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Music magazine

  1. 1. By Maciej GniadekMUSIC MAGAZINE
  2. 2. Proposal Price:£2.50 The title of the magazine will be "DSTEP". The Magazine will be focused on Club/Electronic genre of music, mainly Dub step, Drum step and DNB. It will feature monthly interview with at least two Electronic genre artists 1 known (will get less spotlight) and 1 less known. The main target audience for the magazine will be teenagers (15-18) and young adults (18-25). Teenagers because they listen to this genres and is popular among them. Young adults for the reason that they go out clubbing and are most likely to participate in events involving electronic music, especially at ages 18-25. IPC Media are a possibility of publishing my magazine
  3. 3. CD and top 10Every issue will have a cd with 5 dub steps ordrum step mixes from the top 10 list.The top list will be a standard article in everyissue of the magazine. The voting over the bestmixes will be decided through online votingpage where date will be collected from thenewest releases.
  4. 4. Ways of accessing themagazine The magazine will be available on our website; when subscribed for a monthly issue of the magazine. It will be sent to you via email in pdf format . The fee of the subscription will be £2 due to lack of the free cd with the top list songs. So if your looking for your favourite dub step piece of the month you will need to buy the magazine. There is also an app which is also subscription based with the same price as a website but with articles composed more suitably for a mobile device ( smart phone/iphone/ipad)
  5. 5. Cant wait for the magazine? Magazine will include news on monthly bases, but what about the news that cant be included in the magazine on time. Those news will be available on our twitter/face-book page with less detailed coverage.
  6. 6. House style Main Font through out the text : Times New Roman Titles of the pages in Bold Size of the body text 12 Size of the main article title 40 Colour of the text Blue/ White Background: Picture or black with gradient to grey
  7. 7. MASTHEAD The name of the magazine “Dstep” is derived from the first letter in Dub step and Drum step and leaving Step after it. The magazine is about those two genres of music which is why the name has relation to both.
  8. 8. Layout of Front CoverBackground PictureMastheadImportant articlesBarcode and price tagMain ArticleSlogan
  9. 9. Front CoverThe masthead will be positioned behind the artistspicture to show the confidence in the magazinesquality and o show more of the artist , in whitecolour. The main colour scheme would beblue/white because they are a representations ofelectronic music genre; involving club and DJcantered events. They are also clear to see on mostof the backgrounds. The barcode will be positionedat the bottom left corner of the front cover so itdoesnt attract attention.
  10. 10. Background Articles list AdvertisementPicture main article Page number Title of the pageLayout of Contents Page
  11. 11. Advertisement Main Text BackgroundTitle of the article Page number PictureLayout 1 of Double Page 2Spread
  12. 12. How did case studies helpedme? Audience – What age groups and type of people buy the magazines around specific genre House style -what colours stand out on which backgrounds, what attracts audiences attention +Composition- Layout