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Presentations using slides best practices 9-2014


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Slides for a presentation on best practices for presentations using slide.

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Presentations using slides best practices 9-2014

  1. 1. Presentations Using Slides: Best Practices A Presentation by Max Macias PCC 10/2014
  2. 2. Limit Bullet Points and Text Don’t do this: 1) Outline main points with bullets 2) Talk about your points 3) Use slides only for emphasis 4) Too much text clutters the slide and minds
  3. 3. Limit Transitions and Animations This is tough to watch when overly done. Nobody likes this--it can make one dizzy. I will frequently leave presentations like this. This is a major faux pas.
  4. 4. Use High Quality Graphics No Clip Art
  5. 5. Malcolm X on the Field Negro & House Negro
  6. 6. Three Takeaways or Less!
  7. 7. Too Many Ideas on One Slide
  8. 8. Remember: SLIDE Simplify Lose the cliches Information needs emphasis Designate Elements Empathy for the audience
  9. 9. Limit Slides to 15 or Less
  10. 10. Slides Should Emphasize Your Point