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Tiggzi at DC jQuery Meetup


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Tiggzi presentation at DC jQuery meetup

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Tiggzi at DC jQuery Meetup

  1. 1. Tiggzi Cloud-based Mobile App BuilderDC jQuery Meetup, May 10, 2012 @tiggziapps
  2. 2. Max KatzDeveloper Relations for Tiggzi>>>@maxkatz
  3. 3. Exadel is a global software engineering companyFounded in 1998, headquarters in San Francisco Bay Area 7 development offices in Europe 400+ employees
  4. 4. TiggziCloud-based mobile app builder forcreating HTML5, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap apps connected to any REST APIs
  5. 5. Here is what you needto know about Tiggzi
  6. 6. Build the UI with HTML5, jQueryMobile
  7. 7. Connect to any REST API in the cloud
  8. 8. Invoke REST API, write JavaScript, usePhoneGap API...
  9. 9. Test the app instantly, right in thebrowser...
  10. 10. ...or test onmobile devicewith TiggziMobile Testerapp (Android,iOS)
  11. 11. Build for different platforms orexport the source code
  12. 12. HTML5 app platform thatgives you access to nativeAPI Use any PhoneGap API directly: navigator.notification.beep(2);
  13. 13. "Social" mobile development - share, collaborate, chat
  14. 14. Build your own themes
  15. 15. Sign up at http://tiggzi.comto build your mobile app
  16. 16. Thank you!How to get in touch with us:Docs: http://help.tiggzi.comTwitter: @tiggziappsBlog: http://blog.tiggzi.comFacebook: support: support@tiggzi.comMy email: