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Considering Social Media? Start With Why

Inspired by Simon Sinek's TEDX talk and subsequent book: "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, this presentation serves to help businesses to establish a WHY before they engage in Social Media marketing efforts, before they focus on the HOW or the WHAT. Chrissanne Long believes everything starts with WHY, even Social Media. If businesses are struggling with Social Media, maybe it's because their WHY isn't strong enough!

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Considering Social Media? Start With Why

  1. 1. Expand Your Online Reach Social Media Mindset for Professionals By Chrissanne Long Maximize Digital Media and Lakeland Business Leaders
  2. 2. Expand Your Online Reach  Started Marketing System Blueprints, LLC in 2009 with Partner Craig Hosking  Merged with Maximize Social Media and Rebranded as Maximize Digital Media in 2014  Chrissanne has a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and Craig has experience in online marketing for investment Real Estate  Initial business model was servicing non-local businesses with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing, but when we discovered our own WHY, we shifted our focus to meet the needs of our community. Our WHY: To empower and equip our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed online.  Small businesses are the backbone of our community. We saw the opportunity to make a difference and transitioned our focus to local, small business who were struggling in the down economy and in need of new marketing strategies. Our passion to help small business also led us to create...
  3. 3. Expand Your Online Reach A FREE Facebook Group for Lakeland Professionals, currently representing 1,500 REAL, People in the Lakeland area! We are about connections: Real, authentic relationships. We are about answers: Local solutions to meet local demand. We are about community: Supporting the people of Lakeland. Join @
  4. 4. Expand Your Online Reach  Do you “like” to feel marketed to?  Do you “like” commercials?  Do you “like” closing deals?  Do you “like” building relationships?
  5. 5. Expand Your Online Reach “The more it changes, the more it is the same thing.” - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr
  6. 6. Expand Your Online Reach How much business gets closed as a result of relationships built on the golf course? How often do business owners, CEOs and bank presidents consider the ROI of the golf course and this traditional networking practice of relationship building?
  7. 7. Expand Your Online Reach  Advantages of playing golf in business: ◦ Find things in common ◦ Learn what a prospect cares about ◦ Break down barriers ◦ Discover character traits of the person (to decide if you want to do business with them) ◦ Get to know people on a personal level
  8. 8. Expand Your Online Reach Nietsche died in 1900
  9. 9. Expand Your Online Reach
  10. 10. Expand Your Online Reach  Simon Sinek - Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action ◦ “We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves. And it's those who start with "why" that have the ability to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them. --Simon Sinek  Ask yourself: Why am I in business? Why does my business exist?
  11. 11. Expand Your Online Reach  Your WHY is not the same as what you seek as a result. ◦ You want to have 2,000 fans or followers ◦ You want to become famous or rich ◦ You want to grow your business  Your WHY is what drives you and propels you and makes you discover HOW to do WHAT you do.
  12. 12. Expand Your Online Reach  Why Cash Mobs in Lakeland? ◦ Raise awareness for local businesses in the community ◦ Generate a social media buzz for the Lakeland small business owners/community  Why Lakeland Business Leaders? ◦ Facilitate and illustrate for small businesses the power of social media ◦ Create a platform to give local businesses a way to connect  Other Examples?
  13. 13. Expand Your Online Reach
  14. 14. Expand Your Online Reach
  15. 15. Expand Your Online Reach John Howard – CEO Coach – TEC Savvy CEO
  16. 16. Expand Your Online Reach  Have a Facebook account?  Have 2 Facebook accounts?  Have a LinkedIn account?  Have a Twitter account?  Have a Google+ account?  Have a Pinterest account?  Have an Instagram account?  Have other Social accounts?
  17. 17. Expand Your Online Reach
  18. 18. Expand Your Online Reach  Everyone says I should!!!  I need to keep up with my ______ friends  I like to play Farmville  It’s fun to see what everyone else is doing  My grandkids  I don’t know!?!  It’s part of my marketing plan
  19. 19. Expand Your Online Reach
  20. 20. Expand Your Online Reach • To help others solve problems • To identify common interests • To collaborate and partner with others and build community. • To LISTEN to what matters most to others • To identify relevant content sources • To get “the Scoop” • To celebrate, extend concern or appreciation • To learn from others • To have fun! • TO BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS
  21. 21. Expand Your Online Reach  Both parties are committed to the relationship and there is mutual benefit.  Both parties authentically care about each other.  Both parties are willing to listen, share ideas and be committed to developing the relationship.
  22. 22. Expand Your Online Reach  You know that moment in a conversation when you or the other person discovers something you have in common  Your eyes light up, posture and body language become more animated  There’s a “me too” moment.
  23. 23. Expand Your Online Reach
  24. 24. Expand Your Online Reach
  25. 25. Expand Your Online Reach Put on the hats of the people you want to attract (This isn’t about YOU! It’s about them!)
  26. 26. Expand Your Online Reach Everyone is not your Social Media Audience! You need to know who your customers are, and their virtual hangouts!
  27. 27. Expand Your Online Reach Everett Rogers – Professor of Rural Sociology - 1962
  28. 28. Expand Your Online Reach  Every industry, niche or topic has a TREND.  Within some trends some people are the Innovators, and some are the Laggards – But neither are the “sweet spot”.  Identifies like-minded individuals (aka Early Adopters, and Early Majority) – THEY ARE YOUR AUDIENCE!
  29. 29. Expand Your Online Reach  Social Media requires that you pay attention to your audience!  The laggards are not your audience! (and you probably don’t want them to be!) So stop trying to force them into your funnel.  Your goal must be to inspire people to take action. (How do you do that?)
  30. 30. Expand Your Online Reach  You will be able to Identify YOUR. ONE. THING  It will propel you forward – consistently. Because you are passionate about YOUR. ONE. THING.  Keep you focused on what’s most important  Increase your desire to master the way to get YOUR. ONE. THING out to more people!!!  Inspire you to be remarkable at YOUR. ONE THING.
  31. 31. Expand Your Online Reach “Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. When I say WHY, I don’t mean to make money – that’s a result. By WHY I mean what is your purpose, cause, or belief? WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?” -Simon Sinek
  32. 32. Expand Your Online Reach To find your one thing, you must answer ◦ Why do you exist? Why does your company exist? ◦ What is your passion? ◦ What do you know that can make a difference in the lives of those who you will attract? ◦ What can you talk about every day –eat, sleep, breathe? ◦ What will cause you to rise up and argue or debate, maybe even lose your temper? ◦ What is your strongest conviction or belief?
  33. 33. Expand Your Online Reach An Innovator – interested in man-powered flight He had sufficient funding, the best minds and favorable market conditions His WHY: Being the First to successfully fly a plane. This is actually a WHAT – he was focused on a result
  34. 34. Expand Your Online Reach
  35. 35. Expand Your Online Reach  They were innovators too  They had no notoriety and no funding  Their WHY: Belief in the Promise of Flight  Credited with the First Man-Powered Flight December 17, 1903
  36. 36. Expand Your Online Reach  Identify your WHY for Social Media (or business in general)  Develop a strong understanding of your ideal customer or prospect.  Begin to learn HOW and commit to a Social Media Marketing Plan (Whatever it takes)
  37. 37. Expand Your Online Reach  When you’re playing golf with a prospect, you’re not always sure if/when they are growing closer to making the purchase.  You’re there to build the relationship  Allow time for the process to work  Sometimes, you’re just churning butter!
  38. 38. Expand Your Online Reach  Adapted from Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge  Playful frogs jump in a pail of cream – This is FUN!  They grow tired, but cannot get out of the pail.  One gives up and drowns  The other keeps believing he can find a way out.  He keeps churning his legs until he’s churned the cream into a solid mass of butter!
  39. 39. Expand Your Online Reach  Be committed to the process  When you’re authentic and committed to your WHY, people will recognize that and build the KLT Factor – Know, Like, Trust  If it appears nothing is happening, and your committed to your WHY, be confident that you’re churning butter!
  40. 40. Expand Your Online Reach ActionEngagement Interest
  41. 41. Expand Your Online Reach Focus on being interesting, and you will naturally gain the engagement that is necessary in successful Social Media Marketing.
  42. 42. Expand Your Online Reach  Isn’t the goal to get people to take action?  YES! However, this is part of the HOW in your strategy.  Because you won’t get the action, unless you have the interest and the engagement.
  43. 43. Expand Your Online Reach People will see through you, if you are driven by anything other than your WHY.
  44. 44. Expand Your Online Reach  When you have identified your WHY, everything about you/your company becomes aligned. ◦ Apple ◦ Zappos ◦ Volvo ◦ Michelin ◦ Chick-fil-A
  45. 45. Expand Your Online Reach “How do you go into someone’s office and say, “From now on, please, a little more authenticity.” “That marketing piece you’re working on,” a CEO might instruct, “please make it a little more authentic.” What do companies do to make their marketing or their sales, or whatever they’re doing more authentic? The common solution is hilarious to me. They go out and do customer research, and they ask customers, what would we have to tell you for us to be (appear) authentic to you? This entirely misses the point. You can’t ask others what you have to do to be authentic. Being authentic means you already know.
  46. 46. Expand Your Online Reach “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
  47. 47. Expand Your Online Reach  Watch the “Start with Why” TED Talk on YouTube  Buy the book (or the audio narrated by Simon Sinek)  Complete the “Start with Why” worksheet (  Identify your WHY.  Select YOUR. ONE. THING  Allow your WHY to propel you forward, to lead and inspire your followers.
  48. 48. Expand Your Online Reach
  49. 49. Expand Your Online Reach  Pinterest Marketing Made Easy  Facebook Marketing Made Easy  LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy  Twitter Marketing Made Easy  SEO Marketing Made Easy  15 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Visit for more information!
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