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HoloLens Ideation Workshop


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A half-day ideation workshop to identify viable business cases for mixed reality experiences using Microsoft HoloLens.

Published in: Technology
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HoloLens Ideation Workshop

  1. 1. HOLOLENS IDEATION WORKSHOP Transforming mindsets using emerging technologies September 2016
  2. 2. Open Minds page 2 Challenge • Communicate difficult concepts to important stakeholders through engaging storytelling • Remote and in-person collaboration • Screen estate limitations (e.g. limited by screen sizes/ office space)
  3. 3. Open Minds page 3 Solution/Objectives • Immersive and engaging storytelling possibility with a unique mix of reality and mixed reality content • Revolutionary way of collaboration both at the same location and remotely • Live-streaming and documentation of operational tasks
  4. 4. Open Minds page 4 How it works • An event held at your premises • Event is focused around identifying solution proposition for mixed reality using Microsoft HoloLens • The aim is to introduce HoloLens and ideate collaboratively how these could be applied to your business • Explore how this technology can be used to execute your digital strategy
  5. 5. • Most innovative Augmented Reality headset currently available • Augments what you are seeing and can recognise the environment through in-built 3D scanners • Interaction via gestures Open Minds page 5 Topic: Microsoft Hololens
  6. 6. Open Minds page 6 Format 30 mins Presentation 60 mins Hands-on 120 mins Ideation Explaining the opportunities and limitations of the technology in question Every participant will have the possibility to try out the technology themselves, ask questions and gain hands-on experiences We will conduct a guided ideation session to collaboratively identify business opportunities
  7. 7. Open Minds page 7 Ideation: Crazy 8 • Participants are split into groups of 3-4 • Every participant will create idea sketches to visualise their based on a collaboratively chosen challenge • Team members then share their ideas within the team and choose via dot vote the best idea
  8. 8. Open Minds page 8 Ideation: Storyboarding • Participants each create a three sketch storyboard for the chosen idea • Consolidation of the best sketches within the team and description via keywords to explain user journey
  9. 9. Open Minds page 9 Ideation: Lean Business Case • Participants create individually lean business canvas • Consolidation with the group • Ensures that each idea has an underlying business case
  10. 10. Open Minds page 10 Client
  11. 11. Open Minds page 11 Client
  12. 12. Open Minds page 12 Client
  13. 13. Open Minds page 13 Measurable engagement through participant surveys Delivery of an event summary in the form of a draft blog entry Photo and video content What you will get
  14. 14. Open Minds page 14 Half-day ideation workshop: £2,000 Excluding travel and VAT. Quote