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My forefathers


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Published in: Automotive, Travel
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My forefathers

  1. 1. By Maximiliano M. Bernardez
  2. 2. This is a Video where I will show you some imformation about my forefathers, for instance where they come, and why they come here. First you´ll see imformation about may father and Finally about my mather..
  3. 3. My father's family came from two different places, his mother came from Elba Island – Italy and his father Orense - Spain.
  4. 4. Orense – Spain Elba Island - Italy
  5. 5. And my mother's family came from Argentina, her mother came from Corrientes – Corrientes and her father Concepcion del Uruguay - Entre Rios.
  6. 6. Corrientes - Argentina Entre Rios - Argentina