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SmartSlope Evolution


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A short presentation of the benefits of "living retaining walls" and the unique features of the Smartslope Living Retaining Wall System.

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SmartSlope Evolution

  1. 1. Introducing the SmartSlope“Living Retaining Wall System” and How It Will Evolve an Industry.
  2. 2. Retaining walls are evolving and the nextgeneration is - Living!
  3. 3. Ecosystem Function & Beauty Hardscape vs. Landscape
  4. 4. Reliable Plant CoverageMitigates Heat Island Effect
  5. 5. Habitat Creation Instead of Habitat Removal
  6. 6. Commercial Site Development Diversity and Flexability
  7. 7. Transportation Cost Savingsand Reduced Project Impact
  8. 8. Nutrient Up-take by SelectedPlantings Improves Water Quality
  9. 9. Range of Batter to Build Walls and Slopes
  10. 10. SmartSlope AdvantageEnvironmental Impact• Low Carbon Footprint• Storm-water Management• Heat Island Reduction• Habitat CreationCost Savings• 60% Less Concrete• Local or On-Site Production• Fast InstallationScalability• Produced at Existing Pre-Casters• Low/No Upfront Capital Cost• Easily Automated for High Output• Fast to Market in any Metro Region
  11. 11. Wet Cast Concrete with a Polymer liner bonded to the Inside• Durability• Freeze Thaw Performance• Accurate Dimensions• Efficient Use of Ease of Concrete placement• Higher coverage reduces Rate per Module labor
  12. 12. Low Carbon Footprint• Local production• Large coverage rate• Thinner profile• Highest coverage to weight ratio• Reduced fossil fuel use in handling and transport• High post-consumer content
  13. 13. Large Planting Pocket Creates the Best Growth Conditions
  14. 14. Storm-Water Retention/Treatment
  15. 15. Simple Mechanical Connection to Strip Reinforcement
  16. 16. Precision Molded Accessories Add Valueand Functionality to Standard Inventory Blocks. Each block has receptors built right in.
  17. 17. SmartSlope creates a vertical planting bed --- green-space, at an angle of inclination not possible otherwisePlanting wall – May 2010Same wall September of 2010
  18. 18. Same wall Early May 2011Same wall in July 2011
  19. 19. Large Commercial Wall During Construction – May 2011Strap Connections EveryThird Course - Typical
  20. 20. Water-BasedStain isApplied to theFinished WallFace
  21. 21. Completed Wall – Stained and Planted, Ready for Grow-outWell on its way to full plantcoverage - September 2011
  22. 22. SmartSlope Evolutionary Firsts• Wet-pour Concrete Performance • Innovative, Highly Portable in a small modular size Forming System Made of 100%• Simple Mechanical Connection to Re-Cycled Polymer Reinforcement Straps • All components Designed to Be• 100% Recycled polymer Liner Re-Cycled at End of Lifecycle Bonded to the Inside of Each • Designed for Maximum Module Contribution to LEED Points• Available Worldwide as a Locally • Polymer Liner Allows: Precise Manufactured Pre-Cast Product Attachment of Accessories, Strap• Highest Coverage to Weight Ratio Connection Slot, Internal for Reduction in Trucking, Fuel Reinforcement Bars if Needed, and Portland Cement Drip Irrigation Tubing, Increased• Largest Plantable Fill Volume of Available Moisture for Plant Any Concrete Modular Wall Growth, Separation of Heat and pH Levels Inside the Trough
  23. 23. We believe nature demonstrates simple, elegant systems. We believe SmartSlope uses nature to create functional, beautiful, superior retaining walls.Thank you for attending this Living Retaining Wall Presentation! Visit Our Website at