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5 KEY INSIGHTS about Russian young males


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here we are exploring the most relevant insights for Russian young males and show the most resonating recent communication

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5 KEY INSIGHTS about Russian young males

  1. 1. 5 KEY INSIGHTS about Russian young males Prepared by Salt
  2. 2. WHAT ABOUT LIFESTYLE ‐ Practically all attend gyms where they keep fit and do their best to reach the appearance of a real men ‐ Many are fond of and really enjoy spending time doing travelling, camping or just participating in events that are free from typical conditions for comfortable life ‐ All try to get attributes of brutality, e.g. car ‐ In families fathers try to bring up a “real man”, so men can do many useful things (some building, home and car repair) from young ages ‐ Those who were not in the army don’t talk about it MASCULINITY WHAT IT MEANS ‐ Being masculine, brutal, strong means you are a real man, but not a weakling ‐ Masculine men are perceived as more popular among peers and women, more successful in life in general, that’s why it attracts most guys in Russia 1
  3. 3. WHAT ABOUT LIFESTYLE ‐ All holidays (patriotic, e.g. Victory Day) are celebrated with respect and with understanding of this event ‐ Young men try to understand current political events and support Russia ‐ Having clothes (t-shirt etc) or other things with symbols of Russia is typical PATRIOTISM WHAT IT MEANS ‐ Feeling of patriotism is brought up in youth men from childhood (family, school etc), so most are real patriots of their country ‐ Most men respect country, respect and support Russian leader 2
  4. 4. WHAT ABOUT LIFESTYLE ‐ Sport and extreme sport that allow to feel freedom are very popular (e.g. sky jumping, diving, mountain climbing, rafting etc) and men are ready to have long trips to do their sport ‐ Work and in many cases family are addition to them, but not points of the key importance – their own life and pleasure are core values ‐ Nothing should disturb them in their lives – if it happens, men try to throw it out of their lives (e.g. changing work, divorces) FREEDOM WHAT IT MEANS ‐ In current life young men try to do what they want without any frames ‐ Ideally their minds and their lives should be free from things that do not provide them with pleasure ‐ Such lifestyle is often characterized as egoistic 3
  5. 5. WHAT ABOUT LIFESTYLE ‐ They pay really much attention to their appearance: ‐ Fashion and trendy hairstyles ‐ Manicure ‐ Fashion clothes etc. ‐ New, showing up elements and styles are welcome, but it’s very important not to look like a gay HEPCAT / STILYAGA WHAT IT MEANS ‐ Men now should look attractive and trendy ‐ Popular in the past “scar face” appearance changes into trendy, well-tended image 4
  6. 6. WHAT ABOUT LIFESTYLE ‐ Young men aim to live separately asap – even while studying try to rent a flat alone or together with friends ‐ At a young age most find normal jobs to be able to survive and provide themselves with all necessary ‐ To economy and for surviving aims young men do or learn to do many things on their own: cooking, washing, repair etc. SELF-DEPENDENCE WHAT IT MEANS ‐ From young ages men dream of living in their own place, to feel independent from relatives ‐ Living together with relatives is perceives as very pressuring, uncomfortable and shameful 5
  7. 7. Examples of Appealing Communication
  8. 8. Nike “Play Russian” Key touching elements: creates strong feeling of patriotism and shows close to them Russian character – strong, purposeful
  9. 9. Adidas “Wake up your district” Ability to become a creator, to lead people touches and inspires
  10. 10. Adidas “Create your own game” You can play your own game, be different from others – that is what touches
  11. 11. Snickers Advert about serious and real men created in a funny way
  12. 12. Megafon “Internet for real men” Most touching element is idea of brutality
  13. 13. Mazda “My Mazda, my icon” Rousing, sexy image that fits needs of current lifestyle
  14. 14. Series “Real guys” Popular in Russian regions thanks to images of common, typical guys and their lives
  15. 15. Irrelevant advert Johnnie Walker Behaviour of these men looks too gay
  16. 16. +7 495 987 21 61