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Bill Faloon on What is Delaying Regenerative Medicine in 2023

  1. Island House The Bahamas William Faloon April 2023 What’s Delaying Regenerative Medicine?
  2. Store Shelves in U.S. Packed with Dietary Supplements
  3. GNC Indicted for Promotion of Primrose Oil Nov. 15th, 1984 Reason: FDA says no studies support safety/efficacy of primrose oil. Investigation: Criminal investigation initiated in 1980. FDA threat: GNC executives threatened with 5-year jail sentence. Outcome: GNC corporation & two executives plead guilty. GNC stops promoting primrose oil.
  4. Stock Photo Reenactment of FDA Raid
  5. FDA indicted me in November 1991 Sought prison term of >80 Years
  6. FDA Advocates that HIV Patients Use Dietary Supplements “There is widespread agreement that nutrition intervention should begin as soon as a diagnosis is made. Once people realize they are HIV positive, they should take steps to improve nutrition… Healthful eating principles, including importance of certain nutrients and use of vitamin and mineral supplements.”
  7. Harsh Penalty for Challenging Government Authority
  8. April 2015 Meta-Analysis Shows Dietary Supplements Slow HIV Progression “…micronutrient supplementation substantially and significantly reduces the risk of HIV disease progression by 38% in adults not on anti-viral therapy.” “adding the mineral selenium improved the outcome significantly” (disease progression reduced by 64%). “addition of zinc to a micronutrient supplement reduced mortality (by 71%)” “The annual cost per patient of micronutrient supplement reported ranged from about $12 to $40/year.”
  9. Lots of Free Publicity Courtesy of FDA Trying to incarcerate Bill Faloon
  10. February 4, 1995
  11. Lethal Delays in Approving Ribavirin 1972 - Anti-viral effects of ribavirin discovered by ICN Pharma 1983 - LifeExtension® recommends ribavirin to its members 1991 - FDAbringscriminalchargesagainstLifeExtension®founders 1995 - FDA brings criminal charges against ICN Pharm founder 1998 - FDA approves ribavirin as lifesaving anti-viral therapy Tragic Outcome: 60,000 hepatitis C victims die waiting for ribavirin to be approved.
  12. FDA Surrenders in 1996 This was the first time the FDA has been forced to give up on a criminal prosecution. By February 1996, Federal Judge Daniel Hurley dismissed all 56 criminal charges against Saul Kent and William Faloon. This victory goes beyond winning in court. The FDA's defeat is a victory for everyone who cherishes freedom in healthcare.
  13. FDA Surrenders in 1996
  14. FDA Surrenders in 1996
  15. • Forced FDA to allow health claims on dietary supplements. • Forced FDA to accelerate approval of life saving drugs. • Stopped FDA from censoring off-label drug information. Life Extension Victories Against FDA in Courts & Congress
  16. Dr. Robert Hayling Florida civil rights leader  Jailed for 6 months for asking to be served at a Woolworth's lunch counter.  Offered plea deals in exchange for promise of no future protests.  Released after appeals by Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, others In 1964 Dr. Hayling imprisoned for defying authority:
  17. Consecutive Years of Monthly Publication (> 400,000 copies mailed each month) 43 1994-2023: Life Extension Magazine 1986-1994: Life Extension Report 1980-1986: Anti-Aging News
  18. Perpetual Project Goals Age-Reversal.Net Utilize blood & other tests to evaluate safety & potential efficacy. Robust communications amongst the group members, share test result data & suggestions on potential ways to improve outcomes. Accelerate & validate potential rejuvenation technologies to benefit all of humanity…including Perpetual Project members. Rapidly convey data to members and the public so that medical professionals, scientists, and the lay persons are aware of scientific findings that may save human lives.
  19. Join the Perpetual Project private association and receive updates about regenerative medicine initiatives How to Enroll
  20. This presentation and info about aging research available at:
  21. Island House Hotel New Providence, The Bahamas William Faloon April 20th 2023 The Perpetual Project

Editor's Notes

  1. In about 15 minutes, I am going to make an announcement that is unprecedented in the history of medical science. In fact what is being unveiled right here at RAADfest is unparalleled in the history of the human race.