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Volunteering 2.0 (new ways of giving in the «2.0» Era)


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The modern culture leads us to optimize and fill every moment. This reduces the opportunities to "give": even donating 30' to others requires a couple of consecutive hours: for many of us is prohibitive.
But people are willing to «give».

Here a different way to "donate", reusing the little drops of time that we tend to waste because they appear fragmented and occasional.
A different way of organising our time,where we do not limit our analysis to the "Who", "How" and "When", and look at the most important question beside Time Management:"Why?".

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Volunteering 2.0 (new ways of giving in the «2.0» Era)

  1. 1. VOLUNTEERING 2.0 (NEW WAYS OF GIVING IN THE «2.0» ERA) #FutureOf Massimo Cardaci – 01.06.2015
  2. 2. Message 1: We do not have Time.
  3. 3. Message 1: True. The modern culture leads us to optimize and fill every moment. To donate 30’, including transportation and others, requires a couple of hours consecutive: for many of us is prohibitive.
  4. 4. Message 2: If Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Mohammed.
  5. 5. Message 2: People are willing to «give». We need to find a way allowing them to «give» wherever they are, and without needing organization in advance.
  6. 6. Message 3: Even a big ocean is made of small drops.
  7. 7. Message 3: We have fragments of time that we struggle to «donate», and that consequently are wasted. 10 minutes per day, in a year represent 60 hours of «gift»! It’s a shame losing such a sea of drops.
  8. 8. Message 4: «Campioni del Mondo» (World’s Champions)
  9. 9. Message 4: Project born in 2008 to demonstrate the feasibility to transform, on a personal basis, these «drops» into something useful for others. It is based on the sharing of knowledge that we have gained, and that is always with us.
  10. 10. Message 4: As of today, these drops support through long distance adoption 7 children from all around the world (the «Champions» of the World), With the objective to arrive to 11 (guess why «11»…  ).
  11. 11. Message 5: Everyone may create his/her team of «World’s Champions».
  12. 12. Message 5: I did not know where to start, and I published 17 books via web. I did not have contacts, and I found the way to publish 76 articles. I never did it before, and now I hold a course on Time Management.
  13. 13. Message 5: All this just using the few minutes which, in a fragmented and frequently unpredictable way, became available. Without changing the time dedicated to family, job, myself. Just devolving entirely to the project the income of these extra activities.
  14. 14. Message 5: Of this project I talk in my book on Time Management It addresses not only the Who, How and When typical of «Time Management» books… …but also asks the most important (and frequently missing) question:
  15. 15. Message 5: Why? «Would you change 25 minutes?*» *(available in Italian and English).
  16. 16. Conclusion Everyone may create his/her own «World’s Champion» Do not waste our drops: they seem negligible, but can do a lot.
  17. 17. THANK YOU! To know more about the project and for contacts: [Italian] Publications:,,, www.edc- - Time Management: “Would you change 25 Minutes?” [3a Ed.] [English: Paperback and Kindle; Italian] - Ethical Governance Methods: “La Terza Strada: Una storia di Principi, Maestri e Cappellai” [Italian] - History of Science - Sunspots: “Macchie sul Sole? Che fai, scherzi?” [14 volums in Epub format] [Italian] Something more on what I do : - LinkedIn profile: Massimo Cardaci [English]