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Inside Social Innovation


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IE Business School hosts together with partners such as Impact Hub and Ashoka, Social Innovation Days. This is a half-day event that includes a pitching slam, networking and a hands on workshop on design thinking, working on a real challenge a social enterprise is facing.

During IE’s Social Innovation Day, pre-selected social enterprises are presented by local entrepreneurs and partners, as well as IE students and alumni to a jury of practitioners. One of the presented projects is selected and, together with experts, a design challenge the company is facing is shared with all participants. We then apply design thinking tools to this challenge and together with a network of peers, entrepreneurs and passionate individuals, we will use human centered design ethos to deliver value to the social enterprise. Design Thinking is framed on the capacity to combine empathy, creativity, prototyping culture and rationality in order to satisfy your user needs. During this workshop, you will learn the key concepts of Design Thinking, experiment with collective creativity, and leave with key tools to apply in future creative challenges.

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Inside Social Innovation

  1. 1. Social Innovation Workshop at IE
  2. 2. How  might  we  …?   The Challenge!
  3. 3. User  &   Customer  
  4. 4. Interviewing with Empathy!
  5. 5. Quotes  &  defining  words   Thoughts  &  Beliefs   Ac:ons  &  Behaviors   Feelings  &  Emo:ons  
  6. 6. Take a stand!
  7. 7. Ideating!
  8. 8. Brainstorming Principles • Defer Judgement • Encourage Wild Ideas • Build on the ideas of others • Stay focused on topic • BeVisual • One conversation at a time • Go for quantity!
  9. 9. Prototyping!  
  10. 10. •  IE  Business  School   •  IDEO,  Frog  Design,  Con:nuum   •   •   •  Impact  Hub   •  HCD  Connect   •  The  art  of  innova:on,  Tom  Kelley   •  Change  by  design,  Tim  Brown   Where  can  you  learn  more?  
  11. 11. Social Innovation Workshop at IE @maxoliva36