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Technological Globalization


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Globalization & Technology: from a world lit by fire to ..WTF
Evidence-Based Management
(1st year commerce & class UCT)

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Technological Globalization

  1. 1. Globalization & The Internet the world lit by fire to WTF
  2. 2. It’s a UTILITY. Increasingly ubiquitous and invisible ..and (as with most globalization) asym metric
  3. 3. .. with great power comes great responsibility
  4. 4. IMAGINE John Lennon health, geopolitics, financial markets, corporations, journalism, communication, relationships, talent, education, creativity, music, travel, news, activism, ecology but always remember NEWTON
  5. 5. ..making us stupid, fat & lazy?
  7. 7. witness: MXit horror by parents
  8. 8. The World isNOT Flat
  9. 9. we’re seeing ourselves in a new light
  10. 10. [edit] we commit differently
  11. 11. the balance of power. When Politics met Web
  12. 12. [unfair.y tales & piglets] RELEASE EARLY RELEASE OFTEN early advantage counts exponentially & asymmetrically
  13. 13.’s easier and cheaper to get everything when you already have advantage
  14. 14. 1. It’s a UTILITY - access not ownership 2. POWER has shifted. profoundly. With great power .. 3. Advantages (depending on your perspective) 4. Disadvantages (neither good nor bad, as with ALL globalization) 5. ONE MACHINE radical transparency, we’re all in it together
  15. 15. Wednesday: our global dinosaur.juice hangover, our love.affair with coffee and good green chocolate + re sources later on Vula