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Questionary for test


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questions for logistics esam

Published in: Education
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Questionary for test

  1. 1. QUESTIONARYFOR TEST 1. What isshipping? 2. What isshippingeconomy? 3. Draw shippingeconomy 4. What was the beginingepisodeof container? 5. What is it about the containerthat is so important? Name two reasons. 6. What placesthe container mushroomed? 7. Whobenefitedfromthe container invention? 8. What is UNCLOS? 9. What is MTS? Name purpose 10. Name the most important fact on ocean economy 11. Whythe port of Guayaquil is number 8 rank? 12. What is hinterland? 13. What is the impact of Guayaquil hinterland?Name 2 reasons.