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Whistler golf club


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Whistler golf club

  1. 1. Whistler Golf Club started off a little wet. Larry, Rich, Tim and Glen hide under the shelter
  2. 2. Jeff preparing for his big match with Ryan on the last day.
  3. 3. Lou working out his “Gregg Holstrom” demons from past.
  4. 4. Randy getting his swing ready for his match with Rob.
  5. 6. 1 st hole tee box at Whistler (Oh crap we forgot to tell you the range is under maintenance) Golf Club
  6. 7. Lou watches as Ryan executes a perfect low running cart path draw that gets him inside of 140 yards.
  7. 8. Lou exorcizing his Holstrom demons with a great tee shot.
  8. 9. Gregg Lou Ryan Jeff
  9. 10. Randy Rob Bob Randy
  10. 11. Gary, Ray, Rod and Derek.
  11. 12. Glen, Steve, Larry (Tom is my golf idol) Callahan and Jay
  12. 13. Dave, Rich, Jim and Bob.
  13. 14. JP, Terry K, Roy and Joel get last minute instructions. Joel quit asking questions!
  14. 15. No big deal, just another bear.