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Brad Callen Niche Finder review


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Niche Finder by Brad Callen is the best keyword research tool that I am still using. Even though this tool only has a one time fee, they keep udating this software like you pay for yearly subscribtion. Brad Callen Niche Finder is a no brainer for those that really want to find golden keyword easily.

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Brad Callen Niche Finder review

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  2. 2. Do you need a Niche Finder?
  3. 3. How to do keyword research manually1. Check local search terms using Google Adwords Keyword2. Use Google search engine to determine the number of competition for the targeted keywords3. Check how strong the competitors on first page by checking their backlinks4. Make decision whether to proceed with the keyword or not
  4. 4. Can you get it?
  5. 5. Find keywords that has high searches• You can use Google Keyword Tool to find high volume keyword. And for conversion purpose, it’s better if the keyword also has high CPC.
  6. 6. Check competition for the keywords• Go to Google and search using targeted keywords that you found from Google Keyword Tool• If the results is below 1 million, you can consider that the keyword has low competition
  7. 7. Analyze the competitors on 1st page• This is quite hard to do and explained (especially after Panda and Penguin update)• You can use SEO Quake to get info such as ages of domain, site page rank, and number of backlinks pointing to the site.• Based on the info, you can use your own judgment to evaluate the sites on the first page• Even though the number of competition is small but the sites on 1st page are strong, it will be very hard to beat them.
  8. 8. Being on the 2nd page is not enough, You need to be on the 1st page to see the effect So always make sure to analyze your competitors thoroughly
  9. 9. NOW TELL ME! Do you want to spend lot of times in order to…• Open Google Keyword Tool to find potential keywords?• Switching from keyword tool to Google search just to check the competition of the keywords• Analyze the top ten competitors• Use own judgment in making decision…
  10. 10. BUT THE PROBLEM IS… Can you trust your decision? What if you miscalculated them? Waste time on Waste money link building when outsourcing That’s why I always recommend SEOmarketer to use a good keyword research tool such as Brad Callen Niche Finder
  11. 11. The best keyword research tool Save lot of time from switching from one tool to another tool Show comprehensive results in the same window (easy to do research) Show how easy or hard it is in order to rank a keyword The functionality to cross listing and filtering data make it easy to find golden keyword that every marketer sought for
  12. 12. Visit my site to read my detail review on Brad Callen Niche Finder• Brad Callen Niche finder review• Brad Callen Niche Finder BONUSES