Lessons I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog


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I have shared my experience and the lessons i've learnt publishing over 700 blog posts on Netmediablog. I hope you can read it and learn one or two things from it.

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Lessons I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog

  1. 1. netmediablog.com http://www.netmediablog.com/lessons-ive-learnt-publishing-over-700-posts-netmediablog Nwosu Mavtrevor Lessons I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog It’s been over two years now since I started blogging and I have published over 700 blog posts on my blog – Netmediablog. I started this blog sometime around December 2011 with an idea to provide useful and resourceful information regarding technology to people. I want to use my blog to help people, solve their technical issues through my blog posts, inform them of latest technological happenings around the world and share useful information ranging from Social media to internet tips, mobile technology to games, how-to topics and other technology aspects in general. I won’t tell you it’s been easy getting to where I am now; in fact it’s been challenging and enjoyable. I have learnt a lot getting this far and from my experience I want to share the lessons I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog. Netmediablog started as a challenge to myself to build a blog that can easily be identified for its usefulness to its users and most importantly as an authority in the Technology Niche both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. So from the onset I knew I had to work very hard to make Netmediablog succeed, so I started off steaming with ideas and today Netmediablog can boast of a PR3 ranking, over 700 blog posts and over 100k monthly visitors and a lot more. While it may be easy to publish 700 blog posts on some niches, it is not that easy doing same in a technology niche. It requires extensive researches, practice and several trials to be able to do that. You don’t just publish what you have never tried; you need to be sure before you can publish it for people to try. You also need to be updated with the latest happenings around the world when it comes to technology. Now here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog. I hope you find them useful and informative so as to be able to learn from them to better your blog. 1. Content Quality: One of the most important lessons i’ve learnt publishing over 700 blog posts on my blog is NEVER TO COMPROMISE CONTENT QUALITY! Your blog posts will last as long as your blog lives. Your blog design can change, a lot of other things about your blog can change from time to time but one thing that will remain constant is your content. Ensure to maintain a high quality standard for your blog posts, don’t publish low quality contents just because you must publish regularly. I’ll rather not publish a post than to publish a poor quality article on my blog. I have learnt that good contents remain evergreen and stand the taste of time. Your audience will judge your blog from your content quality. This will determine if they will come back of leave forever. Now that Google Hummingbird update is in full swing, ensure to publish only contents that solve people’s problems and let your content flow naturally. Learn to write for humans and optimize for search engines. 2. Interlinking your posts with right anchor texts can improve SEO: I have learnt that interlinking your blog posts with the right anchor texts can greatly improve your search engine ranking. This will tell search engines what the linked page is all about and will help rank it properly.
  2. 2. In an article I published on this blog titled “ How Anchor Text can improve your blog’s SEO ”, I explained how using the right anchor text can improve your blog SEO. Check it out… 3. Update old articles: It is always a good practice to review and update old blog posts. Add new information and give it a face lift. While it’s true that some posts are evergreen, you can improve both your user experience and search engine ranking by updating your old blog posts from time to time. When I don’t have anything to do on my blog, I take some time to update my old blog posts, that way the publication date changes and it attracts some search engine favors. Must Read: How Content Freshness can improve SERP 4. Promote consistently: You should promote your blog posts consistently. Always share and contribute meaningfully through different channels such as social media, forums, blog commenting, content curation and syndication, proper optimization of your blog posts etc. No matter how good you are at writing you need good promotion strategy to drive quality traffic to your blog. Don’t let your old blog posts rot in the inner pages of your blog, promote your blog posts always, link to your old posts on new ones and that way people can visit and read such posts. 5. Create cornerstone contents: In “Improving search engine ranking with Cornerstone Content” I explained what cornerstone content is all about and how you can create cornerstone content from similar posts. Cornerstone content will greatly improve your site’s search engine ranking. Gather all the posts you published under related keywords in one post or better yet create a page for it just as I did with “The Ultimate Guide To Blogging: How to Start Your Own Blog”. 6. Create Series: Learn to create series from time to time to discuss extensively on any chosen topics. Creating series will help you establish your authority in your niche. Creating series will help you create more blog posts, create detailed and resourceful posts that can help your audience. In “Beginner’s Guide to Blogging: Monetization – Episode 5”, you can see how I compiled a 5 part series on Beginner’s guide to blogging explaining “How to build a blog” in episode 1, “Content Creation” in episode 2, “Search engine optimization” in episode 3 and “Web Promotion” in episode 4. 7. Vary your content types: One of the lessons I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog is to vary content types. You don’t just have to publish text posts; you can also publishing video posts, Infographics, slideshows, podcasts etc.
  3. 3. Varying your content types will also improve your search engine ranking as different content types perform differently on search engines. You can also use a combination of different content types in one blog post to give such a post a big boast and chance to perform very well on search engines. You should use images, videos, Infographics, slides and social media embedded posts etc in your blog posts. This will greatly improve the quality of your blog posts and also give your readers a good view, understanding and illustration. More people tend to engage and respond to visual contents, so if you want your blog posts to perform well, then add visual contents to it. Use wide or tall images in your blog posts as studies have shown that such image sizes result in high engagements. 8. Find your best posts and create similar posts: The last lesson I’ve learnt publishing over 700 posts on Netmediablog is to find your best performing posts and creating similar posts. When I noticed that some posts were performing very well on my blog, I created similar posts and over time I noticed the similar posts I created was also performing well so I continued doing this and since then my traffic and engagement have long improved. Conclusion: In my over 2 years of blogging I have learnt so much than I did in my 4 years in the university. Blogging has really improved me and I enjoy blogging because it helps me express myself and also help others. These two are actually my main reasons of blogging; the money is good as well I won’t deny that. So if you are a blogger hoping to grow your blog and succeed, I advise you learn from my experience and the tips I have shared in this post will definitely improve your blog if well implemented. If you have any questions or anything to add to this topic, please I will love to hear from you. Use the comment section below to share your views. Other Posts You may like... Netmediablog January Post Round-Up Rafflecopter Alternatives to Host Giveaways SoundGecko: Turn your favorite articles into Podcasts 4 Important Tips To Building A Successful Blog Tips to creating better contents in 2014 How To Make Your Website SEO Friendly Niche Areas Ideal for Blogging What the best blogs have yours may be missing