Davidowitz Samples


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Samples from my career as a staff Creative Director at various publications, including More, Parents, TV Guide and Health magazine.

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Davidowitz Samples

  1. 1. ma ıne More Magazine was created in 1998 to serve women aged 40-60. It was davıdowıtz redesigned in 2004, and soon after that I took over the Creative Director role. I modified and focused the design for better clarity, and established its editorial art direction sophisticated, witty, spirited style of imagery and typography. In the three years and design I held that position the magazine’s circulation and advertising pages grew considerably, as this under served market found and embraced the magazine’s mission to celebrate women at mid-life. In 2007 it was nominated for a National Magazine award for General Excellence, and in my three years there it garnered 14 merit awards from the Society of Publication Designers.
  2. 2. ma ıne davıdowıtz More
  3. 3. ma ıne davıdowıtz More
  4. 4. ma ıne davıdowıtz More
  5. 5. ma ıne davıdowıtz More
  6. 6. ma ıne davıdowıtz More
  7. 7. ma ıne Prevention is a 2,000,000 circulation digest magazine published davıdowıtz by Rodale Press. When I became Group Art Director for their women’s magazines I redesigned it, with an eye toward updating its look to attract younger readers without alienating its older reader base. It’s newsstand improved, as did advertising pages, and it was nominated for a National Magazine award for General Excellence.
  8. 8. ma ıne davıdowıtz prevention
  9. 9. tv guide was the largest circulation magazine in the US when I was its Design ma ıne davıdowıtz Director. During my tenure we produced as many as 35 unique ‘collectible’ covers per week, successfully boosting newsstand sales. As well, we garnered SPD awards for many of these covers and layouts. I redesigned the magazine twice during my 5-year tenure.
  10. 10. ma ıne davıdowıtz tv GUiDe
  11. 11. ma ıne ParentS Magazine, published by Gruner+Jahr USA with a million+ davıdowıtz circulation, was a leader in its category for the 5 years that I was its Creative Director, from 1993 to 1998. I made gradual changes to its design over the years to bring it a warm, fresh contemporary look, focusing on the delightful imagery afforded by its subject, and did a complete redesign in 1998.
  12. 12. ma ıne davıdowıtz parents
  13. 13. ma ıne davıdowıtz KnoW HoW was a custom- publishing project aimed at an audience of smart working women, supported by General Motors and published by Hachette. It was one of several that I art-directed during a two-year period of consulting.
  14. 14. ma ıne davıdowıtz HealtH was a women’s magazine published by Family Media. During my 5-year tenure there I collaborated with three editors-in-chief, helping each of them to realize their unique vision of the magazine’s content. Despite its tight budget I brought top talent to its pages, such as Andrew Eccles, Jose Picayo, Matthew Rolston, Christopher Baker and James Wojcic.