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Dzb200 M&J最新(2)


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Dzb200 M&J最新(2)

  1. 1. DZB200 INVERTER M&J S af et y a nd Cau tio ns P r o du ct I ntr oduc tio n Mec h an ica l a nd El ectr i cal I ns ta ll ati o n O per a tio n a n d D is pla y Func ti o n Pa ra m eter s L is t P a ram e t e r De scri ptio n F a ult D ia g no si s a nd C ou ntermea s ure s Q ua li ty G uara nt ee Appen di x
  2. 2. DZB Series Preface Preface Thank you for choosing DZB 200M&J Series AC Motor D rives. This manual will be helpful in the installation, parameter setting, t rou bleshooting, and daily maintenance of the AC motor drives. To guaran tee safe operation of the equipment,read the following safety guidelines before connecting power to the AC drives. Keep this operating manual han dy and distribute to all users for reference. Attention: ◆ Al ways read this manual thoroughl y before using DZB series A C Motor Drives. ◆ Do not connec t or disconnect wi res and connectors whi le power is applied to the ci rcui t. ◆AC input power must be disconnect ed before any maintenance. ◆The re are hi ghly sensitive components on the printed ci rcui t boards. These components are especially sensit ive t o ESD (electrostatic discharge). To avoi d damage to th e dr ive ,do not touch component s or the ci rcuit boards until stat ic control precautions have been ta ken. ◆To avoid personal i njury, do not remove the cover of the AC motor dri ve until al l of the digi tal keypad "DISPLAY LED" lamps are off. The DC-link capacitor remains charged with a hazardous voltage even after input power is removed. ◆ Never connect the main circuit output terminals U, V, and W directly to the AC main circuit power suppl y as this will damage the drive . ◆ Grounding the Inverter by c onn ecting the Earth Ground to the drive ground terminal. Apply scope of the manual : This manual is for DZB20 0M &DZB200J Series AC Moto r Drive. Version:2007.9-V1
  3. 3. Index Chapter 1 Safety and Cautions 1 Chapter 2 Product Introduction 6 Chapter 3 Mechanical and Electrical Installation 8 Chapter 4 Operation and Display 17 Chapter 5 Function Parameters List 21 Chapter 6 Parameter Description 34 F0 Basic F unctio n Parameters 34 F1 Motor Param eters 42 F2 Input and Output Terminal Function Parameter s 44 F3 Human Machine Interface Parameters 52 F4 Application Function Parameters 55 F5 Protec tion Pa rameters 64 F6 Communication Parameter s 67 Cha pter 7 Fault Diagnosis and Countermeasures 71 Chapter 8 Quality Guarantee 79 Appendix A Standard Specifications 80 Appendix B Dimensions 82 Appendix C Accessories List 84
  4. 4. DZB Series C hapter 1 Safe ty and Cautions DZB Series Chapte r 1 S afety and Cau tions Chapter 1 Safety and Cautions Note Safety Definition There are two kinds of safety cautions in the manual: ★ Do not connect t he input ter minals with the output terminals (U, V, W), oth erwis e the inverter may be damaged! ★ Ensure the wiring meet the EMC r equirements and the local safety st andard. The wire size shall Opera tions which are not performed according to the requirements may cause severe hurt Dan ger be deter mined according to the manual, otherwis e acc ident may occur! or eve n death. ★ Brake resistor must not be connected between the DC bus terminals (+) and (-), otherwise fi re Opera tions which are not performed according to re quirements may cause m oderate hurt may occur! Note or light hur t or equipment damage . 1.1 Safety Cautions 4. Before Power-on 1.Before Installation Danger Danger ★ Please confirm the mains voltage level is consistent with that of the inverter and the input and output wirings are correct, and check if there is any short circuit in peripheral circuit and if the Do not us e the inverter that is damaged or has defect, or there will be danger of injury. wiring is fixed and fast, otherwise th e inverter m ay be damaged! ★ Mount the cover plate properly before p ower-on the inverter, o therwise there will be danger of electric shock. 2.During Installation Danger Note Mount the inverter on incombustible surface like me tal, and keep away from flammable substances ! Other wise it may cause fire. ★ Dielectric strength tes t had been done at factory. Therefore, us er needs not do this test again, otherwise ac cident may occur! ★ All the peripher al par ts shall be connec ted correctly according to the manual, or accident may occur! Note ★ When m ore than two inverters are to be installed in one cabinet, please pay attention to the 5.A fter Power-on installation locations to ensure the cooling effect (refer to Chapter 3 Mechanical and Electrical Installation). ★ Do not drop the lead wire stub or screw in the inverter, or the inverter may be damaged. Danger 3.Wiring ★ Do not open the cover of the inver ter after power-on, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock! Danger ★ Do not touch the inver ter and its circuit with wet hand, otherwis e the re will be danger o f electric shock. ★ Only the qualif ied electrical engineer can perform the wiring, other wise there will be danger of ★Do not touch the invert er terminals , otherwise there will be danger of electric shock. electri c shock. ★At power-on, the inver ter will perform the security check of the external heavy-c urrent circuit ★ A ci rcuit breaker mus t be installed between the mains and the inverter, otherwis e ther e will be automat ically, so at this time please do not touch the terminals U, V and W, or the terminals of danger of fir e. motor, otherwise there will be danger of ele ctric shock. ★ Wir ing ca n only be done after the mains input is cut off, otherwise there will be danger of electric s hock. ★ Please connect the inverter to the ground according to th e standard, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock. - 1- -2 -
  5. 5. DZB Series Chapter 1 Safe ty and Cautions DZB Series Chap ter 1 S afety and Cautions Note 1.2 Cautions 1. Check the Insulation of t he Motor ★ If parameter identification is required, please pay a ttent ion that the rotating motor ma y injure When the motor is used for the fi rst time, or reused after storing for a long time, or in regular checkup, peopl e, otherwise accident may occur! the user m ust check t he insulati on of the motor t o prevent the poor insulation of t he windings of mot or from ★ Do not change the factory settings, otherwise the inverter may be damaged! damaging the inverter. The motor connection must be divided from the i nverter during the insulat ion check. It i s recommended to use a 500V Mega-Ohm-Meter to check and the insulation resi stance shall not be less 6. Running than 5M Ω. 2. Thermal Prote ction of Motor If the rated capacity of the motor select ed is not matchi ng that of t he inverter, especially when the rated Danger power of the inverter is bigger than that of the motor, make sure t o adjust the parameters for mot or protecti on ★ Do not approach the equi pment when restart function i s enabled, othe rwi se there w ill be danger insi de the inverter or to i nst all a the rmal rela y to the mot or to guarantee the prot ection to t he motor. of injury. 3. Running at Frequency Above Rat ed Frequency ★ Do not touch t he fan and the discharging resi stor to check the temperature, otherwise burning The output frequency of this inve rte r is 0~600Hz. Pl ease consider the capability of t he mechanical may occur! devi ces when the customer needs the inverter to run at the frequency higher than 50Hz. ★Non-professional person shal l not measure the si gnal of a running inverter, ot herwise there will be danger of i njury or damaging the i nvert er! 4. Motor Heat a nd Noise Si nce the out put voltage of the inve rter is in PWM wave with some harmoni cs, t he temperature may rise, the noi se and vibration may increase compared with the i nverter running at mai n frequency. Note 5. P ressure-sensiti ve Devi ce or Capacitor at the Out put Side of t he Inverter Because the inverter outputs PWM wave, the capacitor used for improvi ng power factor and pressure- ★ Do not let objects fall in a runni ng invert er, otherwise the inve rte r ma y be damage d! sensit ive re sistor used for lightening-proof shouldn't be install ed at the out put side of the invert er, otherwise ★ Do not st art and stop the i nverter by on/off of t he contactor, otherwise the inverter may be the invert er may ha ve tra nsi ent over-current and may be damaged. damaged! 6. S witches Used at t he Input and O utput termi nal of the Inverter If the cont actor is required to be i nstalled be tween the i nvert er and t he power supply, it is prohibited to 7. Maintenance start or stop the inverter wi th the contactor. If the user has to use the contactor t o start and stop the inverter, the interval between the start and st op shall be less than one hour. Frequent charging and dischargi ng ma y reduce the life of the ca paci tor. If t he switches like contactors are connect ed between the output terminal and Danger the motor, make sure to start and stop the inverter w hen the inverter has no output, otherwise the modules in ★ P lease do not repair or maintain the inverter with powe r on, otherwise t here will be danger of the invert er may be damaged. elect ric shock! 7. Usage Outside t he Range of Rated Voltage ★ P lease repair or maintain the invert er after confirming the charge LED turns off, otherwise t here The DZB series inve rter shall not be used out of t he specified range of operation voltage , otherwi se the may be human injury caused by the residual voltage of the capac it or! int erna l component s of the inve rter ma y be damaged. If needed, please use corresponding voltage regul at ion ★ Only qualified electric al engineer can repair or mai nta in the i nvert er, otherwise t here will be danger of human injury or damaging the equi pment. devi ce to change t he volt age. 8. 3-phase Input Modified Into 2-pha se Input The modificati on of DZB series inverte r from 3-phase input to 2-phase input is not al lowed, or fault may occur. 9. Lightni ng Strike Prot ection There are lightning protecti on devices inside the inve rte r, But t he use r should instal l other lightning protect ion device at the front end of the inverter if l ight ning stri ke occurs freque ntl y. 10. Altitude and Deration When the altitude is higher t han 1000m, the cool ing effect of inverter is deteriorated because of t he rarefac ti on of air, the derati on must be used a nd please consult our company for detailed technical support. -3- -4-
  6. 6. DZB Series Chapter 1 Safe ty and Cautions DZB Series Chapter 2 Product Introduction Chapter 2 Product Introduction 11. Special Usages T he user can consult our compa ny if he wants to use another method instead of the recommended connecting method provide d in the manual, such as shared DC bus. The purpose of this chapter is to provide specific, yet simple information to u np ack , i nstall the AC drive. 12. Cautions for Scr ap of Inverter This chapter contains information on the fol lowing: T he electrolytic capaci tors in the main ci rcui ts and PCB may explode when they are bur ned a nd poisonous 2.1 Receiving, Transportation, and Storage gas may be generated when the plastic parts are bur ned. Please dispose the inverter as industrial rubbish. 2.2 Nameplate In formation 13. About Applicable Motor 1) The standard motor used is the 4-pole squirrel cage asynchronous induction motor. If other kind of motor is used, pl ease be sure to select the applica ble i nverter acc ording to the rated curr ent of the motor, 2.1 Receiving, Storage and Transportation and pl ease consult us if the user wants t he inverte r t o drive the permanent magne tic synchronized motor. The AC motor dri ve has gone through rigorous qua lity control tests at the factory before shi pment. 2) The cooling fan of non-variable frequency motor is connected to the rotor in the same bearing, so the After re cei ving the AC drive, c heck for the following. cooling effect is weakened if the speed is low, t here fore use the variable-frequency motor or install a Receiv ing cooling fan in the overheat condition the motor. 3) The inverter has already been configured with the standard parameters for applicable motor, please 1.Check to make sur e t hat t he package includes an AC drive,the User Ma nual,dust covers and rubber bushings. be sure to modify the default values or perform the motor parameter identification according to the 2.Inspect the unit to insure it was not damaged duri ng shi pment. actual condi tions, other wise the operation effect or prot ection performance may be reduced. 4) Short-circ uit in the cable or motor may ca use the inverter alar m or even damage t he inverter. 3.Make sure that the par t numbe r indicat ed on the name plate corresponds wi th the part number of your T herefor e, please conduct the insulat ion short-circuit test to t he cable and the motor installed for the order. first time. The short-circuit test shal l also be car ried out in routine maintenance . Pay attention that the Storage inverter shall be separated from the unit during such test. The AC Dri ve shoul d be kept in the shipping carton before install ation. In order to retain the war rant y cove rage, the AC drive should be stored properly when it is not to be used for an extended period of time. Some storage suggestions are: 1.Store in a clean, dry l ocat ion. 2.Store wi thi n an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +65°C. 3.If possible, store in an air-conditioned environment where the relative humidi ty is less than 95%, non-condensi ng. 4.Do not store the AC dri ve i n pl aces where it could be expose d t o corrosive gases. 5.Please store the AC drive on a shel f or on an stable surfa ce. Transportation Temperature: -25°C to +70°C; R.H.: 5% to 95%; Air Pre ssure : 70kPa to 106kPa. -5- -6-
  7. 7. DZB Series C hapter 2 Prod uct Introduction DZB Series Chapter 3 M echanic al and Electrical Installation Chapter 3 Mechanical and Electrical Installation 2.2 Nameplate Information 3.1 Mechanical Installation Nameplate 1. I nstallation Envi ronment 1) Ambient temperature: Ambient temperature influences the inverter life greatly, s o it should be within the range of -10℃~50℃ . 2) Mount the inverter in a flame retard ant s urface and the clearance arou nd the inverter shall be enough because the inverter will generate lots of heat during running, besides moun t the invert er on the base vertically with screws. 3) Mount in th e location where v ibration is less than 0. 6G; the inverter shall be far away from im pacting lathe. 4) Please do not install the inver ter in the place with direct sunlight, high humidity and water. 5) Mount the inverter in the location free of corrosive gas, explosive gas or combustible gas. 6) Mount the inverter in the location free of oil dirt, dust, and metal powder. 2.Installati on Location Description ofACMotor Drive Model: up DZB200 M 0 0 15 L 2 B ≥ 1 00m m Function lev el code: A -braking unit inside DZ B B -non braking unit A A Input voltage:2-220V 4-400V 6-660V DZB ri ght Freq. Ran ge:L :0-600.0Hz App licab le mot or capacity:0015为 1.5KW DZ B Series:M :Mini Model ≥ 1 00m m J :Simpl Model Series name : DZB200 Series N ote: No need to consider the dimensio n Note : Ins tall an airflow- guidance A for inverter of 22k W or belo w. plate for t he up and down ins tallation A sha ll be bigger tha n 50 mm for the of inverters. Description of Serial Number: inverter of 22kW or abov e Install ation of single inverter Up and down installation of inverters 0 7 0 1 8 8 88 Fig.3-1 DZB Series Inverter Installati on Location P roduction number The user s hall focus on the heat dissipation issues when i nstalling the inverter, and pay attention to the P roduction month fo llowing points: P roduction year 1) Install the inverter vertically so that the heat may be expelled from the t op, but do not ins tall the inve rter upside down. When two Variab le Speed Drives are mounted up an d dow n, an air fl ow dive rting plate s hould be fixed in between as shown in Fig. 3-1. 2) Installation space is shown in Fig.3-1 so as to ensure the heat diss ipation space, but cons ider the heat dissipation of other components when p lacing the inverter. 3) The inst allation bracket must be flame retardant . 4) Install the heat sink outside of the cabinet if the inverter is installed in t he area with metal powder. And in this case, the space inside the se aling cabinet shall be big enough. - 7- -8 -
  8. 8. DZB Series Chapter 3 Mechanical and Ele ctrical Installation DZB Series Chapter 3 M echanic al and Electrical Installation 3.2 Electrical Installation 2) DZB 200J seri es in verter sta ndard wi ring diag ram. If onle using th e panel o perate the inv erte r,just wiri ng th e m ain circui t. Basic Wiring Diagra m Inverter wiring secton includes main circuit and control circuit.User can open the cover, brake resistance(option) looking at the maincircuit and control circuit terminals.User should be wiring follow the diagram Power source (1PH) below. BR+ BR- L L U 1) DZB200M series inverter standard wiring diagram.If onl e usi ng th e panel o perate th e inverter, just wiring th e ma in ci rcuit. V M brake resistance(option) N N Power source (3PH) BR+ BR- 230V series grounding resistance R R Multi- func tion input 1 should be below 100Ω U S1 400V series grounding resistance Multi- func tion input 2 should be below 10Ω S S V M S2 FM T T Multi- func tion input 3 S3 ACM Analog 0-10V/4~20mA output Multi- func tion input 4 S4 (F2 .22) 230V series grounding resistance M ul ti-f unc tion input 1 should be below 100Ω S1 D igita l s ignal c ommon A Multi-function indication 400V series grounding resistance ACM M ul ti-f unc tion input 2 should be below 10Ω (F2.01~F2 .04) output contact S2 C AC 250V 2A below FM DC 30V 2A below M ul ti-f unc tion input 3 B S3 ACM auxiliary po wer +12V (F2.21) Analog 0-10V/4~20mA output M ul ti-f unc tion input 4 S4 (F2.22) Multi-function PHC output terminal M ul ti-f unc tion input 5 A Multi-function indication 48V DC 50mA below S5 output contact (F2.19) M ul ti-f unc tion input 6 C AC 250V 2A below S6 DC 30V 2A below B (F2.21) D igita l s ignal common ACM 10V (F2. 01~ F2.06) Multi-function PHC output 3 AVI Analog voltage input 0~10V terminal 2 AI Potentiometer ACI Analog current input 1,2,6:GND 48V DC 50mA below 4~20mA CON3 (F2.19) 3:SG+ 1 4:SG- ACM 5:+5V 10V 6←1 3 AVI Analog voltage input RS-485 serial interface 0~10V 2 AI Potentiometer 1,2,6:GND shows main circuit shows control circuit ACI Analog current input 4~20mA CON3 3:SG+ Fig.3-2 200J Basic Wiring Diagram 1 4:SG- ACM 5:+5V 6←1 RS-485 serial interface shows main circuit shows control circuit Fig.3-2 Basic Wiring Diagram -9 - - 1 0-
  9. 9. DZB Series Chapter 3 Mechanical and Ele ctrical Installation DZB Series Chapter 3 M echanic al and Electrical Installation Main Circuit Wiring Danger INPUT ★ Please confirm the mains vol tage level is same with that of the inverter, ot herwi se the inverter R( L) S T(N) may be damaged! ★ Make sure the ratings of the driven motor are i n compliance with the inverter, otherwi se the motor ma y be damaged or the inverter may be in protection status! ★ Do not confuse the input terminals with the output terminals (U, V, W), ot herwise the re will be danger of damaging the inverter! ★ Brake resistor cannot be c onnected between the DC bus terminals (+) and (-), otherwise fi re may occ ur! 1)Ma i n C i r cu it Te r mi na ls o f I n vert e r Terminals Descri ption R、S、T (L 、N) AC input line terminals U、V、W Motor connect ion B R + 、B R- Connection for the braking resistor (opti on) E Gr o un d 2)N ot e s o n Wi r i n g A. Input power supply L and N or R, S and T: There is no phase-ration requi rement for the input of inverter. C.Brake resistor term inals of( BR+)、(BR-) : The brake resist or terminal is effective only for the inve rte r of 15kW or bel ow and has a bui lt-in brake U V W BR+ BR- unit . Select the recommende d re sistor with the cable length of less than 5m, otherwi se the inverter may burn or be damaged. MOTOR R D. Inverter output U, V and W: Fig.3-4 Terminal Diagram Inverter output terminals cannot connect t o capacit ors or surge snub devices, otherwi se the inverter may be in protecti ve stat us or damaged. If the cables between the motor and t he inverter are too long, el ectrical resonance may occ ur due to the Danger distribut ed capacitance, which may result i n damaging the motor i nsul at ion or big l eakage current, so if the cable length is longer t han 100m, AC reactor must be i nstal led. ★ Wiring c an only be done after the mains input is cut off, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock! ★ Only qualified and trained engi neer can perform the wiring, otherwise there will be danger of el ectri c shock! ★ Grounding cable must be grounded, otherwise t here will be danger of electric shock or fire! -11- -1 2 -
  10. 10. DZB Series Chapter 3 Mecha nical and Ele ctrical Installation DZB Series Cha pter 3 Mechanical and E lectrical Installation 3)No t e s o n C o ntro l Te r mi na l s : E. Grounding Terminal : Grounding Terminal must be connected to earth re liably and the grounding resistance shall be less than A) Analog input terminal: 5Ω, othe rwise the equipment may work abnormally or be dama ged. Do not share the PE and neutral line Sinc e the weak analog voltage signal is easily disturbed by external disturbance source, shielded cable of the mains supply. shall be used and the cable shall be a s short as possible and the length shall not exceed 20m, as shown in the figure 3-6: 5. Control Terminals and Wiring 1 )Layout of Control Terminals(Fig.3-4,Fig3-5): L ess than 20m 200M: A B C S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 AC M AI 10 V F M MO 1 M C M +10 V 200J: A B C S1 S2 S3 S4 AC M A C M A I 1 0 V F M M O 1 MC M + 1 2V DZB A n a l o g in p u t se l e ct sw i t c h AI Potentionme ter ACI AV I ACM 2 )Function of Control Terminals: Terminal Function MO 1-MCM Multi-function PHC output 1 A-B Multi-function indication output contact Refer toF2.19~F2.21 Fig. 3 -6 Analog Input Terminal of DZB Series Inverter B-C Multi-function indication output contact If the analog signal is severely disturbed, filter capacitor or ferrite core shall be ins talledat the analog S1-DCM Multi-function input 1 signa l source as shown in the Fig. 3-7: S2-DCM Multi-function input 2 S3-DCM Multi-function input 3 Refer to F2.01~F2.06 S4-DCM Multi-function input 4 Wind 2 - 3 turns S5-DCM Multi-function input 5 AI C S6-DCM Multi-function input 6 External analog source DZB +12V Auxiliary control power source ACM 0~10 V (Max. output freq.) Input Ferrite core AVI-ACM 0.022 uF、5 0V Analog signal input ACI-ACM 4~20mA /0~10V Input Analog signal output 4~20mA /0~10V Output FM-ACM Refer to F2.22 Fig. 3 -7 Analog Input Terminal With Filter devices 10V~ACM Power supply for speed setting +10 V (20 mA max. output current) B) Digi tal input terminal: The inverter judges the ON/OFF status of these terminals by receiving the digi tal signal. Hence, all the external contactors are those with high reliability of weak signal conduct ion. If th e open collector is employed to provi de ON/OFF signal for the inverter digital input terminal, then it shall be considered that there is er ror operation caus ed by power supply interfer ence. It is recommended to use contact control mode. C) Digi tal Output terminal: When digital output terminal dri ves a relay, the coil of the relay shall be installed a snubbing diode, otherwise the DC 24V power supply may be damaged. - 1 3- -1 4-
  11. 11. DZB Series C hapter 3 Mechanical and Electr ical Insta llation DZB Series Chapter 3 M echanic al and Electrical Installation 2) Reducing the dis turbance to the in ver ter from othe r equipme nt Note: Pay attention to the polarity of the dio de as shown in the figur e 3-8. Otherwise if the digital The re lay, contactor or ele ctro nic -magnetic br aking device wil l disturb t he inve rter. output terminal has output, the DC24V power supply will be damaged. Take the following actions to solve this issue: A) Ins tall surge suppre ssing d evices to the disturbing device B) Ins tall filter t o the input of the inverter C) Inverte r's control ca bles shall be shielded a nd t he shielding layer shal l be grounded DZB300 EV 3) Met hod to reduce the di sturbance from the i nverter to the equipment Two kinds of noises, one is the ra diation from the inverter it self, and a nother is the radiation from the Relay Diode cable betwee n the in ve rter and the moto r. T hese two k inds of ra diations induce the cables of the equipm en t and make the equipment work abnormally. Follo wing m ethod can be used: MO 1 A) If the mea sur ing me ters, radio equipment and sensors and their signal cables are installed in a cabinet together with the drive, these equip me nt c ables will be eas ily disturbed. Take the actions below to s olve the problem: The equipment and the signal cables should be as far away from the inverter as possible; Si gnal cable s and power cabl es shall not be route d in paral lel or boun d together; MC M The signal and power c ables should be shie lde d; Install radio noise filter and linear noise filter at the input and output sides of the inverte r B) If the externa l equipme nt shar es a same AC supply wi th t he inverte r, and the above cannot eliminate Fig. 3 -8 Digital Input Ter minal of DZ B Ser ies Inverter the disturbance, the n the user should install a linear filte r or a radio noise filter. C) Ground the exter nal equipment an d elimina te the disturbance of the leaka ge cur rent from t he 6. EMC Issues inverter's grounding cable . 6 . 1 Influence of Harmonics 1) The h igh frequency harmoni cs of m ains supply will influence the rectifying circuit of t he inverter. 6.3 Leakage current The harmonics will heat t he rectifying circuit and even damage the circuit. So, it is recommended to The inver ter has two ki nds of leakage curre nt, one is the grounding leakage c urrent and anoth er is the install the filt ering device in the envi ronment where the power quality i s poor. lea kage current between the lines: 2) Since the in verter output has high frequency harmonics, the output cannot be ins talled with 1) Grounding leakage curr ent: capacitor or surge s uppressing devices because the cap acitor and s urge suppressing device may The distributed capacitance exist s between the cables an d the ground, and the bigger the capa citance resonate the circuit and damage the equipment. and the bigger th e leakage current, s o th e motor cables should be as short as possible. B esides , the bigger the ca rrier frequency is, the bigger the leakage current i s, so the us er can also reduc e the carr ier 6. 2 EMI wa ve f requency, but the motor noise ma y increase . Installing re actor can also reduc e the leakage current. 1) Two kinds of EM I, one is the EMI around the inverter and distu rbs the inverter. T his kind of E MI is The le akage cur rent is increased wit h the incre ase of the circuit curren t, so the l eakage curren t is big if weak, besides the in verter has been designed with strong immunity. Another i s the E MI from the the motor power is big. inverter that m ay influence the equipment around the inverter. The inve rter its elf is a disturbance 2) Lea kage current between lines: source b ecaus e it outputs PWM wave through high carrier frequency, so solving the EMI issue is The distributed capacitance exist s in the inver ter抯 o utput cables, and resonanc e may occur if high mainly to reduce the EMI of inverter. fre quency ha rmonics e xist in the current, thus the lea kage current occurs, which may result in the wrong M ethods: action of relay. A) Inverter an d oth er equipment shall be well grounded and the gr ounding res istance shall be less than The method to solve this issue is to r educe the car rier fre que ncy or install the output reactor. I t is 5ohm. recommende d to us e inver ter抯 protection fun ction i nst ead of a thermal rela y to protect the motor before B ) Inverter's power cables shall be vertical instead of parallel with the control cables. using the inverter. C ) For the app lication with strong dis turbance, the power cables from the motor to the inverter shall b e shielded and the shi elding layer shall be gr ounded. D) The cables of disturbed equi pment shall be twisted shielded ca bles and the shiel ding layer s hall be gr ounde d. -15- -1 6-
  12. 12. DZB Series Chapter 4 Op eration and Display DZB Series Chap ter 4 Operation a nd Displa y Chapter 4 Digital Keypad Operation Expl anati on of Screen Display 4.1 Description of the Digital Keypad 1. Explanation of Displayed Messages on Running status( r efer to F 3.05): ● Digital Keypad Pa rts and Functi ons This digit al keypad module includes two pa rts: display pa nel an d a keypad. Th e displa y panel Displayed Displayed Message Operati on Symbol allo ws th e user to program th e AC d rive, as well as view the d ifferent ope rating p ara me ters. The keypad is t he user interface to the AC motor drive. Refer to the following f igu re for a de scription Sett ing frequency Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG of t he d ifferent parts. Running freque ncy Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG Dig ital Ope rator Output current Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG LED dispaly Display the current running 8. 8. 8. 8 Digital display Display output frequency、 Output voltage Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG status of Inverter: RU N STOP FW D R EV current、parameter setting run、stop 、forward 、reverse and fault content。 Running speed Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG PRG M RU N Program key R ES ET Run/move key Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC Actual val ue of de la y time DATA JOG F UN C DAT A S TOP Function/Data key Stop/reset key Sett ing of delay time Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG Up and down keys DC bus voltage Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG Panel potentiometer FRE Q.SET PID setpoint Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG PID feedback Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG F ig.4-1 Operation Panel Schematic Diagram VI value Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG CI value Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG Key Description Current se gment of Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC mult i- speed control DATA JOG PRGM Program / Reset RESET First-stage menu ent ry or exit. 2. Explanation of Displayed M essa ges on Stop status ( refer to F3 .06): Fu nction / Data Displ ayed Displa yed Message Operation Di splays informati on on the A C dri ve stat us such a s the reference frequency,out put Sym bol FUNC fre quency, or output current in the normal mode. Whil e the dri ve is in the Program Mode, DATA Sett ing frequency Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG press this key once to display the current parameters. After changing the parameters, press this key agai n to store the new parameters. DC bus voltage Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG Run Input terminal status Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG RUN Used t o start t he AC drive operati on. Output terminal status Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG This key has no effect when t he drive is set to terminal run. PID setpoint Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC DATA JOG S top Used t o stop the AC drive operation. PID feedback Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC STOP DATA JOG If t he AC drive has st opped due to a fault, press this button to reset the drive. Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC VI value DATA JOG CI value Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC Up / Down DATA JOG Press t he "Up" or " Down" but ton to change parameter settings. Curr ent segment of Press“ QUICK ”key FUNC These keys may also be used to scroll through diff erent operat ing values or parameters. multi-speed control DATA JOG - 17- -1 8 -
  13. 13. DZB Series Chapte r 4 O peration and Displ ay DZB Series Cha pter 4 Operat ion and Display 4. 2 Modify and Check t he Function Codes In third level menu, if the parameter has no f lash bit, it m eans the function c ode ca nnot b e changed and DZB 200 series inverter's operation panel uses 3-level m enu to conduct pa rameter set tings. the possible reas ons are: 3-level menu: functio n parameter group (firs t level ) →function code (second level)→ settin g of 1) This parameter of this function code cannot be changed, such as the act ually d etected para meter and fu nction code (third level). Operation procedure is shown in Fig. 4-2. running re cord parameter. 2) This function code cannot be changed in oper ating status and can only be changed when the inverter 50.00 Digital display is stopped. 4.3 How to View Statu s Parameters PRGM PRGM RESET RESET When DZB Series inverter is in the stop or running statu s, several status parameter of the inverter can be displayed on the LED nixie tube. Pressing the keyDATA can displa y the stop or running status parameters. 1 s t level men u F0 There are nine s top status parameters to be displayed in the s top status, Setting frequency,DC bus voltage, M odify parameter group Input terminal s tatus,Output terminal status,PID setpoint,PID feedback,VI value,CI value,Current segment PRGM FUNC QU ICK of multi-s peed control . RESET DATA JOG DZBSeries inverter has f ifteen running status parameters to be displayed in the running status, Setting frequency,Running frequency,Output current,Output voltage,Running speed,Actual v alue of delay time, 2nd level menu F0.07 Setting of delay time,DC bus voltage,PID setpo int,PID feedback,Input te rminal status,Output term inal status, M odify funct ion code VI value, CI value,Current segment of multi-speed control . PRGM RESET FUNC QU ICK DATA JOG If the inverter is powered on again aft er power-off, the paramet ers dis played are defaulted as those sele cted before the power-off. 4.4 Password Setting 3 rd level men u 050.00 M odify value of function code DZ B200 inverte r provides passwor d protecti on for use rs. When F3.00 i s not zero, that is the user password, Fi g. 4-2 Operation Procedures for 3-level Menu and the password protection function is valid once exiti ng t he f unction code editing status. If the user presses PRG again, the inverter shall display “------ ”, and the user can only e nter the menu after Note: W hen operating 3-level menu, press ing PR G or DATA can return to second level menu. The difference is: pressing DATA will save the param eters and return to second level m enu and then shift inputting the user password. Otherwise, the user ca nnot enter. to the next function code, while pressing PRG will return to second leve l menu without saving the If t he user want s to cancel the password protec tion func tion, F3.00 should be set 0. parameters. E xample: Change the setting of F1.02 from 10.00Hz t o 15.00Hz. (Bold means flash bit.) 50.00 PRGM PRGM RESET RESET F0 F1 PRGM RESET F1 F1.03 FUNC QUICK FUNC QU ICK DATA JOG DATA J OG F1.00 15 .00 FU ICK QUNC RUN DATA JO G F1.02 10.00 10 .00 Fig. 4-3 Exampl e for P arameter Changing -19- -2 0-