Building RIA Applications with JavaFX


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JavaFX presentations at JSFDays 2009

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Building RIA Applications with JavaFX

  1. 1. Building RIA with JavaFX Max Katz Exadel
  2. 2. About Me Senior Systems Engineer RIA strategy, development, training Practical RichFaces (Apress)
  3. 3. Exadel RIA services and products company Headquarters in San Francisco Bay Area, California Large development and services office in Eastern Europe, in Belarus, Minsk
  4. 4. Red Hat/JBoss – Exadel Red Hat's Enterprise Web 2.0 Center for Excellence
  5. 5. Products JBoss RichFaces (Ajax4jsf) JBoss Developer Studio (Exadel Studio) Fiji – JSF with Flex/JavaFX integration Flamingo – Flex/JavaFX with Seam/Spring E7 – process-rich (BPM) applications
  6. 6. The Plan Introduce JavaFX Run examples Tell you what else we are doing
  7. 7. Why JavaFX, Why Not Java? Applets and Swing are good, but problems exist • No declarative way to define UI • Installation • Download size • Update • Application startup time
  8. 8. What is JavaFX? Tool for building RIA applications across all devices – Web – Mobile – Desktop We will concentrate on Web and enterprise
  9. 9. JavaFX Script Expression language Declarative and procedural Integrates with Java – use any Java class
  10. 10. Delivery Applet Java Web Start Stand-alone
  11. 11. Applets 2.0 (Reborn)! New, lightweight (consumer) JRE Transparent download, update Goal is about 2Mb
  12. 12. Java vs JavaFX
  13. 13. HelloWorld in Swing
  14. 14. Hello World in JavaFX
  15. 15. Development Tools NetBeans support is decent Eclipse – very primitive plug-in available
  16. 16. Introducing Exadel's New JavaFX plug- in for Eclipse
  17. 17. Exadel's JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse
  18. 18. Features JavaFX perspective Create project wizard Launch application Build, error marker Coming up Better editor, code assist Launch as applet Setting, configuration wizards Visual editor
  19. 19. Examples.
  20. 20. Flamingo: RIA Framework Connect JavaFX with Seam/Spring Connect Flex with Seam/Spring
  21. 21. Flamingo JavaFX Features Call Seam components, Spring beans Seam conversation support Entity Validation (Hibernate)
  22. 22. Fiji: JSF RIA Framework Integrate JSF with Flex or JavaFX JSF page JSF page Flex JavaFX
  23. 23. Fiji: JSF with Flex/JavaFX Ready charting components Integrate any other Flex/JavaFX components Bind Flex/JavaFX components to JSF beans Uses the familiar JSF component approach
  24. 24. Good Good Good •Rich content •Rich content •Any browser •Works same •Works same •Accepted everywhere everywhere •Tools AJAX vs. Flash vs. JavaFX Not Good Not Good Not Good •Flash player •JRE •Browsers testing •Acceptance install •Limit to richness •Acceptance •New •Charts, graphs •“flashy”
  25. 25. E7 Build process-rich applications Bridge the gap between Business Process Management (BPM) and Java
  26. 26. BMP+Services
  27. 27. Come talk to me about: JSF/RichFaces, training (1-2 days) JavaFX, JavaFX plug-in Your RIA plans We can help with development, after all, we created the products
  28. 28. RichFaces workshop April 3, all day Learn RichFaces in 1 day!
  29. 29. Thank You. Questions?