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Max dywanik partnership collaboration european sales affiliate program car mats rubber mats


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MAX-DYWANIK polish manufacturer invite you to partnership collaboration. European sales affiliate program for car mats like rezaw-plast, frogum, geyer&hosaja, petex, schonek, doma, mix-plast, aristar, mothobby, prismat, velour mats, rubber mats, boot mats - partnership concta

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Max dywanik partnership collaboration european sales affiliate program car mats rubber mats

  1. 1. Partnership collaboration European sales affiliate program Car mats manufacturer
  2. 2. MAX-DYWANIK company was established in 2007. Meeting the market demand in high quality car mats we behind our activity in the comprehensive supply of dedicated velor car mats, rubber mats of leading manufacturers. In our offer we have almost 1600 models of velor mats (since 1960 - until today) signed as a matching replacement for MAX-DYWANIK. All designs are perfectly matched to the car's floor. Investing in modern technology, high-quality materials, and qualified staff managers we have enabled us to produce top products that are widely recognized throughout Europe.
  3. 3. We offer goods all over the European Union both in retail (courier) and wholesale (we supply car dealers and foreign contractors - courier parcels from 1 set of mats or truck transport to 32 pallets / 6400 sets of rugs). We fully understand the expectations of our customers, we have been traveling together for more than 10 years, we know how to combine the economic price with the standards of the home market. Warehouse 20,000 sets of car mats:
  4. 4. Car Dealer? We certainly know each other :) Questions about the current offer of cooperation, please submit the following address: Czytaj więcej: r-show-wreczylismy-nagrody-zdjecia,9817480/
  5. 5. Join to a partner group - Service outside the queue, - Express delivery by courier, - Constant cost of transport, - Timely payments, - Free commercial samples, - The ability to place orders by phone, - Out-of-pocket support,
  6. 6. Affiliate Stores On-line sales We develop together with our partners. On our side we offer high quality service and assistance in preparing online offers so that the easiest way for them to translate into the development of your business. After signing the partnership agreement we provide: High quality photos of goods, Product descriptions, Know-how Out-of-pocket support, On-line tracking of order fulfillment, - Information about the news together with Photos forwarded email, - Express order processing, Service outside the queue (wholesale department). Sample shops:
  7. 7. Product descriptions
  8. 8. maxdywaniki max-dywaniki
  9. 9. Marketing promotion
  10. 10. Bronze sponsor 2017 By clicking on the photo you will be taken to the presentation "Sponsorship activity"
  11. 11. Mateusz Wojciechowski European Sales Manager MAX-DYWANIK Sprzedaż hurtowa e-mail: mobile: +48 534257057 Please contact us for the terms of cooperation, car dealers, car dealerships, on-line shops do not have min. logistics. Possibility of shipping from 1 set of car mats. Speaking: Our manager answers in every question,