The effective social networking strategy


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The effective social networking strategy

  1. 1. net Effective Social Networking StrategyNwosu MavtrevorAn effective Social Networking Strategy is one that can make excellent ef f ect f or the brand on the internet.We have seen companies go social in their marketing methods as a result of the growth of internet usersand social media especially in the last f ew years. No matter the Social networking strategy such a branddecides to use, if it does not create an excellent ef f ect f or the brand, then it is simply not ef f ective.Millions of people use the internet daily to share news, inf ormation, and mostly socialize. It is crucial f or acompany to f ollow the trend and promote their brand, and to do so you have to embark on a socialnetworking strategy that will suit your audience and create an enabling platf orm to promote your brand andbring it to a brighter light.The effective Social Networking Strategy.The ef f ective Social Networking Strategy is one that will achieve the f ollowing f or your brand;Brand Popularity: An ef f ective Social Networking Strategy is one that will earn your brand popularity bywidening its business contacts by targeting a wide audience. The Social media networks are known to hostdif f erent types of audiences, you will def initely f ind exactly the type of audience you need f or a product ifyou use an ef f ective Social Networking Strategy. A viral campaign can change a brand f orever.Communication Platform: An ef f ective Social Networking Strategy is one that can create a perf ectcommunication platf orm that can enhance the way you communicate with your prospectivecustomers/clients. Make ef f ective use of the social networks to communicate with your potentialcustomers, get to know what they want and what they like, deal with the negative social media commentsabout your brand and convert new f ans.
  2. 2. Awareness of brand: An ef f ective Social Networking Strategy is one that can create an ef f ectiveawareness of your brand or products. This is important especially if you are starting a new product line. Itcan help you get words out there to see how your audience can react to it.Boasting Sales: This is the most important point in an ef f ective Social Networking Strategy. Any SocialNetworking Strategy that meets all the points above without being able to convert to sales is a f ailure. Anef f ective Social Networking Strategy should be able to reach dif f erent types of consumers using dif f erenttypes of social f orms. This will surely improve sales by targeting specif ic types of consumers usingef f ective social media tools like Facebook and Twitter etc. Imagine you want to target teenage girls f or aproduct, where is best to target such audience if not the social media sites?Must Read: 4 Tech Strategies that Can Take Your Marketing Up to the Next LevelAn ef f ective Social Networking Strategy can greatly improve a brand and below is my streamlined road mapto an ef f ective Social Networking Strategy that will work.1. Assessment: Taking a good assessment of your brand on the social networks will give you a greatinsight into your position against your competitors. Assessment is to evaluate where you are, where youwant to go and what the wins will be along the way.You need to f ind out where your audience spends their time online, what they talk about and what theywant dif f erently. Keep tabs on your competitor’s game plan and use a counter game plan to ef f ectivelypenetrate the already saturated social media market and carve out your own niche and begin to explore.Knowing your audience will help you position well in your niche, increase engagement between you and youraudience etc. Ask your audience important questions that can greatly improve your brand and products, f indout what they could want dif f erently etc.2. Implementation: Begin to execute your plans in a way your audience will welcome it, use attractivemediums to pass on your message, get them to f ollow and respond to your commands etc. Ef f ective SocialNetworking strategy should promote what you of f er to the people who believe in your mission. Develop astep-by-step plan f or promotion and growth, start promoting and sharing on the social media sites youwant to use. This step simply involves doing everything you have to bring success to your media campaignsso as to create an ef f ect f or your brand on the internet.3. Evaluation: Your evaluation periods can be weekly or monthly or quarterly (I pref er quarterly though).This is simply a time f rame when you evaluate your process and f ine tune the details. To successf ullycreate an ef f ect f or a brand, there is a need to evaluate your social media campaign perf ormances f romtime to time to ascertain your perf ormance. This period will be a guide to know if you are doing well or not,then build on that progress next time. If you continue it that way, then you are on the road to a successf ulSocial Networking campaign.Dif f erent social networking strategy will work dif f erently and produce dif f erent results. Depending on whatyour targets are, you can f ollow a dif f erent Social Networking strategy to meet your target. For example, ifyour target is to grow your brand’s f an base the best types of strategies will be to advertise on Facebook,run contests on multiple Social networks etc. If you want to show how a product works, then a Youtubecampaign will work best. If it is to collect data specif ically f or a product, you can run a Live Q&As sessionson Google+, Facebook and Twitter etc.Must Read: Tips to Measure Your Brand’s Social Media ROINow it’s Your TurnDoes your brand have a social networking strategy that is ef f ective? What advice do you have f orsomeone putting together a strategy f or the f irst time? Please share your views and opinion about anef f ective social networking strategy using the comment f orm below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS
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