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Packaging: Teacher Lesson Plan


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This is a lesson that could work with beginning journalism students or student publications staff members. It explains what a package is (graphics, photos, stories, headlines combined to create a visually appealing story). Using a PowerPoint, group activities, and a final project students will brainstorm what they would like their final package to look like and write the stories. You could even go so far as to ask them to take the photos, create the graphics, and design the pages. This is meant for print publications but could be adjusted for online journalism as well.

Other materials include:

Project Explanation Sheet:

Group Practice Activity Sheet:

Maestro Sheet:

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Packaging: Teacher Lesson Plan

  1. 1. Packaging<br />Grade Level/Class: Beginning Journalism<br />Duration: 1 intro class period, 9, open work days<br />Timing: <br />Day 1<br />Introduce Idea & Show Examples<br />(Power Point) – 15 min<br />Introduce Project –10 min<br />Questions, Open Work Time – 20 min<br />Standards: <br />Objective:<br />At the end of this lesson students will understand how all of the elements (writing, photography, alternative copy, etc) will fit together to create a “packaged” product. Students will collect the necessary information and write the stories to go with their packages. They will need to translate and combine all of these elements into a rough sketch of a page and then sketch each element with the necessary information filled in. <br />Introduction:<br />We will begin the class by discussing what a package is and how all the elements they’ve learned about come together to create a package. I want to make sure we discuss how they can use their “idea files” as inspiration for various elements in their package. I’ll explain what they’ll have to do and then we will then look at a few examples together. <br />Activities/Procedures:<br />Day 1<br />Introduce Packaging & Examples (PowerPoint) – I will present a PowerPoint and we will discuss what we see in the examples and how elements (alt copy, photos, stories) are used. <br />Introduce Project–I’ll hand out the worksheets that describe what is expected of students for both the feature package and the sports package. I will stress that they are responsible for gathering all the information that will be included in the package including stories and alternative copy. They do not have to take the photos but they will need to know what photos they would want to get to go with the package. <br />Group Practice Project: Each table will have a mock story topic and they will need to brainstorm alternate copy, photos, and come up with a sketch of what they would do. <br />Questions/Open Work Time–Students will have time for questions/clarification of the assignment and what they need to do. After that they will have open work time to start brainstorming ideas and coming up with sources. Do some type of structured group brainstorming/Maestro sheets in groups???<br />Materials:<br />Week 1:<br />Students<br /><ul><li>Pen/Pencils, Erasers
  2. 2. Paper</li></ul>Teacher<br />Day 1<br /><ul><li>Assignment explanation sheets</li></ul>Conclusion:<br />Students will have created their package pieces (writing, alt. copy) and sketched what they would look like on the spreads. Their final projects will include a full sketch of what each page (sports & feature) would look like along with separately drawing each alternative copy element on its own, filled in with the necessary information. <br />Homework:<br />Project: <br />Choose story topics<br />Do the footwork (interviews, research)<br />Write the stories and alt copy<br />Draw sketch of each page (sports & feature)<br />Sketch each individual element separately<br />DUE: Friday, April 17th<br />