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Bill Faloon's Keynote Speech from RAADfest 2021

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Bill Faloon's Keynote Speech from RAADfest 2021

  1. 1. Prospect of Human Age Reversal William Faloon RAADFest October 2nd, 2021
  2. 2. This entire presentation available at:
  3. 3.  Biomedical research findings since last year's RAADfest.  What people can do now to live 5 more years.  Repopulate bone marrow with autologous induced hematopoietic stem cells to reverse immune senescence.  Transhumanist advances over last few months. Transcending Towards Immortality Today’s overview…
  4. 4. Life Extension® was born in January 1977  Life Extension® incorporated in 1977 in Florida.  First published in 1980. (Anti-Aging News)  World’s largest anti-aging organization…over 400,000 supporters. (2021) Life Extension Center-Pompano Beach, Florida (1977)
  5. 5. Reduce Bone Facture Risks
  6. 6. 1980-1986-Anti-Aging News 1986-1994-Life Extension Report 1994-2021-Life Extension Magazine 41 Consecutive Years of Monthly Publication (419,000 copies mailed last month)
  7. 7. Our Controversial Contention It may be possible… To Reverse Aging in Humans Today
  8. 8. “In the Search to Stall Aging, Biotech Startups Are Out for Blood” May 13, 2021 Mixing young and old blood flows
  9. 9. Black Circles = Rats Given Young Plasma --- White Circles = Control Rats Young Plasma Treated Rats Live Healthier and Longer Than Control Group Young Plasma Group Control Group
  10. 10. AGE: 31.8 months Control (left) Young plasma (right) CONTROL
  11. 11. AGE: 31.8 months 1 control 3 young plasma
  12. 12. TREATED TREATED CONTROL AGE: 34.5 months
  13. 13. AGE: 34.5 Months: Two Young Plasma Treated Rats and Control in Middle TREATED TREATED CONTROL
  14. 14. Survival + Quality of Life Improvements in rats receiving Young Plasma (i.p.) every 2 weeks Control Group At 29 months untreated rats start rapid Die Off u Treatment Group Rats aged human equivalent of 60 years given Young Plasma via Intraperitoneal injection. Transient improvement in quality of life. Average Lifespan of untreated group: 29.8 months (70 years in humans) Average Lifespan of Treated group: 32 months (77 years in humans) On May 23, 2021, seven treated rats alive compared to one living control. On July 20, 2021, two treated rats alive compared to one living control. Email from Professor Rodolfo Goya to Bill Faloon- August 16th, 2021 Plasma Treated Rats Start Die Off at 31 months Age (months) 34 27 28 33 32 31 29 30 26 25 34
  15. 15. Conclusions: Young plasma seems to possess revitalizing factors able to remarkably improve the quality of life of old rats and moderately extends their lifespan.
  16. 16. April 21st, 2020 Horvath, S., Singh, K., Raj, K., Khairnar, S., Sanghavi, A., Shrivastava, A., ... & Lehmann, M. (2020). Reversing age: dual species measurement of epigenetic age with a single clock. bioRxiv. Young plasma treatment more than halved the epigenetic ages of blood, heart and liver tissues. Epigenetic clock measures indicate systemic rejuvenation.
  17. 17. Within 10 days of young plasma fraction treatment the physical capacities of old rats are indistinguishable from that of the young rats. Horvath, S., Singh, K., Raj, K., Khairnar, S., Sanghavi, A., Shrivastava, A., ... & Lehmann, M. (2020). Reversing age: dual species measurement of epigenetic age with a single clock. bioRxiv. Grip Strength Analysis April 21, 2020
  18. 18. DNA methylation controls the transcription (activation) of genes. Without proper DNAmethylation, beneficial genes are deactivated while harmful genes can be over-expressed. DNA Methylation measures Epigenetic Age Young plasma treatment more than halved epigenetic ages. This is the principal of what is called “epigenetic aging.” Horvath,S.,Singh,K.,Raj,K.,Khairnar,S.,Sanghavi,A.,Shrivastava,A.,...&Lehmann,M.(2020),. Reversing age: dual species measurement of epigenetic age with a single clock. bioRxiv
  19. 19. How to Transition Young Plasma Benefits into Old Humans?
  20. 20. Bone Marrow Yields Regenerative Stem Cells Bone Marrow Stem Cell Niche Bone Marrow Cell Production Essential to Sustain Life Hematopoietic Stem Cells Mesenchymal Stem Cells +
  21. 21. Stem Cells Naturally Enable Systemic Rejuvenation But our supply of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells is limited. Transcription Factors can reprogram old cells into induced pluripotent stem cells that can theoretically regenerate our tissues forever.
  22. 22. Transcription factors turn our genes “on” and “off ”, they are expressed in the right cell, at the right time, and in the right amount.
  23. 23. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamana “For the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent.” The Nobel Prize recognizes two scientists who discovered that mature, specialized cells can be reprogrammed to become embryonic cells capable of developing into all tissues of the Four specific genes encode transcription factors that can convert somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells that can propagate indefinitely. These transcription factors are collectively called: “Yamanaka Factors”
  24. 24. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Hematopoietic stem cells develop into all types of blood cells and are found in peripheral blood and bone marrow. With age, hematopoietic stem cells become depleted and contribute to immune senescence and anemia. Healthy hematopoietic stem cells needed to sustain life.
  25. 25. February 2017 “How blood can be rejuvenated”  Blood stem cells generate around a thousand billion new blood cells every day.  The capacity of hematopoietic stem cells to produce new blood cells diminishes with age.  Older people more susceptible to anemia, lowered immunity, and blood cancers.  Researchers at Lund University (Sweden) rejuvenate blood stem cells in aged mice. “We found that there was no difference in blood-generating capacity when we compared the reprogrammed blood stem cells with healthy blood stem cells from a young mouse. This is, as far as we know, the first time someone has directly succeeded in proving that it is possible to recreate the function of young stem cells from a functionally old cell.”
  26. 26. Transplanting Hematopoietic Stem Cells into Old Mice Yields Restoration of Blood Cell Production
  27. 27. February 28, 2021  This 2021 published review and additional investigations summarize age-reversal impact of cell reprograming.  Human trials being investigated  Funded by Bill Faloon and other charitable donors “When cells were reprogrammed with a 6-factor cocktail the (degenerative) alterations were fully reversed and cells fully rejuvenated.”
  28. 28. Elderly Human Experimental Approach to Reverse Systemic Aging Reprogram Old Functional Cells into Autologous Pluripotent Stem Cells
  29. 29. Old Somatic Cells Remove somatic (fibroblast) cells
  30. 30. Potential Systemic Regeneration using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy Somatic Cells Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Therapy Cellular Reprogramming adding NANOG + LIN28 Yamanaka Factors Purification of induced progenitors to remove non-differentiated iPSCs Autologous iPSC (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) Old fibroblasts reprogrammed into autologous induced pluripotent stem/progenitor cells iPSC-derived progenitor cells
  31. 31. Step 1: Selectively remove senescent bone marrow cells. Step 2: Replace with induced autologous pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells to rebuild immunity. Step 3: Also use transcription factors to make autologous mesenchymal stem cells for systemic regeneration. Rebuild Bone Marrow to Restore Youth Human Research Initiative: Large animal pilot studies will first evaluate safety and regenerative efficacy.
  32. 32. “Young bone marrow rejuvenates aging mouse brains, study finds” Microglia in brains of old mice have fewer/shorter branches than young mice Available at: Feb. 20, 2019 Synaptic branches of microglia of old mice who received bone marrow transplants from young mice resembled those of young mice
  33. 33. Young bone marrow transplants restore exploratory activity in old mice Feb. 20, 2019 “Remarkably, young bone marrow recipients, but not old bone marrow recipients, were more active than old control mice.”
  34. 34. March 2020 Overall Mortality Reduced by 58% Median Lifespan Increased 12% in Aged Mice “The increase in longevity was accompanied by reductions of frailty…Our findings have implications for further development of stem cell therapies for increasing health and lifespan.” Intervention: Old hematopoietic stem cells replaced with young‐donor hematopoietic stem cells using novel mobilization‐enabled hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
  35. 35. May 14, 2021 Four Transcription Factors Increase Longevity in Whole Animals Progerin producing mice treated early in life with “transcription factors “had improved tissue structures in bone, lung, spleen, kidney and skin, with an increased lifespan of 15%, associated to a differential DNA methylation signature. Maximum lifespan increased in certain groups (61 weeks…11 weeks longer than longest lived animals) “Altogether, our results indicate that a single short reprogramming early in life might initiate and propagate an epigenetically related rejuvenated cell physiology, to promote a healthy lifespan.”
  36. 36. services.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjw9aiIBhA1EiwAJ_GTStzlhTD64Q3aZTnBjCMQmkDRggtvmM9G1k0DWD3yZIutOQe6TuLOnxoCLvkQAvD_BwE Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Differentiation Services A company that offers MSC differentiation services. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are undifferentiated multipotent cells that possess potential in tissue regeneration and cell-based therapy due to their multipotency. Application of MSCs requires their isolation and direction of their differentiation into the appropriate lineage. Creative Biolabs offers customized services for reliable in vitro induction of MSCs into osteogenic, adipogenic, muscular, and chondrogenic lineages.
  37. 37. RestoringImmunityby RebuildingBoneMarrow
  38. 38. Fibroblast cells make up extracellular matrix and collagen. Cell reprogramming converted old fibroblasts into induced autologous pluripotent stem cells. In vivo research seeks to repopulate bone marrow niche with induced autologous hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells (from old autologous fibroblasts). Objective: Reverse immune senescence and rejuvenate tissues. Research Project: In vivo Human Study Using Induced Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Autologous Fibroblasts Skin Derived Fibroblast Cell r
  39. 39. Yamanaka Factors Potential Systemic Regeneration Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy Cellular (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Therapy iPSC-derived progenitor cells Old fibroblasts reprogrammed into autologous induced pluripotent stem/progenitor cells Cellular Reprogramming adding NANOG + LIN28 Elderly Purification of induced progenitors to remove non-differentiated iPSCs
  40. 40. Apple News - July 11, 2021 “Can Science Cure Death? It Sure Looks Like It” “The World Health Organization added a distinction that characterizes aging as a disease.” “Saraev, like any number of young optimistic tech-associated men believes that if he takes the correct preventative steps now, he might well live forever.”
  41. 41. Changing Manufacturing Forever
  42. 42. October 17th 2020 “This Japanese Engineer Created the Robots That Make Your Created $40 Billion Company Dies in 2020 at age 95 Mr. Inaba read a 1952 article in Scientific American describing rudimentary computer program that told a machine how to carve up a piece of metal. He advanced this early MIT technology into “programmable machine tools” that enable today’s computer-driven assembly lines. Genesis of this Breakthrough was year 1952 Scientific American article!
  43. 43. “New research suggests it is possible to slow or even reverse aging, at least in mice, by undoing changes in gene activity—the same kinds of changes that are caused by decades of life in humans.”
  44. 44. What’s Transpired Since RAADfest 2020? October 2nd - 4th 2020
  45. 45. Sept 30, 2020 British billionaire Jim Mellon plans to take his life extension start-up public in six to 12 months “Juvenescence has raised about $170 million privately and still has a “fair amount of money left in the bank.” “Mellon isn’t the only billionaire who wants to live beyond a hundred. Michael Bloomberg, told Business Insider in 2017 he wants to live until he’s 125.”,to%20extend%20the%20human%20life. Jim Mellon Born: February 1957
  46. 46. “Plasma dilution improves cognition and attenuates neuroinflammation in old mice” “Explaining the mechanism of the positive effects of neutral blood exchange on the brain, our comparative proteomics analysis demonstrated that dilution of old blood plasma yields an increase in the determinants of brain maintenance and repair in mice and in people. These findings confirm the paradigm of rejuvenation through dilution of age-elevated systemic factors and extrapolate it to brain health and function.” November 15, 2020
  47. 47. “Study finds hyperbaric oxygen treatments reverse aging process” A new study from Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Center in Israel indicates that hyperbaric oxygen treatments in healthy aging adults can stop the aging of blood cells and reverse the aging process. In the biological sense, the adults' blood cells actually grow younger as the treatments progress. November 20, 2020 v Tel Aviv University
  48. 48. Research Paper Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases telomere length and decreases immunosenescence in isolated blood cells: a prospective trial Yafit Hachmo1, * , Amir Hadanny2,3,4, * , Ramzia Abu Hamed1 , Malka Daniel- Kotovsky2 , Merav Catalogna2 , Gregory Fishlev2 , Erez Lang2 , Nir Polak2 , Keren Doenyas2 , Mony Fri edman2 , Yonatan Zemel2 , Yair Bechor2 , Shai Efrati1,2,3,5 •1 Research and Development Unit, Shamir Medical Center, Zerifin, Israel •2 The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research, Shamir (Assaf-Harofeh) Medical Center, Zerifin, Israel •3 Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel •4 Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel •5 Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel * Equal contribution AgING November 18, 2020
  49. 49. November 19, 2020 “It Sure Looks Like Humans Have Found a Way to Reverse Aging” “A landmark study shows the reversal of biological aging in humans.” “The researchers used oxygen therapy in a pressurized chamber to reverse aging in two key biological clocks.” “The study showed lengthening in the telomeres of chromosomes and a decrease in (senescent) cells known to cause aging.”
  50. 50. Novel Hyperbaric Oxygen Protocol Extends Telomere Length and Improves Immune Markers Some immune cell telomeres elongated by 20%. Some senescent immune cells reduced by 37%. Improved immune markers.
  51. 51. “Human ageing process biologically reversed in world first” 1, first/#:~:text=The%20ageing%20process%20has%20been,that%20comes%20with%20growing%20older November 18, 2020 “The aging process has been biologically reversed for the first time by giving humans oxygen therapy in a pressurized chamber.”
  52. 52. 1, first/#:~:text=The%20ageing%20process%20has%20been,that%20comes%20with%20growing%20older November 18, 2020 “Scientists said the growth may mean that the telomeres of trial participants were now as long as they had been 25 years earlier.”
  53. 53. Aviv Clinic The Villages, FL 32163 First Hyperbaric Chamber Clinic of its Type Opens in Central Florida
  54. 54. Total cost is $45,000 broken down into two installments: - $15,000 to initiate 3 days of evaluations including advanced brain imaging, cardiopulmonary testing, diagnostic and functional assessments. - $30,000 to begin a 3-month, multi-modality treatment regimen with hyperbaric oxygen, including post treatment and monitoring. Aviv Clinics Center for Advanced Healthcare 2955 Brownwood Blvd., Suite 100 The Villages, FL 32163 Downside: Need to be physically near Central Florida
  55. 55. Hyperbaric Treatment Protocol  Five daily sessions a week for 3 months  Each session involved breathing 100% oxygen by mask for 90 minutes with 5- minute air breaks every 20 minutes.  Each total session time about 2 hours.  Commercial price for 60 sessions: $18,000
  56. 56. House of Optimal Health - Hormones - Kidney function - LDL/HDL - Vitamin D - Blood Pressure - Glucose - C-reactive protein - Homocysteine - Insulin - Coagulation Level 2 Level 1 - Senolytics - NAD+ Restoration - mTOR-inhibition - Exosomes - Stem Cells - Hyperbaric Oxygen - Young Plasma Failure to optimize Level 1, preclude benefits of Level 2. Age Reversal Interventions Healthy Aging - Perinatal Tissues
  57. 57. December 1, 2020 “Drug reverses age-related cognitive decline within days” DOI: 10.7554/eLife.62048 UC San Francisco scientists show a few doses of new small-molecule integrated stress inhibitor:  Rapid restoration of cognitive function in aged mice  Reverse cognitive impairments in Down Syndrome  Restore memory function after traumatic brain injury  Prevent noise-related hearing loss  Immune cell rejuvenation  Enhanced cognition in healthy mice “Just a few doses of an experimental drug can reverse age- related declines in memory and mental flexibility in mice”
  58. 58. December 3, 2020 “Reprogramming retinal cells can reverse age-related vision loss”  Harvard researchers use three Yamanaka transcription factors to reprogram retina cells to a more youthful epigenetic state.  The transcription factors restored youthful DNA methylation patterns.  Old mice with damaged optic nerves grew new axons and reversed vision loss in this model of glaucoma. “These results show that mammalian tissues retain a record of youthful information, encoded in part by DNA methylation, which can be accessed to improve tissue function and potentially to reverse the effects of aging.”
  59. 59. Nature 588, 34-36 (2020doi: Restoring Vision in Mice via Axon Regeneration natur e December 2, 2020 Restoring vision in mice. Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) transmit visual information from the eye to the brain along projections called axons. Damage to the RGC axons prevents transmission of this information, leading to sight loss. Lu et al.2 report that treatment of damaged RGCs with a transcription-factor cocktail called OSK restores the cells to a youthful state, leading to axon regeneration and restoration of sight in mice.
  60. 60. December 30, 2020 “Cracking the code of biological aging could solve America’s health care crisis” “The most exciting opportunity for such an improvement in health productivity is to understand and address the biology of aging.”
  61. 61. Dec. 30, 2020  Therapeutic Plasma Exchange---Conboy Lab-UCBerkeley  Thymic Regeneration---Greg Fahy-InterveneImmune  Reverse extra-cellular protein stiffening (glycation) Age-Reversal Interventions Highlighted:
  62. 62. “With such treatments, Americans would experiencemorehealthy,productiveyearsoflife.” “Withouttreatmentstosloworreverse aspects of biologicalaging,anagingpopulationmeans we areinfor ahealthcarecosttsunami.” Dec. 30, 2020 Mainstream Recognition of The Need to Reverse Human Aging
  63. 63. “…why not launch an Operation Warp Speed for biological aging?” CONCLUSION December 30, 2020
  64. 64. Scientists have identified synergistic cellular pathways for longevity that amplify lifespan fivefold in C. elegans, a nematode worm used as a model in aging research. “The increase in lifespan would be the equivalent of a human living for 400 or 500 years, according to one of the scientists.” Jianfeng Lan, Jarod A. Rollins, Xiao Zang, Di Wu, Lina Zou, Zi Wang, Chang Ye, Zixing Wu, Pankaj Kapahi, Aric N. Rogers, Di Chen. Translational Regulation of Non-autonomous Mitochondrial Stress Response Promotes Longevity. Cell Reports, 2019; 28 (4): 1050 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.06.078 “Pathways that extend lifespan By 500 percent identified” Jan 8, 2020
  65. 65. “In fact, the two pathways which the team manipulated—known as the insulin signaling and TOR pathways—are also found in people. SCIENTISTS EXTENDED THE LIFESPAN OF THESE ANIMALS BY 500 PERCENT Jan 9, 2020 This means that the latest results could have implications for the development of new anti-aging therapies.”
  66. 66. Age Reversal Interventions Autophagy Inflammation Remove senescent cells Restore youthful methylation Lengthen telomeres AMPK/ mTOR Sirtuins/ NAD+ Exosomes Hyperbaric
  67. 67. “…mice with progeria that got the gene-editing treatment lived more than twice as long as the untreated mice.” CRISPR Gene-Editing Treatment Jan7,2021
  68. 68. CRISPR-Treated Progeroid Mouse 17 Months >160 Years? 7.1 Months Combination CRISPR-Treated Human Untreated Progeroid Mouse Extrapolation Assuming Multi-Gene Edits in Normal Aged People via CRISPR
  69. 69. 1) 25% extended lifespan in normal aged mice.1 2) Improved overall appearance and grip strength.1 “A genome-wide CRISPR-based screen identifies KAT7 as a driver of cellular senescence” January 6, 2021 1. 2. Mice and humans share virtually the same set of genes though in slightly different forms.2 KAT7 gene is significant driver of cell senescence. Targeting KAT7 using CRISPR enabled:
  70. 70. 98-Year Average Lifespan? 25% Lifespan Extension It May Be Possible for Normal Aged People to Benefit from these Kinds of Single-Gene CRISPR Edit If this CRISPR-Treatment Works Similar in Normal Aged Humans CRISPR-Treated NormalAged Mouse Science Translational Medicine. 06 Jan 2021:Vol. 13, Issue 575, eabd2655. DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abd2655
  71. 71. Mainstream News Coverage of CRISPR Longevity Study January 21, 2021 “A new gene therapy has been shown to reverse some of the effects of aging in mice and extend their lifespans by up to a quarter.”
  72. 72. Covid shows that aging is like a disease —we should treat it accordingly January 22, 2021  “Covid-19 may be a disease of aging, as well as a respiratory illness.  … some anti-aging therapies could prove as important in the 21st century as antibiotics were in the 20th.  The pandemic has left people more frightened than ever about getting old…it has also left clues that could prompt a revolution in how we think about aging.”
  73. 73. “Fueled in part by a billion dollars of investor money, they are attempting to reverse-engineer your molecular biological clock. Their goal? To eliminate not merely diseases that kill people, but to prevent death itself.” Feb 20, 2021 Is There a Cure for Aging?
  74. 74. Feb. 20, 2021 “the immortal jellyfish...cheats death by reverting from adulthood back to its polyp stage when threatened with danger or starvation.” “and lobsters' stock a seemingly limitless supply of a youthful enzyme that has some scientists wondering if the crustacean, under the best conditions, just might live forever.” “…the immortal jellyfish” (Turritopsis dohrnii)
  75. 75. February 10, 2021
  76. 76. February 20, 2021 “I don’t see why eliminating a disability or giving a kid blue eyes or adding 15 IQ points is truly a threat to public health or to morality,” says the Harvard gene-editing pioneer George “The new biotechnology called CRISPR offers the prospect of defeating lethal viruses and curing genetic diseases, even as it raises serious moral questions.”
  77. 77. C = Clustered R = Regularly I = Interspaced S = Short P = Palindromic R = Repeats CRISPR is a family of DNA sequences found in genomes of prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria
  78. 78. CRISPR Gene-Editing Treatment An untreated progeria mouse at 7.5 months of age, with a thin, grayish coat, pronounced spinal curvature, and low activity levels. Untreated progeria mice have an average lifespan of 7.1 months. Three treated progeria mice at 11 months of age, with healthy coats, no apparent spinal curvature, and normal activity levels. The treated progeria mice had an average lifespan of 17 months. CRISPR-Edited Progeroid Mice Unedited Rapid-Aged Mouse
  79. 79. CRISPR Therapy Corrects Pathologic Mutations in DNA Genes Healthy Longevity Conferred by Replacing Progeroid DNA base pair T and A with Normal C and G DNA base pair
  80. 80. 1. A ‘base editor’ was designed to home in on this mutation and correct it to the normal sequence. The molecule was put into a special inactivated virus. How this Gene Editing Therapy Extended Life
  81. 81. CRISPR Gene-Editing Treatment “Could Point Way to Fix for Deadly Aging Disease” Jan. 7, 2021
  82. 82. Untreated Progeroid Mouse CRISPR-Treated Progeroid Mouse 7.1 months 17 months Combination CRISPR-Treated Human > 160 Years? Extrapolation Assuming Multi-Gene Edits in Normal Aged People via CRISPR
  83. 83. Results from single dose combination gene therapy: Noah Davidsohn, Matthew Pezone, Andyna Vernet, Amanda Graveline, Daniel Oliver, Shimyn Slomovic, Sukanya Punthambaker, Xiaoming Sun, Ronglih Liao, Joseph V. Bonventre, and View ORCID Profile George M. Church PNAS November 19, 2019 116 (47) 23505-23511; November 19, 2019 1)58%increasedfunctionafterheartfailure 2)38%reductioninvasculardiseasemarker 3) 75% reduction in kidney atrophy 4)Complete reversal ofobesity &diabetes
  84. 84. George Church May 4, 2018 “We’ve been doing aging reversal on a variety of different traits — cardiac disease, kidney, obesity, diabetes…and we have examples of gene therapies that can affect all of these simultaneously.” “I think we’re talking about in the next few years seeing an aging reversal in 12-year- old dogs.”
  85. 85. “George Church: The maverick geneticist now wants to reverse aging”
  86. 86. DEC. 8, 2019 “A Harvard geneticist's goal: to protect humans from viruses, genetic diseases, and aging” “George Church's lab at Harvard Medical School is working to make humans immune to all viruses, eliminate genetic diseases and reverse the aging process…”
  87. 87. March 2, 2021 “In addition to the cholesterol reduction, the experiment produced a 29.4% decrease in triglycerides…” CRISPR May Eliminate Need for Drugs Single CRISPR Injection reduces cholesterol Up to 57% in Mice
  88. 88. 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier for CRISPR-cas9 research “Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Rac “The landmark research …has the potential to control future pandemics — either by outwitting the next viral plague through better screening and treatment or by engineering human beings with better disease resistance programmed into their cells.” March 8 2021
  89. 89. February 20, 2021 “If the results are what they think they will be, the whole world could go on metformin and extend life for everybody.” - Nir Barzilai, lead researcher on “Targeting Aging with Clinical Trial”
  90. 90. April 2021
  91. 91. Nov 29, 2015
  92. 92. “Can some drugs delay aging? Scientists focus on tho that target frailty and age-related disease.” March 6, 2021 “Leading the list of candidates is metformin, a longtime treatment for type 2 diabetes, and rapamycin, a chemotherapy agent and immunosuppressant. Scientists also are studying a class of compounds known as senolytics, which attack ‘senescent’ cells in the body that tend to proliferate with age.” FDA has approved a second clinical trial using metformin to target frailty in people over age 65 in San Antonio area.
  93. 93. Lifestyle Intervention Plus Metformin to Treat Frailty in Older Veterans With Obesity • Third clinical trial receives FDA approval • Location: Houston, TX • Status: Recruiting - Older adults (65 to 85 years) - Groups: • Diet-induced weight loss and Exercise Training plus Metformin • Diet-induced weight loss and Exercise Training plus Placebo • Healthy lifestyle and Metformin - Outcome Measures: • Improvements in physical function, bone mineral density and bone quality, lean body mass and muscle quality, and markers of senescence-associated phenotype (SASP). Additional information:
  94. 94. “Reversal of epigenetic aging and immunosenescent trends in humans.” Aging Cell; Sept 2019 Thymic Age Reversal Demonstrated in 2019 1) Human growth hormone 2) DHEA 3) Metformin Study conducted by Dr. Greg Fahy in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University and UCLA used individualized doses of: Study subjects also provided with daily vitamin D3 and zinc.
  95. 95. https:// Oct.22,2019 Turning Back Time! “Aging is REVERSED in men using a cocktail of growth hormones and diabetes drugs in study that saw test group shed 2.5 biological years.”
  96. 96. Life Extension Magazine recommended metformin 26 years ago…the FDA went berserk! March 1995
  97. 97. Decades of research reveals disease-fighting impact of metformin. November 2010
  98. 98. Example of Lethal Delay Sept 4, 2019 1958 - Metformin approved as anti-diabetic drug in England 1995 - Life Extension® lists metformin as anti-aging drug 2015 - FDA approves first anti-aging study of a drug (metformin) 2019 - Metformin study receives $75 million funding ($40 million from anonymous donor)
  99. 99. Bridging the Longevity Gap Urgent Need to Access Age-Reversal Interventions
  100. 100. New CRISPR Technique Might Edit Epigenetics • Highly specific DNA methylation • Does not alter DNA sequence • Changes DNA methylation (epigenetic) marks • Epigenetic changes persist into cell differentiation to stem cells. • Might enable altering of cellular “epigenetic age” Reference: Nuñez et al. Genome-wide programmable transcriptional memory by CRISPR-based epigenome editing. Cell. 2021 Apr 7;S0092-8674(21)00353-6. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2021.03.025. April 7, 2021 “An on-off switch for methylation editing”
  101. 101. Reference: Nuñez et al. Genome-wide programmable transcriptional memory by CRISPR-based epigenome editing. Cell. 2021 Apr 7;S0092-8674(21)00353-6. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2021.03.025. Control gene expression with high specificity while leaving DNA sequence unchanged. April 7, 2021  “CRISPR on” can activate target genes with high specificity  “CRISPR off” can deactivate genes with high specificity New Technology called “CRISPR 2.0”:
  102. 102. Michael Greve commits €300m for rejuvenation start- ups The founder of Forever Healthy has committed to advance rejuvenation biotech start-ups With this €300 million ($360 million) commitment, Greve intends to accelerate the advent of rejuvenation biotechnology with new, repair-based approaches that treat the root causes of aging… Human rejuvenation is not science fiction anymore and resulting therapies are affordable and uncomplicated. May 6, 2021
  103. 103. mTOR Inhibition with rapamycin Improves Alzheimer’s in Mouse Model of Disease Effects of rapamycin in mouse model of Alzheimer’s: Van Skike et al. mTOR attenuation with rapamycin reverses neurovascular uncoupling and memory deficits in mice modeling Alzheimer's disease. J Neurosci . 2021 Apr 20;JN-RM-2144-20. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2144-20.2021. PMID 33888602. April 20, 2021 •Improved cerebrovascular function (better than non-Alzheimer’s mice) •Reduction of beta-amyloid in brain cortex •Reversed memory deficits
  104. 104. Rapamycin Human Study Receives $485,000 Funding  Randomized, placebo-controlled trial into the safety/efficacy of rapamycin in reducing clinical measures of aging in an older adult population.  Two differing doses: 5 mg or 10 mg of rapamycin one time a week or placebo.  Primary Outcome Measure: Changes in visceral fat as measured by (DXA) scan.  Secondary Outcomes: Range of clinical measures, e.g. bone density, blood tests, etc.  20 people enrolled at $360 each (original cost before donations was $1,200). Sponsor: AgelessRx Collaborator: University of California, Los Angeles Principal investigators: James Watson, M.D. and Sajad Zalzala, M.D. June 18, 2021 To enroll log on to:
  105. 105. Senolytic Enhances Kidney Regeneration in Mice Senolytic treatment with ABT-263: • Reduced senescent cell numbers • Restored regenerative profile in aged mouse kidney • Improved kidney function2 1. 2. Mylonas K et al. Cellular senescence inhibits renal regeneration after injury in mice, with senolytic treatment promoting repair. Sci Transl Med. 2021 May 19;13(594):eabb0203. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abb0203. PMID 34011625. May 19, 2021 More Than 50% of Americans over age 75 Are Believed to Have Kidney Disease1
  106. 106. June 1, 2021 Buck Institute Announces Non-Invasive Test to Measure Senolytic Efficacy Precise measure of senescent cell destruction demonstrated in cell culture and mice. USDA funding full time research at Tufts University to make this available to humans. Age Reversal Network will assist to develop this test of senolytic therapy efficacy for upcoming clinical trials. (September 8, 2021) When available, this test will enable precise dosing of senolytic drugs and nutrients.
  107. 107. SIRT6 overexpression extends lifespan in mice Mice genetically altered to express more SIRT6 protein showed: • Median lifespan extension: 27% in males; 15% in females • Maximum lifespan extension: 11% in males, 15% in females (Confirms a 2012 study result) Roichman A. et al. Restoration of energy homeostasis by SIRT6 extends healthy lifespan. Nature Communications. 2021 May 28;12(1):3208. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-23545-7. PMID 34050173 May 28, 2021
  108. 108. Can we raise SIRT6 now? • Some fatty acids can increase SIRT6 function1 • Olive & other oleic acid oils1 • Fasting might help1 • Dietary cyanidins in red, purple, and blue fruits and vegetables might enhance function2 References 1. Feldman J. et al. Activation of the Protein Deacetylase SIRT6 by Long-chain Fatty Acids and Widespread Deacylation by Mammalian Sirtuins. J Biol Chem. 2013 Oct 25; 288(43): 31350–31356. doi: 10.1074/jbc.C113.511261. PMID 24052263. 2. Klein M. & Denu J. Biological and catalytic functions of sirtuin 6 as targets for small-molecule modulators. J Biol Chem. 2020 Aug 7; 295(32): 11021–11041. doi: 10.1074/jbc.REV120.011438. PMID 32518153.
  109. 109. What is amyloidosis? Amyloidosis is a protein misfolding disorder. It causes proteins in the body to change shape (misfold), bind together and form amyloid deposits that damage tissues. Transthyretin amyloidosis begins as excess transthyretin proteins from the liver break apart and form amyloid fibrils that damage the heart, nerves and other tissues.
  110. 110.  Transthyretin amyloidosis is caused by the accumulation of misfolded transthyretin proteins.  Misfolded transthyretin amyloid proteins build up and cause heart failure and other diseases.  If left untreated death occurs in 2 to 5 years. CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing reduced serum levels of transthyretin, a key biomarker for the disease, by 87% in humans. (Standard care therapy typically reduces transthyretin by 80%.) First Human Trial Using CRISPR June 26, 2021 This is the first-time gene editing has been proven to work in humans, which “opens up a whole new area of therapies for patients that wasn't there.”
  111. 111. “The U.S. Military Is Testing a Pill That Could Delay Aging” • U.S. Special Operations Command investing more money in anti-aging clinical trials. • Trial to start soon of “anti-aging pill” • NAD+ precursor being tested to enable “improved human performance…like increased endurance and faster recovery from injury.” July 6th, 2021 “Reduced levels of NAD+ are linked to aging and numerous diseases, including mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation and a variety of associated diseases. These levels decline as humans age and remain depleted during disease states.”
  112. 112. NAD+ Restoration Turned Real 7 Years Ago • Since 2001, Life Extension® has sought ways to restore NAD+. • NAD+ helps turn “off” degenerative processes. • Proven methods to boost NAD+ became available in circa 2014. November 2014
  113. 113. At age 50, we have 50% less cell NAD+ than age 20. By age 80, NAD+ levels drop as much as 98%. NAD+ Sharply Plummets with Age
  114. 114. “We show that a slowdown in aging that increases life expectancy by 1 year is worth US $38 trillion, and by 10 years, US $367 trillion.” (These estimates are for the United States only.) July 5, 2021
  115. 115. July 16th 2021 Scientists are demystifying aging — funding could add decades to our live BY MATT KAEBERLEIN, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 07/16/21 12:01 PM EDT $6.5 billion proposed in Federal funding for “geroscience” research “Over the past two decades, scientists have learned a great deal about the biology of aging. At the same time, we are also learning how to tweak those processes to slow, or even partially reverse, many of the functional declines that go along with old age.”
  116. 116. September 6, 20181 1. 2. + = Bringing GDF11 to Humanity August 12, 20212 $20 Million additional capital raised + $20 Million more when First Patient is dosed in Phase 1 Clinical Trial using recombinant GDF11
  117. 117. Clinical applications of GDF11 in addition to potential systemic Age Reversal
  118. 118. August 21, 2021 Longevity investor Sergey Young is on a mission to extend people’s healthy lifespans – and knows exactly how it can be done. Sergey Young: 'Living to 150 or 200 years old will be as simple as getting vaccinated today' “Sergey Young, a venture capitalist who runs the Longevity Vision Fund, invests in health- tech companies promising to defeat aging, AI, Quantum computing, gene editing, the microbiome and more.”
  119. 119. Long-term treatment with senolytic drugs Dasatinib and Quercetin ameliorates age-dependent intervertebral disc degeneration in mice September 3, 2021 Vertebral disc degeneration is prevalent in elderly people: leading cause of chronic back pain and disability. Systemic administration of dasatinib and quercetin prevented age-dependent progression of disk degeneration in mice. Potential benefits of D + Q treatment include alleviation of disc degeneration, reduction in systemic inflammation and improved physical condition during aging.
  120. 120. September 2021 Prevention Magazine favorably describes:  Intermittent Fasting  Metformin  DNA methylation testing  Sirtuin activation  Young plasma transfer  Senolytic drugs RAADfest presented these years ago. (Prevention Magazine initially hostile to anti-aging medicine.)
  121. 121. Rewriting the Rules of Biology  Time-honored doctrine of biology was that the fate of cells was irreversibly determined, and that rejuvenation was impossible.  Starting in 2006, cell reprograming demonstrated cellular rejuvenation.  Rejuvenation achieved in cells from very old humans (2011).  Research underway to rejuvenate whole organisms (including humans).  The “impossible” was achieved overnight via cellular reprograming. Cellular Reprograming
  122. 122. Conveying the Message of Biological Rejuvenation  Human fate was inescapable: grow old and die!  Biological rejuvenation called impossible.  <20 years (blink of eye in evolutionary terms) that fatalistic view became obsolete.  Technology has turned cell rejuvenation (age-reversal) real.  In vivo autologous induced pluripotent stem cell research may begin 2022. Think of how fortunate we are…to live in a time of these marvelous achievements…a time in which rejuvenation and indefinite life extension is within our reach.
  123. 123. February 28, 2021  This 2021 published review and additional investigations summarize age-reversal impact of cell reprograming.  Human trials being investigated.  Funded by Bill Faloon and other charitable donors. “When cells were reprogrammed with a 6- transcription factor cocktail the (degenerative) alterations were fully reversed and cells fully rejuvenated.”
  124. 124. Carnegie Mellon’s Cloud Lab to Automate Labor-Intensive Science Exp August 31, 2021 • $40 million laboratory designed to automate lab experiments with robotics and artificial intelligence. • Experiments carried out remotely by about 200 different types of AI robotic machines. • Scientists from around the world can synthesize, or create, molecules using a robot based in Switzerland. “The benefit comes in accelerating science” Sept 4, 2021 “…Silicon Valley’s latest wild bet on living forever”
  125. 125. Sept. 4, 2021 “Meet Altos Labs, Silicon Valley’s latest wild bet on living forever” New anti-aging company funded by Jeff Bezos and others to pursue cellular reprogramming to revitalize entire animal bodies and eventually humans. Recruiting large cadre of university scientists with lavish salaries and promise they can pursue unfettered blue-sky research on how cells age and how to reverse that process. Altos will fund researchers such as Steve Horvath (ULCA inventor of DNA methylation testing) and Shinya Yamanaka (shared 2012 Nobel Price using “Yamanaka Factors” to reprogram cells).
  126. 126. September 5, 2021 •The two are funding Altos Labs, which is looking to develop anti-aging techniques •Among the expertise being brought on include those who have looked extensively in cell reprogramming •The technique reverts cells back into their stem cell state, which while dangerous, can be used to reverse aging •The technique was first discovered by Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, who will serve as an advisor to the company Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner 'fund anti-aging start-up aimed at biological reprogramming which could help humans live FOREVER'
  127. 127. Yamanaka Factors Potential Systemic Regeneration using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy Cellular (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Therapy iPSC-derived progenitor cells Old fibroblasts reprogrammed into autologous induced pluripotent stem/progenitor cells Cellular Reprogramming adding NANOG + LIN28 Elderly Purification of induced progenitors to remove non-differentiated iPSCs
  128. 128. What’s Transpired Since RAADfest 2020? October 2020 to October 2021 Reaching the Critical Mass: the minimum size or amount of something required to start or maintain a venture. Consensus advancing to the “I get it moment” as it relates to prospect of age reversal.
  129. 129. “Epigenetic rejuvenation seems to hold the key to arresting or even reversing organismal aging.” February 28, 2021 FUNDING The work from our laboratory is supported in part by grants # MRCF 7-25-19 from the Medical Research Charitable Foundation and the Society for Experimental Gerontological Research, New Zealand, by a grant from Betterhumans Inc., Florida, USA and grant #PICT18-00907 from the Argentinian Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology to RGG.
  130. 130. “Rejuvenation has already been achieved in old human and animal cells. Eight independent studies show that different cell types from old humans and mice can be rejuvenated by cell reprogramming. Achieving the same in humans will be just a matter of improving our technology.” Email from Rodolfo Goya, Ph.D. to Bill Faloon - August 5, 2021
  131. 131. Time Restricted Eating Intermittent Fasting Update
  132. 132. EffectsofIntermittentFastingonHealth,Aging,andDisease Suppresses inflammation Reduces obesity and type II diabetes Protects against cardiovascular disease Lowers risk of neurodegenerative disorders Reduces cancer incidence Animal models show consistent robust benefits of intermittent fasting: Dec. 26, 2019
  133. 133. Human studies show intermittent fasting ameliorates: Dec. 26, 2019  Obesity  Dyslipidemia  Hypertension  Inflammation  Insulin resistance Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Disease Risk Markers
  134. 134. natureresearch October 27, 2020 Scientific Reports | (2020) 10:18341 | “Intermittent fasting from dawn to sunset for 4 consecutive weeks induces anticancer serum proteome response & improves metabolic syndrome” No eating/drinking between dawn and dusk…14-15 hours each day: • 7.25 pounds of weight loss • 8.8 mmHg reduction in blood pressure • Significant increase in tumor suppressor/anticancer proteins • Significant decrease in several tumor promoter/pro-cancer proteins • Increasing a protein called calreticulin (by around 16 times) • Calreticulin enhances IgG response to a SARS-CoV spike protein
  135. 135. “In the multi-variable model, high adherence to the Mediterranean diet was associated with 25% lower risk of death as compared with the lowest category.” metaanalysis/F2D6B083AA187849477112DB77820521 “Mediterranean diet and mortality in the elderly: a prospective cohort study and a meta-analysis” Published online by Cambridge University Press: 30 August 2018
  136. 136. June 30, 2021 Mediterranean Diet Score, Dietary Patterns and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death Study of 21,000 people over 9.8 years reveals:  Diet high in fried foods, organ meats and processed meats regularly had a 46% higher risk of sudden cardiac death compared to those with least adherence.  Those who most closely followed the traditional Mediterranean diet had a 26% lower risk of sudden cardiac death than those with the least adherence to this eating style. Originally published 30 Jun 2021 Journal of the American Heart Association. ;0:e019158 Mediterranean diet defined as high in vegetables and whole grains, low intake of meat, high intake of marine omega-3s.
  137. 137. May 2008 Sept 2016 April 2015 Longevity Benefits of Mediterranean Diet
  138. 138. Mediterranean Diet Healthy Foods More fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and less dairy & meat than typical Western diet.
  139. 139. Foods to Reduce or Avoid Re  Red meat  Overcooked meats  Processed red meat (hot dogs, bacon)  Butter  Cured ham (nitrite/nitrite preserved meats)  Most frozen meals  Soda, desserts, candy  Most processed foods  Sugars  Refined grains (white bread/white grain pasta)  Excess salt
  140. 140. Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, heir to a French banking fortune, died of a heart attack at age 57 on January 15, 2021. He oversaw the Edmond de Rothschild empire, which has stakes in banks in France and Switzerland, owns restaurants and hotels vineyards in Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and France. Who missed the longevity boat? Baron Benjamin de Rothschild (1963 - 2021) Expiration date: Jan. 15, 2021 net worth > $1.5 billion
  141. 141. Age-standardized death rate rate from heart disease per 100,000 people dropped: Reduction in Heart Disease Mortality in the United States 68% decline over 45 years From: 520 in 1969 To: 167 in 2014
  142. 142. Average American Died under age 70 in 1960 How to add 4.7 Years to Your Life Expectancy
  143. 143. The Omega-3-Index is a blood test that can measure the percent of omega-3 fatty acids in red blood cells. Red blood cell EPA/DHA content is a good measure of sustained omega-3 status. You want your Omega-3-Index score to be > 6.8% Typical Japanese Omega-3-Index is > 8.0% that may correlate with 5 year longer life expectancy in Japan.
  144. 144. Journal of Clinical Lipidology (2018) 12, 718-727 People with omega-3 RBC scores > 6.8% compared with those < 4.2% : 39% lower risk for cardiovascular disease 34% lower risk of death from any cause (Subjects average age 66 and followed over 7 years) Higher Omega-3 Index associated with reduced risks because of: 1) Lowering of triglycerides, blood pressure, platelet aggregation, heart rate 2) Lower markers of inflammation and arterial plaque vulnerability 3) Reduced rate of telomere length attrition December 2018 Omega-3-Index and Risk of Death
  145. 145. June 16th, 2021 The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, nqab195,  Predictive model for correlation/association from Framingham Offspring Cohort (n= 2,240)  Baseline omega-3-Index score and relevant covariates evaluated over 11-year follow-up.  Standard risk adjustments: age, sex, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, hypertension treatment, systolic blood pressure, smoking status, prevalent diabetes.  Extensive validation process to account for confounding risk factors Analysis reveals red blood cell omega-3 index over 6.8% in people is associated with 4.7 years additional life expectancy compared with omega-3 index under 4.2%. Higher Omega-3 Blood Score = Nearly 5 years increased Life Expectancy
  146. 146. July 27, 2021 Omega-3-Index scores in Life Extension® Supporters  Only 1,300 mg of added EPA/DHA from fish/supplements moves Omega-3-Index from <4.2% to >6.8%  Plant derived omega-3 precursors (ALA) not shown to achieve these robust EPA/DHA increases.  Omega-3-Index at-home test costs $79 --- May save $$$ on fish oil supplements.  Omega-3-Index test available at: Journal of Clinical Lipidology (2018) 12, 718-727
  147. 147. Bridging the Longevity Gap Urgent Need to Access Age-Reversal Interventions
  148. 148. Sheldon G. Adelson, a cabdriver’s son who built the world’s largest empire of casinos and resort hotels in Las Vegas, Macau, Singapore and other gambling meccas. The cause was complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Donated to many charities including some that supported medical research. Who missed the longevity boat? Sheldon Adelson (1933 - 2021) Expiration date: Jan. 11, 2021 net worth > $35.8 billion
  149. 149. Stephen Bechtel Jr. led the Bechtel construction empire for 30 years. The Stanford-educated engineer became a billionaire while leading BECHTEL’s expansion through “mega-projects” in Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and Canada. Who missed the longevity boat? Stephen Bechtel Jr. (1925- 2021) Expiration date: Mar. 15, 2021 Net worth > $3.5 billion
  150. 150. Who missed the longevity boat? John C. Martin (1951 - 2021) Expiration date: Mar. 30, 2021 Net worth > $1.2 billion Credited for turning Gilead into $100 billion biotech giant. Gilead developed a cure (Sovaldi®) for 95% of hepatitis C. Died after apparent fall while walking home in Palo Alto. “He was always driving us to do better.” quoted Gilead executive
  151. 151. Risk of Delaying Human Research Chronic Diseases May Negate Regenerative Benefits
  152. 152. July 14 ,2021 “Brain Implant Lets Man ‘Speak’ After Being Silent for More Than a Decade” New England Journal of Medicine study shows brain implant in a stroke paralyzed (15 years) patient enabled brain signals to be translated into words on a computer screen. Comment by expert on brain-computer interfacing: Human Brain/Cloud Interface technologies will empower us to preserve crucial brain information, interface our brain directly with the cloud, positively impact learning, and provide data for the study of consciousness. This technology is not distant in the future, as many believe. Nuno R.B. Martins, Ph.D. (July 28, 2021)
  153. 153. March 29, 2019 Human Brain/Cloud Interface Human brains could be connected to the internet in 'next few decades,' scientists predict
  154. 154. April 15, 2019 "These devices would navigate the human vasculature, cross the blood-brain barrier, and precisely autoposition themselves among, or even within brain cells," the study's senior author, Robert Freitas, Jr., said. "They would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain- state monitoring and data extraction." MANKIND COULD HAVE ELECTRIC IMMORTALITY BY 2050 Human brains could be connected to the internet in 'next few decades,' scientists predict
  155. 155. A future 'human brain/cloud interface' will give people instant access to vast knowledge via thought alone April 12, 2019 An international collaboration led by researchers at UC Berkeley and the US Institute for Molecular Manufacturing predicts that exponential progress in nanotechnology, nanomedicine, AI, and computation will lead this century to the development of a "Human Brain/Cloud Interface", that connects brain cells to vast cloud-computing networks in real time.
  156. 156. Dr. Nuno Martins published paper Human Brain/Cloud Interface has attracted enormous attention. Here is data from Frontiers of Neuroscience website: More views than 90% of all “frontiers” articles Significant relevance in neuroscience community. Frontiers in Neuroscience is world's most-cited journal in the neurosciences field. (There are 67 “frontiers” journals.) Human Brain/Cloud Interface paper has more views than 90% of ALL Frontiers articles. Once this concept reaches critical mass…someone will likely make it happen. March 29, 2019
  157. 157. Elon Musk’s Brain Computer Startup Raises $205 Million from Google Ventures & Others • Neurolink is trying to develop high-bandwidth brain implants that can communicate with phones and computers • Total investment in the company now stands at $363 million. July 30th, 2021
  158. 158. • Survive until year 2045. • Singularity enables neocortex to merge with cloud-based artificial intelligence. • Neocortex/AI enters limitless self- improvement cycles. Result is super-intelligence that advances our abilities to incomprehensive levels Ray Kurzweil’s Exit Plan to Immortality
  159. 159. December 17, 1903 First flight: 120 feet/20 feet off ground
  160. 160. December 17, 1903 International Headline News
  161. 161. December 20, 1957 Intercontinental Air Travel 54 Years after Wright Brothers first in flight
  162. 162. April 9th 2021
  163. 163. 1903 2021 Exponential Advances in only 118 Years April 9, 2021
  164. 164. 1903 - First “Flying Machine” travels 120 feet at Kitty Hawk 2021 - Robot + helicopter travel 140 million miles to Mars 2011- Cells from 100-year-old human fully rejuvenated1 2022 – Autologous iPSC studied for systemic rejuvenation 118 Years Later 11 Years Later 1.
  165. 165. 1903 - First “Flying Machine” travels 120 feet 2021 - Robot + helicopter travel 140 million miles to Mars 1997- Longest lived human (J.Calment) dies at age 122 (118 Years Later) What if Human Lifespans increase at same rate as Aviation/Space Travel? 2045(?) – Escape velocity yields 739-billion-year lifespans
  166. 166. • Old Fibroblasts + Yamanaka-like factors = Autologous Pluripotent Cells • Remove senescent cells from bone marrow niche. • Repopulate bone marrow niche with autologous hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells. • Hematopoietic stem cells reverse immune senescence and anemia without “graft vs host” concerns because genetic profile virtually identical to host. • Mesenchymal stem cells systemically regenerate tissues. • Study objective: Systemic age-reversal + immune restoration in humans. Recap of Human Age Reversal Research Initiative (Large animal pilot studies will first evaluate safety and regenerative efficacy)
  167. 167. B. Wayne Hughes, co-founder of largest self-storage company. Founded in 1972 with $50,000. Public Storage value: $56 billion. Donated money to cancer research. Dead at age 87. Who missed the longevity boat? B. Wayne Hughes (1933 - 2021) Expiration date: Aug, 18, 2021 net worth > $4.1 billion 87/?sh=17193a5f42fe
  168. 168. Apple News - July 11, 2021 “Can Science Cure Death? It Sure Looks Like It” “The World Health Organization added a distinction that characterizes aging as a disease.” “Saraev, like any number of young optimistic tech-associated men believes that if he takes the correct preventative steps now, he might well live forever.”
  169. 169. Carnegie Mellon’s Cloud Lab to Automate Labor-Intensive Science Exp August 31, 2021 • $40 million laboratory designed to automate lab experiments with robotics and artificial intelligence. • Experiments carried out remotely by about 200 different types of AI robotic machines. • Scientists from around the world can synthesize, or create, molecules using a robot based in Switzerland. “The benefit comes in accelerating science” Sept 4, 2021 “…Silicon Valley’s latest wild bet on living forever”
  170. 170. World’s Largest Anti-Aging Organization  First to introduce DHEA to delay systemic aging (1981)  First to introduce aspirin to prevent heart attack (1983)  First to introduce coenzyme Q10 to reverse heart failure (1983)  First to introduce cimetidine as adjuvant cancer therapy (1986)  First to introduce melatonin to improve immune function (1992
  171. 171. Life Extension Magazine September 2021
  172. 172. Unparalleled Track Record of Biomedical Innovation Established 1977
  173. 173. Copyright ©Life Extension®. Confidential and proprietary. How I Fund Age Reversal Research Supplement Sales Support Rejuvenation Projects
  174. 174. This entire presentation available at:
  175. 175. 183 “They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.” “You can’t ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward.” “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs Excerpts from “Think Different” campaign 1997
  176. 176. Prospect of Human Age Reversal William Faloon RAADFest October 2nd, 2021