MaxTrack - Widely known Child tracking device


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MaxTrack is widely known Geo Tracking, Security and Attendance Management on School Buses and popular child tracking device.

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  • CONFIDENTIAL Document Name
  • MaxTrack - Widely known Child tracking device

    1. 1. Geo Tracking, Security and Attendance Management on School Buses 1CONFIDENTIAL
    2. 2. The Concept • A GPS – GSM device, to track the precise location and speed of the Bus • Device information is synchronized to a central server via GPRS/SMS • An RFID based child tracker - tracking students’ boarding and alighting from the bus by location and time and recording attendance. • Online interface provides information on – Live vehicle on the move, route on the map – Current Speed, Distance traveled during the day – Number/duration/location of stoppages en route – Students’ entry and exit locations/ time, attendance records • SMS / email Alerts on specific events 2CONFIDENTIAL
    3. 3. Information Management SMS Students’ Parents GPS Satellite Alerts on SMS Queries via SMS On Web GPRS/ SMS Bus with Maxtrack Device Central Server with Location and other Data School Administration Live tracking on Website Maps and Reports Complete Live and Historic InformationCONFIDENTIAL
    4. 4. Screenshot – Live Vehicle StatusCONFIDENTIAL
    5. 5. Screenshot – Live Vehicle on MapCONFIDENTIAL
    6. 6. Superior Control Report if vehicle detours Report over-speeding incidents /skips any defined points Set speed limits Define Route Stop forced moving of the Report if vehicle enters/leaves vehicle. defined areas/routes Immobilizer linkup Create geo-fencesCONFIDENTIAL
    7. 7. Reporting and Recording Setup SMS alerts / view live and historic reports : • Daily movement summary: distance, stoppages – number and duration etc. • Consolidated Reports and Automated SMS Alerts on specific exception events : – Over-speeding, – Device tampering – Violation of park-fences - when the vehicle is forcefully moved – Violation of Geo-fences - whenever vehicle violates defined restricted area • Panic button alerts – in case of emergency • Complete backup of movement reports – export in excel/pdf • Immediate online access to 30 day data on maps/chartsCONFIDENTIAL
    8. 8. SMS Alerts Pick up and Drop Alerts Query Response Maxtrack TO : 56565 Maxtrack Bus 1235 for your child TRACK 1581 School Bus 1581 is reaching your stop in 15 presently at Park Circus. minutes For Parents Options Back Options Back Options Back Automated by Location Anytime Live Tracking info on SMS Maxtrack Maxtrack Maxtrack Truck no. 4566 has taken Truck no. 4566 has taken PANIC Alert from Truck a 45 min undue a 45 min undue 4566 at Rajiv Chowk, For Administration stoppage at Panvel, stoppage at Panvel, Delhi. Please Call Driver Mumbai. You may call Mumbai. You may call Ajit on 9811023456. Driver Umesh on Driver Umesh on 9920188245. 9920188245. Options Back Options Back Options Back Over-speeding Alert Undue Stoppage Alert Panic AlertCONFIDENTIAL
    9. 9. Screenshot – Day ReportCONFIDENTIAL
    10. 10. Screenshot – Stoppage ReportsCONFIDENTIAL
    11. 11. Screenshot – Stoppage ReportsCONFIDENTIAL
    12. 12. Attendance Management • An integrated RF Card Reader to track boarding / alighting of student from bus. • For every student, we record – Location and time of boarding the bus – Location and time of alighting from the bus • Enables automatic attendance recording and reporting on a daily / monthly basis. • Live reporting/alerts can help avert many disasters related to security, child safety and accidents. – Eg. System can ensure that a female student is never the first to be picked up or the last to be dropped.CONFIDENTIAL
    13. 13. School Pick up and Drop Reports Bus No. 4335 Route No. 45 Go (Data for representation purposes only)
    14. 14. Hardware: Integrated GPS and RFID Device Device Features Triband GSM/GPRS Modem 44 Channel GPS receiver ABS Encloser 4 LED indicator OTA Configurable Simple 3 wire connection 9-40v SMPS Supply External Panic Button Integrated HID PROX receiver Wide data field transfer (Firmware for wiegand or C & D available)CONFIDENTIAL
    15. 15. Benefits for Schools • For School Administration – Complete reporting to track fleet usage and performance – Monitoring driver performance – over-speeding, undue stoppages, detours – Automated attendance management online – daily/monthly reports – Enhanced security by tracking the boarding/de-boarding time/ location of each student • In case of emergencies or accidents, the bus can be immediately located and assistance rushedCONFIDENTIAL
    16. 16. Benefits for Students’ Parents Complete information and security of your child • Parents can get instant SMS alerts when – The bus is about to come to pick up or drop the child – The child reaches school, so you know he’s safely reached – Your child has left the bus at any stop other than the regular one – The bus has any undue stoppage at an irregular place – There are emergency situations / rescheduling of buses. • Parents can SMS “TRACK” to 55200 to get the current location of the bus ( Helpful in any emergency situation)CONFIDENTIAL
    17. 17. Discussion and Queries Amit Lakhmani Ankur Gattani Founder and Director Head, Enterprise Business Max Mobility Pvt. Ltd. Max Mobility Pvt. Ltd. Ph. 9831120800 Ph. 9920199811CONFIDENTIAL