Dynamic Process Transformation Platform on Cloud


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Continuous Business Process improvement using best practice and industry leading platform.

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Dynamic Process Transformation Platform on Cloud

  1. 1. Newgen OmniFlow:The Gold Standard ofGlobal Shared Servicesand TransactionProcessing
  2. 2. Newgen OmniFlow Industry Awards“We’re very proud to be featured in both Magic Quadrants for BPM and ECM. It is recognitionof our efforts in the market for Business Process Management and Enterprise ContentManagement. Our BPM and ECM solutions are ideal for all document-based processes. Wefind that at service organizations across the world there is an increasing need for BPM, toenable organizational agility, cost efficiencies and compliance while continuously improvingbusiness processes.“ Diwakar Nigam CEO & MD, Newgen Software“The success of a BPM program depends heavily on the ability to measure improvements tobusiness performance — and to demonstrate how the value delivered by these improvements linksback to the critical goals of the organization.”Gartner, Inc., Align BPM to Strategy by Targeting and Measuring High-Value Processes, Bill Rosser, Michael Smith, 7th Aug 2009Newgen software was recognized in as early as 2002 in the Gartner Magic Quadrant forIntegrated Document Archival and Retrieval System (IDARS). More recently it has beenfeatured in the following Gartner reports: 2010 ? Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Magic Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) ? Cycle for Business Process Management Hype ? Cycle for ICT in India Hype ? Cycle for Life Sciences Hype ? Cycle for Life Insurance Hype ? Cycle for Context-Aware Computing Hype ? Cycle for Business Process Outsourcing Hype ? Cycle for Communications Service Provider Operations Hype 2009 ? Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Was also Magic found mentioned in 2007 -2008 BPMS reports ? Cycle for Application Development Hype ? Cycle for ERP Hype ? Cycle for BPM Hype 2
  3. 3. Newgen OmniFlow Industry AwardsWe author one success story after another for our clients. Analysts applaud. 2010 Silver Award for Excellence in BPM practice - IndusInd 2008 Gold Award for Excellence in BPM practice - FICL 2009 Red Herring 100 Global Winner “A Hot Company to Watch for” in ECM Market report, 2009 Winner of CNBC-TV18 “Emerging India Award 2008” Global leader in BPM and ECM solution ‘Significant Player’ in Banking DMS Report “Newgen’s ECM tools compare favorably against their bigger international competitors...OmniFlow is a ‘true’ BPM product” Newgen Software featured as an Innovator in Bloor’s “ECM Report Update, 2008” Awarded ‘Distinguished Product Company’ 3
  4. 4. Newgen OmniFlow : the “Gold Standard” of Global SSC and Transaction Processing“ OmniFlow has a long history of supporting critical processes in banks and insurancecompanies in emerging markets, and key financial and HR processes (among others) in theshared services organizations of globally distributed large enterprises. The solution impresseswith its proven scalability, integration with ERP solutions, focus on easy deployment andprocess development with minimal coding, and the company’s record of automating around 75accounting and HR processes in some of the most complex environments is impressive as well.Butler Group believes that any company with employees in the order of thousands andprocesses with a high volume of human executed work steps would do well to evaluateOmniFlow.”“When it came to discussing innovation in the including those of AstraZeneca, Caterpillar, Praxair, Chiquita Brands, Dow Jones, Bank of America, UBS Bank, HP IBM Daksh, ,ECM arena, Pelz-Sharpe said firms should not Genpact, iGate and HCL BPO and so on.automatically look to North American vendors as Using our BPM and ECM product suite, our Breakthru©their first choice. He pointed to the innovation Implementation methodology, and soft templates of industry bestaccomplished by Indian vendor Newgen.” practices, our customers have been able to transform their business and achieve business results within 1 business quarter.Roalie Marshall, IT Week Newgen Solutions EnableGlobal Advisory Firms and Newgen ?End-to-end automation & centralization of processes and real-Newgen software actively works with the Big 4 consultancy time visibility & adherence to regulatory compliance for theorganizations of the world and has several success stories with processes, even when they span multiple geographiesthem. With Deloitte it has a special partnership whereby Deloitte ? process deployment and rollout, with a framework Rapidalso assist Newgen for some of their projects related to like ROI providing enough flexibility to quickly accommodate processcalculation methodology for Newgen’s implementations changes without sacrificing service levels ?Abstraction of processes from services and technology layersSome of the notable successes with Big 4 are following to enable enterprises to focus purely on changes to business? Deloitte - AstraZeneca and Praxair processes without worrying about their effects on lower levels? - Philips PWC of implementations? Accenture - Johnson & Johnson and CaterpillarNewgen enables BPOs and SSCs to achieve Our Offerings IncludeOperational Excellence by enabling top-line ? Procure to Pay (P2P) and ? Processing Loansgrowth, while constantly driving down the costs Account Payables ? Transaction Processing ? to Cash (O2C) and Order ? Claims Processingand improving the quality of operations. Account Receivables ? Dispute Management ? Record to Report (R2R) and ? Correspondence ManagementNewgen Software is the market leader in Business Process General Accounting ? Management CaseManagement (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), ? and Expense (T&E) Travel ? Customer Communicationwith a global footprint of 800 installations in 40 countries. ? Vendor Portals Management ?Employee Self Service HR ? and Ticketing Billing Portals Operations...Newgen is a leader in providing BPM and ECM based solutions to ? Assets Fixedleading Fortune-500 and most of the top non-voice BPOs 4
  5. 5. Siginificant ROI with Agile Transaction Processing“We chose Newgen solution over other international Vendors because we needed a scalablesolution that could be rolled out in a short period of time. Newgen’s domain experience inShared Services was also an advantage. With the deployment of the Newgen solution we canrespond quickly to changing business requirements, take quicker decisions and enhanceefficiencies, while leveraging existing systems.” Business Objective Process Metrics Delivering Business Value Customer Onboarding Reduce Cycle times by 80% Customer Delight Customer Service Delivery 100% visibility Agility & Market Faster Change Management Reduce from weeks to days Responsiveness Time taken for new process rollout Reduce from months to weeks SLA Adherence Increase to 99% Compliance & Quality Auditability & Adherence to Regulation Increase to 100% Productivity Increase by 70% Scaling Capacity First Time Right Increase to 70% Process TAT (Cycle Time) Reduce by 80% FTE Reduction Reduce by 50% Manage Cost Document Handling Cost Reduce by 50%ROI Business Case Study centralize the F&A processes. The invoices are scanned inOverview various countries across APAC and Americas and then processedClient is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies based in centrally at the SSC. Newgen solution enables automation ofUK. The company sells its products in over 100 countries, document scanning and approval processes required formanufactures in 27 and has major research centers in 11 Procure-To-Pay (PTP – Accounts Payable), Sales Order-To-Cashcountries. (SOTC – Accounts Receivable), Records-To-Report (RTR – General Ledger) and Master maintenance processes at theBusiness Challenge Shared Service Centre.Client was looking at centralization of its Finance & Accounting(F&A) processing for multiple units, spread across countries in BenefitsAPAC and Americas, with each unit having multiple vendors. The The client aims to reap all-round benefits from this Sharedmain challenges are listed below: Services implementation to further consolidate its competitive? Centralized processing of invoices, bills, and other similar position. The Newgen solution enables following benefits to the documents with a multi-country implementation client:? Tracking and monitoring of invoices ? Precise and quick tracking of invoices? visibility and control over F&A for faster payment Better ? Smoother coordination and collaboration among stakeholders cycles and roles during the entire lifecycle of the transaction present in different countries ? Overall streamlined processing of invoices in multipleNewgen’s Solution countries with the company’s standard operating proceduresNewgen has implemented the BPM suite- OmniFlowTM with ? Operational efficiency and agility to the entire paymentunderlying document management system- OmniDocsTM and processdistributed scanning tool- OmniScanTM to streamline and 5
  6. 6. Newgen OmniFlow – Overview Process Simulator Process Repository Process Modeler Collaborative Process Artifacts Form Process Designing Simulation & Optimization Fragments Content Types Newgen DMS/RMS Unified Workdesk Document Interface Management Execution Engine Intuitive personalized user work desk Business Rules Management System Integrations Adapters Human Task System Integration Task Integration Rules Engine Interface Interface Business Activity Web Service, JMS, XML, Monitoring (BAM) API’s, SAP connectors, Security & Directory EJB & GUI adapters Services Real-time Dashboard Validation InterfaceOMNIFLOW OmniFlow ComponentsNewgen OmniFlow • Integrations Adapters: Newgen’s BPM platform can beNewgen offers OmniFlow- a Business Process Management integrated with external systems via Web Services, JMS and(BPM) solution aimed at automating processes characterized by exposed XML based APIs. Solution supports SOAP and in-builtvery high volume of document intensive tasks, with a substantial ready-to-go adapters like SAP connectors, EJB adapters and GUIpaper-based component. The OmniFlow suite comprises a adaptersBusiness Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) and Workflow • Business Activity Monitoring: Newgen’s user friendly BAMManagement Coalition (WFMC) aligned process modelling tool, allows various stakeholders to easily design reports, define KPIs,a process execution engine, rules management engine, a forms set control charts and monitor the process both in real timebuilder, a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboard, and a through dashboards and offline through alerts and notificationssimulator. Process Modeler also helps in incorporating in-flight • Business Rules Management System: Business users canchanges to meet dynamic business needs. create and modify rules using simple English in our BPMS. This eliminates the need to define/embed business rules or policies in• Business Process Modeler: Process Modeler is a user- the process while retaining only process routing logic.friendly drag and drop modeling tool that lets different users • Document Management System: Enables organizations to(Business Owner, Business Analyst, Process Architect, IT User) have complete control over their documents throughout theto work collaboratively on designing the Business Process. It documents’ lifecycle – create, capture, archive, access, delivercomplies with BPMN, BPEL, XPDL, WfXML standards and destroy. DMS works as centralized repository for all the• Process Simulator: Simulator enables forecasting and fine- process documentstuning of a process before moving it to production. Simulator is • Process Repository: The centralized process repositoryused for bottleneck identification, load balancing, measuring user stores process definition, form fragments, rules and processallocation and performance, and performing cost/benefit trade- metadata along with predefined business object that can beoffs easily re-used while designing new process.• Newgen Unified Workdesk: Through the personalized • Process Execution Engine: Orchestrates the process flowinterface, users can view electronic forms, image documents, and maintains the state of the process instances, events, rulescheck list, to-do list and exceptions for easier work processing and roles during the entire lifecycle of the transaction 6
  7. 7. Newgen OmniDocs – Overview ECM Suite Components Record Collaboration & Email Archival Management Content Publishing Data & Document Management Engine Browser Based Document Document Hierarchy, Indexing, User Capture Search, Version, Check-in Check-out, Desktops Technologies Scalable, Image Server Workflow Engine Workitem Integration Initiation Process Modeling, Route, Rules, with Business Tools Roles, Exceptions, Escalations, Applications Process, Monitoring & Measurement Image Processing Administration & Reports Archival Engine Monitoring & DistributionOMNIDOCSECM suite to meet your transaction content Key Differentiators of Newgen’s ECM and BPMmanagement needs SuiteTransactional Content Management ? Comprehensive suite with strong Document Management,Manual processing of paper-intensive business processes is Imaging, Scanning, Records Management and BPM capabilitiesinherently inefficient, time consuming, labour intensive, error ? Complete Capture Solution for Production and Distributedprone and very difficult to track and optimize. One of the key Scanning - well integrated with ECM and BPM suitepriorities of enterprises is to automate such paper-intensive ? Scalable for High-Volume Imaging to manage billions ofbusiness processes. Automating such processes requires a documentscombination of both ECM and BPM technologies. The unified ? Robust Process Engine for executing and orchestratingplatform to address this need is often referred to as transactions in real timeTransactional Content Management (TCM). Transactional ? 360-degree Business Activity Monitoring to monitor processContent Management uses ECM and BPM. While ECM performancetechnologies such as Scanning, Imaging, Document Management ? Graphical Process Modeler empowering Business users toand Record Management are used to capture, archive and take ownership of their business processmanage content, BPM is used to design, deploy and manage ? Easy-to-build efficient user desktop with support for Images,processes. Forms, Checklists and Exceptions in an integrated manner ? Integration with Business Systems using Web Services, Messaging and XML APIKey Business Drivers ? Certified Records Management to comply with regulatory and?Improving Key Business Processes legal policies for long-term archival of content?Reducing Cost ? of manageability features to support mission-critical Host?Improving Productivity deployments for facilitating change management and new?Gaining Competitive Advantage process rollouts?Meeting Compliance Requirements and roles during the entire ? Enterprise Class Security conforming to security norms lifecycle of the transaction ? Reduced TCO by leveraging customer’s IT infrastructure 7
  8. 8. Contact UsNewgen Software Inc..1364 Beverly Road, Suite 300McLean, VA 22101Tel: +1-703-439-2855 Website: www.newgensoft.comEmail: usa@newgensoft.com Blog: http://blog.newgensoft.com/ 8