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StartupWeekend Kosice opening


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It's opening presentation for StartupWeekend Kosice on 5th of October 2012

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StartupWeekend Kosice opening

  1. 1. Michal Maxian
  2. 2. StartupWeekend Over The World
  3. 3. StartupWeekend in SlovakiaStartupWeekend Kosice 5.10.2012 www.kosice.startupweekend.orgStartupWeekend Zilina 9.11.2012 www.zilina.startupweekend.orgStartupWeekend Bratislava 16.11.2012
  4. 4. BIG THANK YOU to sponsors ofStartupWeekend Kosice!
  5. 5. globalsponsors
  6. 6. Friday ScheduleFriday18:30 We just started18:45 Speaker presentations19:30 Idea pitching & voting21:00 Team forming and work all around22:00 We are moving to late night place
  7. 7. Judging criteria for Sunday customer validation Interviewed potential/target customers? Integrated that feedback into your product? Built a base of fans and would-be customers? ✓ ✓ business model Differentiated yourself from competitors? Defined your customer acquisition/rollout strategy?Clearly and realistically articulated your revenue model? ✓ execution Developed a a functional prototype? Executed well as a team?
  8. 8. friday Voting 1 3 30
  9. 9. Project Management 1 2 3Braindump Ideas Throw everything on thetable as early as possible
  10. 10. Your Tools Use Set timers for Roman each decision Voting Task 3 SCRUM Task 2 Task 1 IN QUEUE DOING DONEUrgent andImportant Business Matrix Model Canvas
  11. 11. House rules No-smoking building Food-court is nearby entry Don’t be loud & respect others If you have problem come to us Keep smiling 
  12. 12. House rules
  13. 13. Wifi connectionWIFI Main Hall: SW-Kosice1WIFI backroom: SWKosice2WIFI 2nd floor: SWKosice3Passphrase: StartUp5710
  14. 14. Be Twitter hashtag #SWKE #StartupWeekend FourSquare check-in StartupWeekend Kosice
  15. 15. Meet the mentors
  16. 16. Our jury Michal Rostock- Poplar Venture Investors Corporate Finance Alexandra John Image OfficeTomáš BelCEO ExiSport Ondrej Geče Google
  17. 17. SpeakersCan ErtugrulHOW TO PITCH on Saturday Marek Kuzma Sunday presentation
  18. 18. Presentation timeprof. Ing. Stanislav KMEŤ, CSc.Leader professor for science, researh anddevelopment @ TUKE
  19. 19. Presentation timePeter KomorníkInstantDoWinner of StartupWeekend #2Winner of StartupLive Vienna in June
  20. 20. Presentation timeAlexander CimbalákACE EnterpriseSlovak company which became world-wide
  21. 21. Gone in 61s5 - 10s Who are you?10-20s What’s the problem?10-20s Your solution?5 – 11s What do you need?
  23. 23. VotingRight here & right nowVote for the best ideas
  24. 24. Thank yousponsors & partners!
  25. 25. Team forming These teams continueCome forward and form your team
  26. 26. Find your place Main hall Back roomLibrary space on 2nd floor