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Win with Retargeting - Getting Started Right

98% of your current website traffic is going down the drain. Retargeting can help you get them back! With this consumer-driven marketplace, businesses everywhere are looking for ways to cost effectively reach new customers. With the right strategies, your website can become a new-customer engine!

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Win with Retargeting - Getting Started Right

  1. 1. #WinWithRetargeting 1 Win with Retargeting: Getting Started Right Presented by Chrissanne Long CEO, Maximize Digital Media
  2. 2. 2 of your current website traffic is going down the drain 98% #WinWithRetargeting
  3. 3. 3 Stop letting them go! #WinWithRetargeting Remarketing is a smart, cost- effective solution that will lift your marketing to new levels.
  4. 4. KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES 4 • 95% of visitors leave without taking action • 40% of prospects lose interest in 7 days • 90% of marketers say remarketing works better than search, email and display campaigns. • 84% of consumers use digital devices for shopping-related activities • 75% of consumers were influenced on social media95% 40% 90% 84% 75% Consumers Drive the Market If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business – Simon Sinek #WinWithRetargeting Source: Deloitte Consulting, LLP
  5. 5. HOW RETARGETING WORKS Prospects visit your website 24x7x365 Prospect is tagged with a code called a “cookie” Prospects visit other sites that display ads Ads give prospects more time to learn about your offers 5 Visitors Arrive Codes Tag Visitors Leave You Remarket #WinWithRetargeting
  6. 6. WHY RETARGETING? If only 2% of website traffic is converting (sales, leads) - retargeting gives you the opportunity to capitalize on that traffic you’re working so hard to get! Retargeting is online display marketing that has been successfully and profitably deployed by businesses of all sizes in a broad range of verticals. Recent trends show retargeting to be the leading technique for bringing non-converting visitors back to your site to complete a specific measurable goal. 6 Face it – Traffic isn’t enough. #WinWithRetargeting
  8. 8. HOW RETARGETING WORKS 1. A user visits 2. User is added to a cookie pool for 2015 Convention Attendees. 1. While browsing the web, user sees FFEA Convention 2015 ad campaign on Facebook as well as branded display ads on other top websites. 2. Upon clicking any of the ads from the campaign, the user is directed back to a simple form, registration offer, or other measurable landing page. 8 EXAMPLE: Tracking begins Targeted ads appear Visitor converts #WinWithRetargeting
  9. 9. DON’T FORGET: IT’S ABOUT THEM 9 I am so tired of this stupid ad! Why am I still seeing this ad – I bought this already! I am not THAT old yet! This product is for women! #WinWithRetargeting
  10. 10. 10 IT WORKS WHEN YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE TARGET: Your Audience #WinWithRetargeting
  11. 11. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: INTERNAL QUESTIONS 11 Who is your target and how are you targeting them? Create a persona for each segment. How much traffic do you currently have and where is it coming from? What variables should we test – Interests? Ad Image? Ad Copy? Our Offer? Which metrics are most important based on the client and the offer? What should we be addressing to improve the campaign each month? Targeting Traffic Testing Tracking Tuning #WinWithRetargeting
  12. 12. QUESTIONS TO GET YOU STARTED How many buyers and prospect emails do you have in your database? How many monthly visitors come to your website on average? What is the annual value of a new customer? What is your core offer? How frequently does it change? 12 01 03 02 04 Your Database Your Traffic Your Customer Your Product #WinWithRetargeting
  13. 13. QUESTIONS TO GET YOU STARTED How well-equipped is your team to handle 10 new leads per month? 20? 30? 100? What are you willing to pay to acquire a new customer? If you were able to recapture 20-30% of lost opportunities, how would it affect your business’s bottom line? What do you need to get started? What is holding you back? 13 05 07 06 08 Your team Your Budget Your Goals Your Readiness #WinWithRetargeting
  14. 14. RETARGETING TIMELINE 14 Phase 1 Phase 3 Phase 5 Phase 2 Phase 4 30 days 30-45 days 30-60 days Ongoing Ongoing #WinWithRetargeting
  15. 15. PHASE 1: BUILDING THE “COOKIE POOL” 15 Tracking code begins tracking visitors and deposting cookies on their browsers. During this phase, the goal is to build the cookie pool of potential customers. Phase 1 30 days #WinWithRetargeting
  16. 16. PHASE 2: BROAD RETARGETING 16 Phase 2 30-45 days Accumulate at least a few thousand visitors in the cookie pool. Then, launch a broadly targeted retargeting campaign designed to entice visitors back to your site. The initial campaign provides the baseline metrics needed to identify specific segments for more precise messaging. #WinWithRetargeting
  17. 17. PHASE 3: SEGMENTED RETARGETING 17 Phase 3 30-60 days With baseline metrics established, create messaging designed to target specific segments of the audience. Common segments include visitors who abandoned the shopping cart, or visitors who spent time on a specific landing page, but did not convert. #WinWithRetargeting
  18. 18. PHASE 4: OPTIMIZATION 18 Phase 4 Ongoing There is no set it and forget it advertsising strategy. Optimization is an ongoing aspect of digital advertising. Updating creatives, acknowledging trends in traffic and adjusting the strategy to take these changes into consideration is a requirement for successful retargeting. #WinWithRetargeting
  19. 19. PHASE 5: SCALING 19 Phase 5 Ongoing Once results are stabilized, performance trends become obvious, based on the data collected. Adding new campaigns for different offers, and segments of your audience provide additional ongoing opportunities. #WinWithRetargeting
  20. 20. RECOMMENDED BUDGET 20 Weekly Unique Visitors Recommended Weekly Ad Spend 1,000 – 5,000 $50 - $200 5,000 – 10,000 $200 - $375 10,000 – 25,000 $375 - $750 25,000 – 50,000 $750 - $1,500 50,000 – 100,000 $1,500 - $3,000 Advertising spend for retargeting is primarily determined by the volume of site traffic. This is our recommended weekly budget for a typical retargeting campaign. #WinWithRetargeting
  21. 21. READY TO START RETARGETING? 21 We recommend using FACEBOOK’S robust advertising platform to begin retargeting. #WinWithRetargeting
  22. 22. 22 Resource1 Resource2 Resource4 Resource5 Getting started is just a matter of becoming familiar with some of the tools and resources available for marketers. Don’t wait until you have it all figured out! Because no matter how good you get at retargeting…. You’ll always be testing! Places to get help… Resource3 #WinWithRetargeting TOOLS AND RESOURCES
  23. 23. MAXIMIZE CAN HELP YOU GET STARTED! At Maximize, we believe at the core of every business transaction a relationship exists. And it starts with creating marketing strategies people will love! Call 863-606-5994 to schedule a consultation. Or send me an email: 23 Ready? Set? Let’s GO! #WinWithRetargeting #WinWithRetargeting
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  25. 25. #WinWithRetargeting 25 Thank You!