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WashUnited Fellowship Brochure 2013


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Seeking graphic designers, Wordpress developers, and game designers for our rapidly growing fellowship program. Come live with us in India (expenses paid!!), join our team of global citizens, do what you love, and help solve the sanitation and hygiene crisis!

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WashUnited Fellowship Brochure 2013

  1. 1. 2013-2014Conceptualize, Create, ConnectWASH UNITED INDIA FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM
  2. 2. Are you adventurous, curious, creative, interested, andinteresting? Are you socially conscious and passionateabout development & public health, particularly in India?Do you quickly adapt to different environments and havean ability to keenly observe them? Are you fascinatedby the idea of long journeys through rural India ? Do youwant to help change the world and save lives throughphotography, filmmaking and design?
  3. 3. WASH Fellowship Program Page 3India’s Sanitation CrisisLack of adequate sanitation is a hugeproblem in India. 626 million Indians livewithout access to safe sanitation, makingIndia the country with most people livingwithout toilets in the world.This leads to problems spanning health,economics, human rights, & the environ-mentHuman ImpactMore than 1,000 children die from prevent-able diarrhoea every day.Shame and lack of dignity is a constant com-panion as people are forced to defecate infull view of others.Women suffer from reproductive tract infec-tions due to poor hygieneHuman rights abuses are a common occur-rence as women are often molested or rapedas they are forced to use isolated locationsfor open-defecation.443 million school days are lost each yeardue to water-related diseases.Economic ImpactIndia loses approximately USD 53.8 billion(>6.4% of India’s GDP) due to increasedhealth costs, productivity losses, and reducedtourism revenue due to inadequate sanitationand poor hygiene.Halving the proportion of those globallywithout access to safe drinking water andadequate sanitation by 2015 is estimated toresult in 272 million more school attendancedays a year.The value of deaths averted, based on dis-counted future earnings, would amount toUS$3.6 billion a year.For every $1 invested in water and sanitation,$8 is returned in increased productivity.3.5% of all work time is lost due to sanitationrelated
  4. 4. WASH Fellowship Program Page 4Joining the WASH United India team will link you to agrowing team of youthful, ambitious and fun-loving socialinnovators / entrepreneurs within New Delhi’s swiftlyemerging social innovation community as well as moreestablished organizations such as The Bill & MelindaGates Foundation, Acumen Fund, IDEO, Planning Com-mission Of India, Ashoka, PATH, J-PAL, Dalberg, HarvardKennedy School, The World Bank, Water & SanitationProgram and many many more.Fellows will have an opportunity to use these networksto further their work.WASH United WASH-United.orgWASH United is an award winning international NGO that pio-neers the use of the use of sport star ambassadors, interactiveeducational games, and innovative campaigning formats to maketoilets & hand-washing hygiene “cool & sexy” and to facilitatebehavior change. WASH United has country programs in India and8 African countries.Key partners in our work include Bill & Melinda Gates Founda-tion, Swiss Agency For Development & Cooperation, GIZ, WSSCC,Arghyam, WaterAid, FC Bayern Munich, German Foreign Office,Norwegian Foreign Office, French Foreign Office, FC BayernMunich.WASH United has launched several large sanitation and hygieneprojects such as the Nirmal Bharat Yatra (Great WASH Yatra) andhas received broad international recognition for its success in pro-moting sanitation and hygiene in India and Africa.
  5. 5. WASH Fellowship Program Page 5WASH Fellowship Program Page 5The Yatra was a particular resonant format because itbuilt upon all the things Indians are really passionate andexcited about – Bollywood song and dance, popular TVformats, but above all India’s favorite sport cricket – andused them to tackle persisting taboos related to sanita-tion and hygiene and charged these issues with positiveemotions.The Yatra benefited immensely from having 7 extremelytalented Fellows with diverse backgrounds such as cho-reography, professional filmmaking, & photography fromIndia, Germany, the US, & the UK. See details of the Fel-lowship here: After the immense success of this firstFellowship program, we are now launching WASH UnitedFellows Program Edition 2.Nirmal Bharat Yatra nirmalbharatyatra.orgWASH United in India recently conducted the Nirmal Bharat Yatra(The Great WASH Yatra : /, a mega sanitation-themedcarnival that featured unique games, performances, & labs. TheYatra was a mammoth undertaking traveling 2000 Km acrossrural India over 50 days and reached 230 million people with mes-sages of sanitation and hygiene.The Nirmal Bharat Yatra had three key goals: 1) promote life-saving toilet adoption + handwashing with soap behaviour amongat-risk children, youth, & adults; 2) raise awareness about sani-tation & hygiene amongst rural & urban populations by gettingexciting, positive stories about sanitation and hygiene in massmedia; & 3) advocate for improvements in sanitation and hygieneIEC programs among key stakeholders in the government, media,& other sector organizations. .THE GREAT WASH YATRA2012
  6. 6. Yatra Fellowship Program Page 6WASH UNITEDConceptualize, Create, ConnectABOUT THE FELLOWSHIPS
  7. 7. WASH Fellowship Program Page 7The WASH United Fellowship2nd Edition | Mar 2013 onwardsHaving just wrapped up the successful Yatra Fel-lowship with 7 international and Indian fellows(, WASH United India is launching it’ssecond Fellowship Program. The program is nowlooking for a talented individual in search of a fun,challenging, and high profile experience in theIndian social innovation space. The program is structured to allow for creativefreedom as well as high impact work that getsimplemented on the field through collaborationsbetween WASH United and its partner organiza-tions. In this Edition, we are inviting Filmmakers, Photog-raphers, Graphic Designers, and Interactive DataDesigners. This team of Fellows will be centralto WASH United’s communication, advocacy andawareness raising efforts across a variety of pro-jects over the next 6-12 months.If any of this sounds interesting to you please readon!
  8. 8. WASH Fellowship Program Page 8We are looking for talented filmmakers, photographers,graphic designers and interactive data designers to joinour team. The positions will be based out of New Delhi,India.The Fellowship will start in the summer of 2013 andwill range from 3-12 months based on mutual agree-ment. The program will cover all living expenses whichinclude housing, food, internet, and basic utilities suchas water and electricity. Any travel that is a part of thefellowship will be completely covered as well.The program also pays for a roundtrip ticket for candi-dates willing to commit to an engagement of 6 monthsor more.During the Fellowship, Fellows will work on 2-3 projectsspecially structured projects. The fellow projects willcentered around the creation of extremely high qualitycontent for WASH United’s sanitation/hygiene basedadvocacy (see below for specific project possibilities)for 20 days of a month. The fellows are free to use theremaining time at their discretion.These projects will be designed carefully so as to bal-ance WASH United’s strategic objectives and ensuringcreative challenge for the Fellows.Fellowship StructureWASH Fellowship Program Page 8
  9. 9. WASH Fellowship Program Page 9Nirmal Gram MelaAfter the success of the Nirmal Bharat Yatra across 6 states, WASH United isdesigning new carnivals filled with games & performances that communicatemessages of sanitation and hygiene to specific states within India and toremote villages.WASH United will launch these carnivals and journeys in partnership withIndian states and our partners. Our team of Fellows will be involved increating compelling content for this project through film, photography, &design (of games + communication materials).Depending on interest, the Fellows will also get the chance to travelthousands of kilometers across rural India in caravans spreading messages ofhygiene and health.WASHDogAt WASH United India, we believe that generating demand for sanitationand hygiene through behavior change communication is hugely important inaddressing India’s growing WASH crisis. In this context, it is shocking that onlyabout 35% of the budgets allocated to Governments sanitation Information,Education, and Communication (IEC) campaigns actually gets spent.As a result, hundreds of millions of people who could have been taught thebenefits of good sanitation and hygiene remain uneducated and trapped inunsafe WASH behavior leading to myriad adverse health, human rights, andmacro- and micro-economic impacts.WASH United is launching “WASHDog” as an independent program withinthe media and advocacy pillar of our four pillared strategy which alsocomprises of content, content delivery, and research/evaluation. Throughthis program we hope to positively influence both the quantity and quality ofdemand generation and awareness campaigns for WASH that are run by theGovernment of India’s Total Sanitation Campaign.Fellows will play a critical role in the following projects
  10. 10. WASH Fellowship Program Page 10Common LightCommon Light is a non-profit project that partners with photography & filmenthusiasts to capture image & film footage of important social issues. Thisfootage is then made available under a Creative Commons License for useby non-profits & media globally to address these social issues. The programis run through specially curated field trips organized by experts in the sector.The collected material will then be made available to NGO’s, stakeholders,and individuals who can’t afford hiring professionals to collect such material.Field trips have taken place by now in both urban slums and ruralenvironments. Fellows will have the chance to be part of and give shape toCommon Light field trips, communication materials, & outreach efforts.Loo TunesWASH United is commissioning leading Indian and international musiciansto compose songs for a music repository (to be called Loo Tunes), which willbe used to generate awareness about the sanitation crisis in India & abroad.The repository is being launched to reach out and create awareness amongsta growing urban population and to recruit volunteers and to raise supportfor sanitation and hygiene innovation within India. The program has alreadyrecruited recognized Indian bands such as Indian Ocean and Rabbi Shergilland is going to grow exponentially in the next year with more internationalacts being signed up.Our team of Fellows will be involved in creating compelling content for thisproject through film, photography, & design. We are envisioning things suchas behind the scenes footage of music recordings, interviews with artists onthe power of music for social change, and creating audio-visual materialsfor a viral marketing campaign for this project. Depending on interest, theFellows will also get the chance to be involved in the campaign launch inmultiple countries.Fellows will play a critical role in the following projects
  11. 11. WASH Fellowship Program Page 11WASH For India - Volunteer ProgramThousands of passionate and motivated individuals across the world look foran opportunity & get onboard to tackle India’s sanitation crisis. WASH-For-India will be a mass movement that enrolls Indians, Non-Resident Indians,students in the US & UK, & international tourists in raising awareness,enabling behavior change, & raising resources.Design LabThe creative heart of WASH United. Multi-disciplinary teams comprising ofgame designers, communication designers, behavioral researchers, engineers,technologists, anthropologists, educators, filmmakers, & photographers worktogether to design games, performances, & communication materials.Fellows can also play a critical role in the following projectsThe Poolitzer PrizeMaking sanitation and hygiene household topics. Toilets, shit, & poop areconsidered “dirty” and “taboo”. They are underreported in media leading toa lack of political will and overall awareness. WASH United’s Poolitzer Prizewill incentivize more and better coverage of sanitation and hygiene. Tens ofmillions more people will be reached out every year through this incrementalcoverage.WASH In Schools ProgramThousands of passionate and motivated individuals across the world look foran opportunity & get onboard to tackle India’s sanitation crisis. WASH-For-India will be a mass movement that enrolls Indians, Non-Resident Indians,students in the US & UK, & international tourists in raising awareness,enabling behavior change, & raising resources.
  12. 12. WASH Fellowship Program Page 12Why ApplyHigh Impact Social Innovation:  Fellowship projects that are extremely well designed so as to provide maximum impact and learningopportunities. The Fellowships will have clear goals or problem statements, adequate resources, mentoring and regular feedback, and a dynamicworking environment.Access To The Social Innovation Network In Delhi: If one might say that Bangalore or Gurgaon is the “tech hub” of India, then Delhi israpidly becoming India’s creative hub for designers, programmers, filmmakers, and social entrepreneurs. This is a wonderful opportunity tobecome part of this growing community. Living In A New City / Country: For those not from Delhi, and especially for those not from India, this Fellowship provides the chance of alifetime to live and work in this city, while not having to worry about living expenses and searching for rooms and roommates. You’ll have at leasttwo other fellows with you through this whole process, too!Independence To Pursue Interests Outside The Fellowship: We recognize that most of us want to set aside some time to pursueour interests or just explore a new environment, in addition to planned work. There will be room for such opportunities, we will open all ournetworks to the fellows and will provide them with contacts to explore opportunities across sectors.
  13. 13. WASH Fellowship Program Page 13FELLOWSHIP POSITIONS
  14. 14. WASH Fellowship Program Page 14Wordpress Developer FellowshipWASH Fellowship Program Page 14Description: Responsibilities:Its no secret that the internet is an incredibly powerful tool forsocial good. Via the internet, humankind has been quickly fillingin the gaps between people all around the globe, and throughthat process of connection we are learning just how much we canhelp each other. In that spirit, this fellowship has been designedfor a computer lover, dreamer, and Wordpress expert who has astrong desire to apply his or her skills to the activation of innova-tive and high-impact campaigns which will help those who lackbasic human rights like access to a toilet.Without engaging and visually compelling web presence, theprograms detailed earlier in this brochure will struggle, or fail, toreach their potential for transforming India’s sanitation andhygiene crisis. Imagine: through what other medium would webe able to get soccer moms in the USA to adopt a team in ourslum soccer league? Or to get young professionals to sign up forour WASH certification service for maids? Or hold the governmentaccountable to the $450 million it fails to spend on hygieneeducation each year?As the Wordpress Developer Fellow, you’ll join our writers andgraphic designers and innovation experts to ideate, design andlaunch websites which will see high amounts of traffic from aglobal audience. This is not for the weak of heart.At first, you’ll need to:- Understand WASH United’s mission, operating structure, andmost importantly, our target audiences. Some websites will begeared towards users in India, and others will cater to a moreglobal audience. Some will be used by WASH sector professionals,and other by minimally literate users. You’ll need to be an open-minded fast learner.- Take part in, and eventually lead, the brainstorming and iterativeprocesses that will lead to wireframes and website design- Become familiar with how web design is used in the non-profitlandscape, so as to be aware of which designs come off asauthentic, yet eye-catchingAnd then, drum roll please,- You’ll create three to five fully functional program-specificWordpress-based websites,with full content support from the rest of the WASH United IndiateamQualifications and Character:- A robust Wordpress portfolio, preferably from diverse and/orchallenging environments- High level of comfort with themes, plugins and widgets- Great, but not required: fluency in PHP programming, andstrong knowledge in additional coding languages and data andcontent management systems(MySQL, XHTML, CSS,JavaScript/JQuery)- You must have a sense of adventure, but also the patience to livein India, where the internet’s speed is sometimes like that of atired window shopper, and to work with a start-up social enter-prise, with only medium-level previous experience in websitedevelopment. A sense of humor and a kind, generous attitudewill be essential.Skills/Experience
  15. 15. WASH Fellowship Program Page 14Game Design FellowshipWASH Fellowship Program Page15Description: Responsibilities:Together, how can we revolutionize gaming and gamifica-tion for social good? That will be the central question ofthe Game Design Fellowship. Globally, and certainly inIndia, very few, if any organizations in the social sector,consider games to be a“serious”medium for the promo-tion of development.But as recent research and even our own experimentshave shown, games represent a massive opportunity toinfluence the way people think, and to encouragehealthier and more socially responsible behaviour. Games,thus, are at the center of“behaviour change,”a provenmechanism for alleviating India’s sanitation and hygienecrisis. For instance, given the sad fact that the Indiangovernment currently uses seriously outdated campaigns,mostly centered around painting walls and billboards,can’t you imagine how much more fun learning about theimportance of toilets and soap and tampons could be ifwe gamified those learning experiences?But its not just basic WASH education that needs to begamified. In every project proposal, just as in every meet-ing of rural politicians, just as in website design, just as inour own team meetings, you should be the type of personwho sees a“gamifiable”moment. After all, when we werechildren, we learned about the world through games. Butjust because people think games are only for kids doesn’tmean they are right. We need someone whose gamingideas are seriously out-of-the-box.To be a successful game designer, we think youshould:- Have inclinations towards user centered design- Be young at heart- Want to make games mean something more than justa time pass- Have as few limits to what constitutes your definitionof a game as possibleAs a Game Design Fellow, you would take charge of:- User research to gain valuable knowledge on ourgame audiences- Brainstorming sessions with the WASH team, as well asother Indian game designers and leading game designexperts worldwide, whom we already have strong con-nections with (Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, etc.)- Creating game use manuals for the WASH United Indiateam to streamline game deployment in our variousprograms- Oversight of the production of games and gamifiedexperiences across many different platforms, rangingfrom simple cell phone games, to the Microsoft Kinect,to long-term processes where, say, children“level up”each time they demonstrate good WASH behaviour.Skills/Experience
  16. 16. Page 15Yatra Fellowship Program-Filmmaker (position filled)WASH Fellowship Program Page 16DescriptionStorytelling is extremely important to social innovation.Nothing conveys the truth of a situation or the potential of anew innovation more than visual narratives. High qualityaudiovisual materials are a vital input into mobilization,communication, and advocacy within the social sector.The WASH United Fellowship program is looking for a film-maker + video editor who will be able to capture interestingaspects of WASH United projects and then construct mean-ingful audiovisual narratives from the footage.Responsibilitiesprojectsfootage for these filmsretrievalobtaining an understanding of previously captured footagequality video.shorts & medium is a huge plus.
  17. 17. WASH Fellowship Program Page 16--Digital Graphic DesignerWASH Fellowship Program Page 17DescriptionGood design can be powerful. Extremely powerful. WASHUnited recognizes the power of design and design thinking& tries to leverage the power of design across all our activi-ties: be it the design of our programs, our games, or ourcommunication materials. All our programs require compel-ling communication material (online + print) to achieve theirawareness raising & advocacy goals.The WASH United Fellowship Program is looking for a DigitalGraphic Designer who will work on program brand identitydevelopment, websites, brochures, presentations, environ-mental graphics for carnivals & games and much more.ResponsibilitiesUnited programs such as the Carnivals, Loo Tunes etc.brochures, flyers, posters, web page design for WASH Unitedand for our programsprogramsmaterial to be used on WASH United projects-lio should display the ability to bridge styles and culturalparadigms.and in presentation software (Keynote + Powerpoint)Wordpress)
  18. 18. WASH Fellowship Program Page 17Photographer (position filled)WASH Fellowship Program Page 18DescriptionThe old adage, of pictures being worth a thou sand words,is absolutely true and nothing mobilizes people and organi-zations around social issues more than the right picturecapturing the right scene.In sanitation, traditionally a taboo topic, pictures play aneven more important role in shedding light on the issue andthe often extremely uncomfortable facts.The WASH United Fellowship program is look ing for aphotographer who will be able to capture interestingaspects of WASH United projects and then con- structmeaningful visual narratives from the photography..Responsibilitiesphotography in projectsamong others.retrievalare used by WASH United in our workyou have your heart in the right place and that you have anincredible eye for photography(professional or serious amateur)and offline printing of picturesLightroom
  19. 19. WASH Fellowship Program Page 19Sound Interesting?Applicants to the Fellowship will need to do the following:Submit a thoughtful cover letter explaining your experience, life trajectory, and why thisFellowship is exciting to you. Interesting ideas on how you would be able to contributeto the Fellowship are very welcome.A detailed CVA link to your portfolio or past workSend the above to max.bearak@wash-united.orgShortlisted applicants will be interviewed by the WASH United team