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Ignite KC 2012 - Living Walls by LWC


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A presentation on Living Walls delivered to City Camp KC by Mark Woolbright of The Living Wall Company, LLC. Review all of their information and products at

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Ignite KC 2012 - Living Walls by LWC

  1. 1. Retaining walls are evolving and the nextgeneration is - Living!
  2. 2. You get Ecosystem Function & Beauty Hardscape vs. Landscape
  3. 3. Reliable Plant Coverage Mitigates Heat Island Effect
  4. 4. Habitat Creation Instead of Habitat RemovalBefore 2 Seasons Later
  5. 5. Commercial Site Development Diversity and Flexibility
  6. 6. Transportation Cost Savings and Reduced Project Impact
  7. 7. Nutrient Up-take by Selected Plantings Improves WaterQuality
  8. 8. Why Not Have a Range of Batter to Build Walls and Slopes
  9. 9. Cast in Place Concrete Walls have been the Norm
  10. 10. MSE Panel Walls Are Everywhere in Transportation
  11. 11. Large Wet-cast Blocks areComing-on But Only OfferStructure
  12. 12. Dry-cast Block Provide Structure and DesignFlexibility but Still Exhibit “One-Dimensional”Benefit
  13. 13. Living Walls Provide Structure, Design Flexibility and EnvironmentalBenefits
  14. 14. Aesthetic Diversity, Temperature Moderation, Green-Space andHabitat are All Achieved by Living Walls
  15. 15. Retaining Walls Have Evolved
  16. 16. Living Walls are Storm-water Management Tools and Filtration Systems
  17. 17. “Vertical Parking Lots” Should Be a Thing of the Past
  18. 18. Living Walls are Tools In the Sustainable Design Toolkit – Just LikeRain Gardens and Green Roofs
  19. 19. Way More Opportunity Exists to Use Living Walls Than Most LivingArchitecture --- Take Advantage of It
  20. 20. Let Your Walls Live! Thank You For Attending Our Presentation! Visit our Website at