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Web analytics tools_which_is_most_accurate

  1. 1. net mediablog.com http://netmediablog.com/web-analytics-tools-which-is-most-accurateWeb Analytics Tools: Which is most accurate?Nwosu MavtrevorThe accuracy of web analytics tools gives the likes of me great concern. Having dif f erent numbers f or myreport gives me great worry as I cannot ascertain which is more accurate than the other. Shouldn’t theyreport the same numbers? Have you been wondering why dif f erent analytics tools report dif f erentnumbers?Why different numbers?We of ten try to reconcile absolute numbers between dif f erent web analytics tools, we also of ten f orgetthat they are dif f erent systems and as such collect their data dif f erently. There are some f actors that mayaf f ect the data and thus af f ect our reports. Some of these data include the f ollowing; DataCollection, Filtering, Cookies etc.Data Collection:While the data collection has to do with allthe methods of collecting data, examplef rom web server log f iles or usingJavaScripts, they all have their variousproblems. Let’s look at collecting dataf rom web server log f iles, when visitorssurf a site, it is cached on their browsersand also proxy servers of the networkprovider. Some network providers haveproxy web servers that cache your site(save a copy) so they can easily serve iton request easily to save bandwidth andcost. So when a page is requested f romsuch network, it is saved and recorded onthe web server log f ile and subsequentrequests may not be recorded becausethey were served f rom the proxy servers.Same thing happens with a browser cacheand this will also af f ect the number you get on your web analytics tools.JavaScripts are used to record data by some web analytics tools but when a visitor leaves the site bef orethe JavaScript records such visit, it will also af f ect the records. An ef f ective method would be to place yourJavaScripts on your site’s header but this may slow down your page load speed and I won’t advice such,placing it on the f ooter is better.Must Read: My Favorite Web Analytics ToolsFiltering:Sometimes robots and spiders crawl our sites looking f or inf ormation, it could be search engine crawlers orother types of crawlers. I of ten see Google adsense crawlers on my site. Dif f erent web analytics tools usedif f erent methods to determine visitors to our sites and some of them may consider dif f erent user agentsin dif f erent ways. This def initely af f ects the numbers and the reports these web analytics tools give us.Cookies:
  2. 2. Dif f erent web analytics tools use dif f erent methods to determine unique visitors to a site, most of tentimes use cookies. Google analytics use 1st party cookies to determine visits to a site, some other webanalytics tools use 3rd part cookies to do same, some people block cookies on their browsers and as suchmake it dif f icult to track such users and thus af f ect the data collected f rom such users.Web Analytics Tools Accuracy:It will be ideal to say that NO web analytics tools CAN prove to be EXACTLY ACCURATE with its numbers.The above mentioned f actors and in f act a whole lots of more can cause variations in values. I will considerit a waste of time chasing ABSOLUTE accuracy f rom any web analytics tool as you may never f ind onethat can totally address all the issues that af f ect its result as most of the f actors are determined by thevisitors and not the analytics tools.So asking which web analytics tools is most accurate is not simple or easy to answer. I see the analyticsreport as a measure of trend simply to know when I am doing well or not and I do not need ABSOLUTEf igure to do so. When your site traf f ic improves f rom 1000 visitors a day to 100,000 a day, no analytics toolwill report it 200 a day.I use Google analytics tool with Statcounter and I am used to the variations in result but I enjoy using thesetools to monitor the progress of my blog and it’s enough f or me. But if you are really worried about theresult, maybe you should consider some advanced and PREMIUM web analytics tools and I bet you will f inda lot of them on Google search.What web analytics tools do you use on your site? How much do you trust its reports? How do youascertain its accuracy? Which web analytics tools can you say is the most accurate? Share your views withme using the comment f orm below, remember to subscribe to my RSS f eed.Listen