OpenShift Express Intro


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Intro to Red Hat's PaaS named OpenShift.

Slides as used during Puzzle Tech talk in Bern 18th October and at Neuchatel JBUG 19th October 2011.

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OpenShift Express Intro

  1. 1. Red Hat in The Cloud Max Rydahl Andersen Senior Principal Software Engineer Red Hat, Inc. 18th October 2011 1Monday, October 24, 11Red Hat is doing many things in the cloud. You can use and subscribe to Amazon Images containing Red Hat Linux for your own servers in the cloud, Red Hatis also the basis of already existing cloud providers out there thus Red Hat have been in the cloud for a while as part of the infrastructure. But Today i’m goingto talk about...
  2. 2. Re 2Monday, October 24, Red Hat is developing a..
  3. 3. 3Monday, October 24, 11...Platform as a service where we focus on...
  4. 4. 4Monday, October 24, 11...Developers. …before going deeper on this lets look at how many tasks a developer or a team of developers usingOpen source components actually can have in front of them.
  5. 5. 5Monday, October 24, 11Opensource have helped make a lot of things possible for both small and large applications. Open source, Linux andJBoss is incredibly powerful, but there are tons of stuff on the plate for developers and sysadmins in an IT Shop. Suchas ^^^
  6. 6. 6Monday, October 24, 11Luckily Red Hat helps on this already today. We take control of maintaining a critical base around open source andtake a lot off everyones plate. However, at the same time, IT shops were growing and scaling. There is still a lot ofwork left to do for the IT shops.
  7. 7. 7Monday, October 24, 11 With PaaS, companies like Red Hat are able to take on a whole lot more. Utilizing technologies like IaaS, we canoffload the majority of the foundational work. A few more items are shared, but agility is brought back. Less thingsto worry about.
  8. 8. 8Monday, October 24, 11..the intent is that we get the focus back on making developers as productive as possible. Therefore...
  9. 9. Re 9Monday, October 24, 11...Red Hat is developing a...
  10. 10. 10Monday, October 24, 11..platform as a service...
  11. 11. 11Monday, October 24, 11...that focus on Developers and...
  12. 12. 12Monday, October 24, is called OpenShift.
  13. 13. 13Monday, October 24, 11...OpenShift is available from and there are three flavors available. Express, Flex and Power.Each provide a PaaS at different levels and it gives less control on the let, and more control on the right.Today I’m going to focus on the Express part and one of its primary design tenants.
  14. 14. 14Monday, October 24, 11Making it frictionless to use. Friction less for us means that it should not require a lot of configuration to get startednor use in day to day work. We also do what we can to base express on standard and defacto standard tools givingboth ease-of-use and something users recognize.
  15. 15. OpenShift Setup 1. Sign up at 2. Install Command line or JBoss Tools 3.3 M4 3. Create OpenShift Application 4. git clone 15Monday, October 24, 11Let’s start by looking at how you setup OpenShift - you sign up at through a normal registrationprocess - you follow the instructions up there and either install command line or JBoss tools. From there you createan OpenShift application, we give you a git repo to clone and start your work on.
  16. 16. OpenShift Usage 1. Write code 2. git commit 3. git push 4. Goto #1 16Monday, October 24, 11Once you have this the workflow for OpenShift is as simple as Write Code, commit and push - go back to writingcode…And to make this less abstract then let me just show you how simple it actually is.
  17. 17. 17Monday, October 24, 11To recap, Red Hat has created a Platform as a service that is called OpenShift - this service allow you to get startedeasily and use standard tools like Git, Maven, JBoss, PHP, Ruby, and more. You just develop - Red Hat takes care ofthe rest.That is what I got to show you about OpenShift today..
  18. 18. Want More ? JBUG in Neuchatel tomorrow on OpenShift 18Monday, October 24, 11...if you want more then I welcome you go our JBoss User Group event in Neuchatel tomorrow where we will have timeto go in much more details on this - in a slower pace too :)
  19. 19. Questions ? JBUG in Neuchatel tomorrow on OpenShift 19Monday, October 24, 11..Any questions ?
  20. 20. 20Monday, October 24, 11