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Shoppers' stop Superstore


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All info about Shopper's stop superstore

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Shoppers' stop Superstore

  1. 1. A Premium Retail Brand
  2. 2. Agenda1 Retail sector2 Shoppers’ Stop Introduction3 Products Assortment & Merchandise Hierarchy4 Store Layout5 Do you know…SS uses IT for retail business???6 Promotion Strategy7 Interior & Exterior Design, Swot Analysis
  3. 3. Indian Retail Industry Market share Market Size of The Industry Growth per Annum globally Capitalization In 2010, With growing Today India is In 2010, the The market market demand, the 5th largest retail trade size of Indian the industry is in the world in accounts for retail industry expected to terms of Retail 12% of the is about US grow at a pace Industry countrys GDP $312 billion of 25-30% annually Ref.
  4. 4. Organized Retail Furniture 1 Health & Beauty 1 Medical Services 2 Food & Grocery 3Jewellery & Accessary 5 Durables 8 Books & Music 9 Clothing 12 Footwear 22 0 5 10 15 20 25
  5. 5. Vision Mission
  6. 6. Founded in 1991, K. Raheja group No. of stores : 40+Introduction Listed on BSE A Complete Shopping exp Awarded "the Hall of Fame“ World retail @ Barcelona
  7. 7. Key People B.S. Nagesh (VP & Customer Care Assosicate)
  8. 8. New Identity
  9. 9. Discount Offers
  10. 10. Discount Offers
  12. 12. Men/Women/Kids Apparel, Shoes Accessories & Men/women Cosmetics Fragrances & Jwellery Various Kids products
  13. 13. Men’s Apparel Shirt & Trousers Jeans T-Shirts Innerwear
  14. 14. Women’s Apparel Shirt & Elliza Donatein, Austin Reed, STOP corporate, Trousers Wills LifeStyle, Remanika, Allen Solly Jeans Pepe, Lee, Levi’s Diva, I Jeanswear,Life, Lee Cooper,Vibe Levi’s,Pepe,Lee Cooper, Provogue, Vibe, T-Shirts Lee,Life Ethinic suits & Haute Curry, STOP naturals, Kashish, Elliza Donatein, Skirts Remanika, Wills LifeStyle
  15. 15. MEN’s ACCESSORIES Footwear: Red Tape, Jean Lauren, Lee Cooper, ID, Provogue, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma Wallet & Belts: Hidesign, Arrow, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, Lorad Watches: Titan, Timex, Swatch, Fossil, Casio, Kenneth, Giordano Eye Gears: Fastrack, Ray Ban, Provogue, Polaroid, Crisil Pens: Century, ATX, Sheaffer ,Cross
  16. 16. Women’s ACCESSORIES Handbags: Haute Curry, Hidesign, Elliza Donatein, Rocky S Sport Footwear: Catwalk, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Levi’s Jwellery: Sparkles, Nirvana, Estelle, Zaveri Watches: Titan, Timex, S watch, Fossil, Casio, Kenneth, Giordano Eye gears: Fastrack, Ray Ban, Provogue, Polaroid, Crisil
  17. 17. Kids’ PRODUCTS Toys: Hot Wheels, Barbie,Kelly, Play N Pets Boys & GirlsWear: Gini & Jony, Liliput, Beebay, Disney, Barbie Bags: Duckback, Gini & Jony, Barbie, Disney, AVENT Footwear: Gini & Jony, Liliput, Bubble Gummers Watches: Fastrack, Zoop
  18. 18. Private LABELS Kashish Mario Zegnoti Stop Acropolis Life – Casual Push & Shove Vettorio Wear – Men’s Fratini Eyewear
  19. 19. BRANDS IN Shoppers’ Stop
  20. 20. BRANDS IN Shoppers’ Stop
  21. 21. Keeps Track of What Customer buy? 1 ERP Implementations 2 CRM for First Citizen’s Club (1 mn customers) Business Intelligence helps customize the 3 promotions for Loyal customers Wi-Fi, Advanced Payment systems, B2B portal, 4 RFID for monitoring movement
  22. 22. Lowest Inventory Shrinkage losses !!! Runs on E3 The reason they technology: Business 0.4% shrinkage Intelligence say is the The most levels for the last investments in advanced @ Shoppers 4 years Technology. replenishment Stop technology
  23. 23. Store LAYOUT2nd Floor Formal Apparel, Shoes, Samsonite luggage etc Kids1st Floor Mother’s Care Casual Apparel, Jeans, t-shirts Section Watches,G Floor Cosmetics Goggles & Perfumes accessories
  24. 24. Sister Concerns
  26. 26. Promotion StrategyFirst Citizen card Associated celebs, SRK & Kareena Online ShoppingAttractive Discount Offers
  27. 27. Discount Offers
  28. 28. Discount Offers
  29. 29. Discount Offers
  30. 30. Discount Offers
  31. 31. Discount Offers
  32. 32. Discount Offers
  33. 33. Store FACADE Glassy entrance Visual merchandising Frontage & Signage - BLACK & GREY
  34. 34. Exterior Design The exterior appearance of the store silently announces what customers can expect inside Good exterior visual merchandising attracts attention, creates interest and invites the customer into the business They put up latest fashion collections on mannequin at the entrance Ample of parking available, Store security
  35. 35. Interior Design
  36. 36. SWOT ANALYSIS WeaknessesStrengths S W  Operating cost is very high Good financial position  Investing too much revenue on Presence across various segments IT Loyal customers  Footfalls Customer conversion lowOpportunities Threats Higher disposable income Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities Private labels Enter new segments- O T  Entry of foreign players  Unorganized sector  Shop lifting consumer goods
  37. 37. Prepared by: Yuvraj Zala