Maximiles Group Overview


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Maximiles Group Overview

  1. 1. The Group overview December 2009
  2. 2. At the begining It is a well known fact that it costs five times more to get a new customer than to retain one. However, keeping customers loyal is no easy feat. You need a compelling offer, competitive prices and a high level of service. In addition to this, you also need to be able to identify, understand and recognise your customers' requirements. This understanding leads to increased sales, repeat visits and improved communication that will encourage them to buy again and again and again. Over the past ten years, improving Customer Relationship Management has become a key issue for all businesses. In 1999, in the midst of the Internet bubble, we formed Maximiles with the objective to transform a price driven, volatile audience of internet buyers into loyal customers. A few years later, the Maximiles vision has become more strategic, enabling the company to grow at a healthy rate and expand across Europe. T hanks to a unique blend of marketing and technology, Maximiles offer a comprehensive range of services including branded and white label loyalty, incentive and reward programmes, email marketing services and online surveys and sampling. “ ”
  3. 3. History 1999 : Creation of Maximiles 2000 : Strategic partnership with Launch of the Direct Marketing offer (Maximail) 2001 : Launch of the white label offer (Maximiles Services) 2002 : Acquisition of Webmiles France 2004 : 1 million members registered to France 2005 : Listed on NYSE Euronext Paris 2006 : Acquisition of iPoints Ltd 2007 : Launch of the Survey Sampling offer Launch of (Spain) Launch of (Italy) 2008 : Launch of the Green Rewards Program
  4. 4. Consistent online marketing offer Cashback Capitalization of know-how Survey sampling Biggest access panel in France and UK E-marketing Highly qualified database Online loyalty European leader 4 3 2 1
  5. 5. The Group European Leader in Online Loyalty * On June the 30th, 2009 Created 1999 Territories France, UK, Spain, Italy, Morocco & Holland Employees 95 Stock exchange Listed on NYSE Euronext Paris since 2005 2008 Turnover 16,5 M€ 2008 Carbon Footprint 254 tons (or 2 grams per member)
  6. 6. Our Solutions Online coalition loyalty program The Number One Coalition Program for Online Loyalty to attract and retain customers, increase their loyalty and drive more profitable customer relationships. Proprietary motivation/loyalty programs Providing innovative technology and marketing solutions for own-branded loyalty, motivation and incentive programs. Email marketing Market your products and services directly to our highly-qualified member database. 2,5 million opted-in Email. Online research and sampling Panel incentive, Panel recruitment, Survey sampling. Cashback 2,5 opted-in email 6,3 million members 120 partners 47 white labels 1,9 opted-in survey
  7. 7. Customers Proprietary loyalty programs Online research and sampling Online coalition loyalty program
  8. 8. ‘ Eco-friendly’ Green Rewards Redeem for 100+ environmental-friendly rewards: Maximiles woks with suppliers with a sustainable policy Carbon Compensation In association with Action Carbone Program, Maximiles compensates carbon emissions Increase awareness Help our members to make sustainable choices with awareness tools and tips Green Bonus Point Earn more points with eco-responsible actions by partners selected by Maximiles Carbon Footprint Maximiles measures the impact of its activities in all countries in order to decrease it as much as posisble Make donation Through the coalition program, Maximiles helps WWF stop the degradation of the natural environment of our planet. At Maximiles, the term ‘eco-friendly’ means offering concrete actions that respect the environment. Thanks to our coalition of 120 partners and our 6 millions members, we believe that we can help make a more sustainable development.