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Imagine the patient record room: overflowing with charts and records : new and old, archived and current. Nightmare for Physicians, Doctors, Office Managers, Audit and Compliance Officers, Director of Records to cut through the paper and get down to business.

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Newgen For Healthcare

  1. 1. Newgen Healthcare and Insurance Solutions NEWGEN Electronic Medical Records Embrace the Future Time to move on from the paper chase to Electronic Medical / Healthcare Records (EMR/EHR). It’s time for CHANGE. Imagine the patient record room: overflowing with charts and records : new and old, archived and current. Nightmare for Physicians, Doctors, Office Managers, Audit and Compliance Officers, Director of Records to cut through the paper and get down to business. The Newgen EMR solution is a simple yet robust solution. Newgen’s award winning solutions for healthcare and insurance include a complete suite : EMR, OmniDocs, OmniScan, OmniFlow, OmniReports and O2MS. With hundreds and thousands of patient records processed per day to millions of charts and records stored electronically - with secured and easy access from your office, home or even vacation. We offer a one stop solution to your needs - from analyzing your current problems, scanning, indexing documents onsite or offsite, ICR / OCR for reduced data entry to a secured centralized repository of patient charts, records, labs, prescriptions, electronic signature and plugin to your existing Billing / Point of Care EMR system. Solution Highlights ? Document Capture: A production-grade scanning solution for capturing documents is provided, which can scan in batches, Quick and quickly convert the document to digital format. Also include high speed OCR and ICR capability to allow you faster search and elimination of manual data entry. Supports virtually all industry standard ISIS - TWAIN Compliant scanners. Consolidated Document and Records Repository: Electronic Medical Records are indexed and classified in the repository for ? immediate access. Various policies for admitting, transferring, retaining, printing, and disposing patient records are also defined for efficient management of records. Electronic Patient Charts: Complete treatment history and statistics of the patient are organized in Patient ? Charts under various heads and subheads such as Indications, Impressions, Immunizations, Current Medication, Medical History, Social History, Procedures, Tests- Results and so on. The information is presented using intuitive interface, which facilitates quick comprehension with drill-down capability and informed decision making. Ready to use, easy plugins to industry leading specialty EMR products for General Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, OB-GYN, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Dental, Orthopaedics, Solo and Group Practice and Emergency Care Centers, etc. Seamless Integration Interface to External Documents: Externally generated documents such as Lab Test results and ? consultation letters are integrated with the solution to provide unified records of patients and obviate The need to maintain separate shadow charts. w w w. n e w g e n s o f t . c o m
  2. 2. Newgen Healthcare and Insurance Solutions NEWGEN Electronic Medical Records ? Scalable: Right from a small clinic to a huge enterprise, the solution is capable of serving the needs of diverse set of users. Highly ? Deployable: A no-hassle, rapid deployment enables quick ROI realization by eliminating compatibility glitches and Rapidly ensuring minimum downtime. ? on Industry Standards: Built on platform-independent technologies and industry standards, the solution is capable of Based delivering sustained high performance and easy integration with other applications. Benefits to Medical Service Providers Cost Cuttings and Quick ROI Realization: The cost benefits are achieved by eliminating paper-costs, reduced storage costs, ? immediate access to patient records, ensuring compliance requirements, and improved productivity of all the employees such as front-desk/ reception, medical coders, RNs, and empower Doctors and Office Managers. Conformance to Government Regulations: Mandatory compliance to regulations such as HIPAA is easily managed without ? compromising the efficiency by using the Newgen solution. Easily configurable policies enable entering, releasing, maintaining, and discarding information strictly as per the regulation guidelines. ? Wait Time for Patients: As soon as patients visit, their complete treatment information is rendered on doctor's desktop Lesser without scouting everywhere for the entire information. Lesser wait time results in better patient experience ? Address Claims Dispute and Payment Reconciliation: Dealing with Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), Encounter Quickly Forms and Insurance provider bring in lot of inefficiencies. With immediate rendering of facts and improved billing operations, the solution enables quick reconciliation of claims. ? and Authorized Access: Users are provided access to records as per their status. Ubiquitous and stringent policies Secure ensuring no leakage of sensitive information about patients. Audit trails can be used to provide deeper insights into records access. The solution ensures patient data secrecy with full compliance to HIPAA regulations. Error Reduction Due to Electronic Records: As paper-based records and notes are present in electronic form, there are zero ? chances of incomprehensible writing, wrong recording of facts and figures, and making decisions based on incomplete information, thereby greatly reducing error in diagnosis and treatment. No Separate Shadow Records Maintenance: With the capability to integrate externally generated documents with patient ? records, there is no need to maintain shadow records About Newgen Newgen Software Technologies Limited is the market leader in Business Process Management (BPM) and Document Management System (DMS), with a global footprint and over 1000 employees. Newgen’s client include Fortune500 companies, Banks, Insurance and Healthcare, Manufacturing, BPO, Government and Telecom. Newgen is recognized by distinguished analyst firm IDC in its exclusive report “Newgen Software: Global Leader in Business Process Management and Document Management Solutions.” With HSBC and SAP investment, Newgen is one of the rare product companies to have backing of both leading financial and technology companies of the world. Winner of prestigious awards, such as CNBC-TV18 “Emerging India Award 2008”, Frost and Sullivan's “Market Leadership Award for Document Management System and Workflow Software & Services” and “Distinguished Application Product Company” by NASSCOM, Newgen Software is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27001 certified and CMM Level 4 company. Call us today for a no-obligation, free demo. Newgen Software, Inc 1364 Beverly Rd, St 300 McLean, VA 22101 Toll Free: 1-800-499-5074 Tel : 1-703-749-2855 email : © Copyright 2006-2007 Newgen Software Inc. All rights reserved. w w w. n e w g e n s o f t . c o m