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Ecuador legal framework for export facilitation

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  1. 1. Legal framework export facilitation Lecturer: Msc. Max Galarza. University student: Geanella Alban Enrique Colombatti Paula Marrasqui Cynthia Orrala L Diego Segura Manuel Patiño Ma Paula vascones Date: June, 14 GRADE 10
  2. 2. • Promote the growth of the national merchant fleet • Encouraging the growth of shipyards • Ensuring the professional competence of Ecuadorian Merchant Marine personnel • Regulate the activities of companies and shipping agencies • Support activities and industries related to the maritime sector • Develop maritime activities in a healthy and sustainable environment • Assist the use of the media in the maritime sector to state security
  3. 3. • By the Port Entities or their delegates , oil terminals and port terminals enabled when they are operational entities, ie itself provide port services.Direct •By granting the respective operating permit for port operators •By delegation, under the terms established in Executive Decree No. 810 •- by the Port Authority, Port Terminal Oil Terminal or Enabled, when the demand for port services is not covered by operators Indirect
  4. 4. Article 3. Any documentary export formalities will be held at the Central Bank of Ecuador, through the Single Window System Export. Article 4. The Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industry and Fisheries and the Central Bank of Ecuador will design the form as only internal document, which will cover:  a. The sale agreement by the exporter, currency for the FOB value of exports; and,  b. The customs procedure.
  5. 5. Article 5. For the validity of the single export form is required:  a. Single Register of Taxpayers (RUC), Certificate of Citizenship, Land Registry Code, depending on whether usual or occasional public sector bodies, in that order exporters;  b. Commercial invoice; and,  c. Endorsement of the single export window. Article 6. The Customs Administration performs the gauging of goods, certify and register with the single export form the corresponding data.
  6. 6. Article 7. is hereby established a single act of gauging for boarding and exit of goods abroad, during which, the exporter shall make:  a. Single Export Form;  b. Copy of the commercial invoice; and,  c. Shipping document issued by the carrier. Article 8. If the quantities or values entered in the “Acto Unico de Aforo" were different from those indicated in the single export form the corresponding reassessment will be done in the same form.
  7. 7. Incoterms  Incoterms are a collective of international commercial terms published by the international chamber of commerce. These terms are widely used in international commercial transactions, to clarify the rights, risks and obligations of both parties concerning the transportation of goods. Through the use of Incoterms, misunderstandings concerning obligations from both parties can be eliminated.
  8. 8.  FAS (Free Alongside Ship): The seller must deliver the goods alongside a ship, designated by the buyer. Upon delivering the goods alongside the ship, the risks and costs are transferred. The seller must arrange the clearance of goods.
  9. 9.  FOB (Free On Board): The seller must arrange for the goods to be loaded onto a ship, designated by the buyer. When the goods are loaded, the risks and costs will be transferred.
  10. 10.  CFR (Cost And Freight): The seller must pay the costs for delivering the goods to its destination. The risk however is transferred upon loading the goods on the ship and insurance is not included.
  11. 11. CIF (Cost, Insurance And Freight): This is similar to CFR except insurance here is included and must be paid by the seller.
  12. 12. • r-stages-shipping-cycle.html nikos-marmatsouris-seaborn-trade-cargo- volumes-and-freight-rates-in-the- regionapkndm2015 n/instrument-and- tools/tools/~/media/2B9F7D493314432BA4 2BC8498D3B73CB.ashx