Biodiesel made from used cooking oil


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Biodiesel made from used cooking oil

  1. 1. Biodiesel made from used cooking oil Member: • Analy Cevallos • Fabrizzio Erazo • Gian Paulo del Cioppo • Ludwin Gutierrez • José Sales Grade:10 • Teacher Msc. Max Galarza
  2. 2. Waste management • To minimize environmental impact, Fast food devotes considerable resources and effort to manage waste properly. An example of this is that all the frying oil used in restaurants is collected by authorized managers that go over 95% for the production of biodiesel and other to energy recovery.
  3. 3. Biodiesel & Recycling Cooking Oil • One way we do this is to recycle our used cooking oil into biodiesel, which we use to fuel more than half of our delivery trucks. We won’t bore you with the science, but it works a treat and it’s great for the environment too! • Oil over again
  4. 4. Biodiesel & Recycling Cooking Oil • We can effectively use our cooking oil twice by turning it into biodiesel – that’s good news for the planet. Or to give you another comparison, running our trucks on this special biodiesel is the equivalent in terms of carbon emissions savings of taking 2,500 cars off the road each year. • Almost all of our restaurants recycle their cooking oil in this way, and those that can’t at the moment are working hard to make it possible
  5. 5. A holistic approach to recycling oil: Bulk cooking oil delivery and collection • This program includes delivery of fresh cooking oil to the restaurants in bulk via a portal on the exterior of the restaurant to a large tank in the store. At the same time, waste oil is collected from a separate tank and taken back to a larger distribution facility where it is sold for re-use to a variety of vendors, including biodiesel companies. Today nearly 75% of the eligible U.S. restaurants are enrolled in this program, representing more than 8,675 U.S. restaurants. Additional restaurants are being converted as infrastructure advancements develop.
  6. 6. The biobot 20 • Is a product made by a Britain company, it’s tabletop diesel processor has a capacity of 20 liters per batch. But briefly you fill the reaction chamber with used vegetable oil, then heat the oil to a designated temperature while agitating the oil with a built-in hand operated mixer. When the oil comes to temperature, a small amount is tested to determine the amount of free fatty acids it contains. This determines the amount of sodium hydroxide catalyst is required to process the batch.
  7. 7. The biobot 20 • The desired amount of catalyst is added to four liters of pure, dry methanol, and the combination is mixed until the catalyst dissolves in the methanol, forming sodium methoxide. The sodium methoxide is stored in a special tank which pumps it into the reaction chamber so that it need not be handled any more than necessary (it is very corrosive). • The raw biodiesel must be washed before use to remove soaps, excess methanol, residual sodium hydroxide, free glycerine and other contaminants. This is accomplished by washing it with water. In the BioBot 20, water is pumped to a spray mister at the top of the reaction chamber
  8. 8. The biobot 20 • The water wash process is repeated until the biodiesel is clear, at which point in time it is reheated to remove residual traces of water.
  9. 9. Problem
  10. 10. Expert opinion • the expert said that is a good idea because we don't have this system in Ecuador but she also said that the oil that we are going to have is not to much,so she said that we can make a network so we can take the waste of other countries like Peru and Colombia and we can have more biodiesel to sell.
  11. 11. Conclusion • When we are going to put a business or a companies is important being responsible with the environment see and analyze the future damage, the possible factors that could affect the environment, this is a very good strategy to attract customer that have much in mind the socials and environmental responsibilities of the company . • &v=jH8Yi-7DWCk