discretely mounted providing access to diverse connectivity solutions via a number of standard or modified solutions.
 Specifications Unimax+ IO Board amplifies the output/input on the Unimax+ IO pins as follows: Road Signs Name Pin Direction Description Electrical spec Min Max Unit EXT_PWR 1 Input Power Input 7 30 V DIGT_IN_0 2 Input High 3 24 V 1 V 20 Security 30 mA 3 24 V 1 V 30 mA Low Transport DIGT_IN_1 3 Input High Low 20 Power DIGT_OUT_0 Output Power Output 1 A DIGT_OUT_1 4 5 Output Power Output 1 A GND 6 T | +612 8707 3000 ● F | +612 8707 3001 ● E | ● 36A Gibson Avenue, Padstow NSW Australia 2211 ●