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Ant 8006 Multi Band High Gain Collinear Antenna


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ANT-8006 Multi Band High Gain Cellular Antenna is best for rural applications and fringe areas. Its extremely robust design, enclosed in black fiberglass radome fits to heavy duty stainless steel mounting tube. Deal for all 3G network with multi band coverage.

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Ant 8006 Multi Band High Gain Collinear Antenna

  1. 1. CHOOSE WELL... CHOOSE WISELY... CHOOSE MAXON... MULTI-BAND HIGH GAIN COLLINEAR ANTENNA The ANT-8000 Series are high gain cellular antennas catering for 3G850, 3G900, GSM900/1800, GSM-R1800, PCS1900 and 3G2100 bands and ideallly suited for use in fringe areas and rural applications. These antennas are extremely robust in design with a patented PCB design radiating element housed in a black fibreglass radome fitted to heavy duty stainless steel mounting tube. Patented PCB based collinear design offering the ultimate in pattern and gain stability • Ideal for all new 3G networks with true multi-band coverage • Patch leads available to suit all major modem and PCMCIA card manufacturers • Perfect for 3G conditions requiring the ability to switch calls across bands • Minimum 6.5dBi gain across 824-960MHz suiting fringe and rural applications. 210612 •
  2. 2. Specifications Electrical Vehicle tracking Model Number ANT-8008 Nominal Gain dBi 6.5 Frequency MHz Water 824-960 ANT-8006 3 9 1710-2170 Tuned Bandwidth 3 824-960 1710-2170 Full VSWR (Return Loss) <2.5:1 (7.35dB) Impedance Ω 50 Vertical Beamwidth 21˚ 57˚ Input Power W 9˚ 40-60˚ 10 Irrigation Mechanical Model Number Security ANT-8008 Construction Black radome, 200mm S/S Mounting Tube Length mm ANT-8006 965 Radome Diameter mm 1730 15.6 Weight kg 0.622 Shipping Weight kg 0.906 1.152 H 60 65 W 60 65 L Transport 0.572 1200 2000 Shipping dimensions Utilities Termination Mounting Area 10m of 9006 low loss cable with FME101 Connector A-88 adapter (SMA-m) 200 x 19 S/S, 2 x S/S hose clamps (supplied) T | +612 8707 3000 ● F | +612 8707 3001 ● E | ● 36A Gibson Avenue, Padstow NSW Australia 2211 ●