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Klout – measure your social influence

  1. 1. net mediablog.com http://netmediablog.com/klout-measure-social-influenceKlout – Measure Your Social InfluenceNwosu MavtrevorSocial inf luence is simply how people respond to you, your content or your brand on Social media networks.The inf luence you have on people on Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc is a measure of howimportant they consider you or how interesting the contents you share are. When your actions, f eelings, orthoughts begins to af f ect people in Social networks you are considered “inf luential” and Klout, a socialnetworking measuring tool used to measure Social inf luence assigns a score (between 1-100 ) called “KloutScore” on your inf luence to showcase how “inf luential” you are on the Social networks.Your Klout Score is measured by your activities on the Social media networks mostly Facebook, Twitter andGoogle+ etc. Your Klout score is a measure of how many people are connected with you on the varioussocial networks, how of ten you interact and how much of your content is shared by people on the socialnetworks. Hence, your Facebook likes, comments, subscribers, f ollowers, Twitter f ollowers, retweets,mentions, Google +1s and reshares are very important if you are to improve your Klout score.Of what important is my Klout Score?The Klout Score is just a grading system to determine how inf luential you are on the Social networks. Justlike I said earlier the Klout score is between 1 – 100, the higher the score the more inf luential you are onthe social networks. But of what importance is the Klout Score one may ask?Just like any grading system, the Klout grading system is a measure to show how important people on thesocial networks consider you or what you say, a higher Klout score means that people are taking youseriously and responds a lot to the content you post on the social networks. A higher Klout score meansyou know much about what you are saying.Look at this scenario, if you have a Klout score of 20and the other candidate in a job interview has a Kloutscore of 75, who do you think will be considered f orthe job of a Social media expert, or online brandmanager of a f irm?More recently, Forbes reported:…Klout is on its way to becoming an integralpart of the job search and recruiting process formany individuals and companies.So you have to take your Klout score seriously if youare to compete with other people who are consideredauthorities in their area of interest. Even as bloggers we need to be mindf ul of our Klout score, this willshow people f rom outside how seriously we are considered and how popular we are. Your Klout score isyour Social Inf luence meter.Why is my Klout Score Low and what can I do to improve my Social influence?There are f ew reasons why your Klout score may be low and I intend to help you get your Klout score upand improve your Social inf luence. Klout in a bid to improve their scoring system and to earn more credibilityand acceptance has improved the number of ranking f actors f rom 100 to over 400 variables, so the system
  2. 2. is even harder to be rigged as used to be. Klout do not just consider the number of f riends and f ollowerswe have on Facebook and Twitter respectively but consider who those f riends and f ollowers are and howyou are engaging with them. Pay attention to power inf luencers in your niche and interact with themoccasionally, ask them to retweet your posts or like a picture you posted on Facebook, tag your f riendsand ask them to retweet your posts etc, this will help your Klout score.So even if you have a million f riends but do not engage with them, your Klout score can still be low.Attracting high inf luencers to respond to your posts on social networks can really give you a big boast, f orexample if Justin Bieber retweets your tweet on Twitter, it will mean more than your high school f riend doingsame. Build relationships with your f riends and interact with them always.Another reason your Klout score can be low is this, getting more retweets f rom f ewer posts will weigh morethan getting same number of tweets f rom more posts, f or example it will weigh more if you get 200retweets f rom 20 tweets than 200 retweets f rom 1000 tweets. And if same people retweet your postseveryday it will weigh less compared to when dif f erent people retweets your posts every day.Connect as much Social Networks on Klout as they support, Klout supports more social networks than justFacebook, Twitter and Google+. Linking your accounts to Klout is not as ef f ective as it will be when youreally engage on all the linked accounts, try and be active in the social networks you belong and rememberto keep such accounts public.In trying to raise your Klout Score, I think you should know some of the f actors that determine Klout score,improving on them will improve your score and thus your Social inf luence.FacebookMentions via tag f rom other peopleLikesSubscriber countPosts on your wallOverall f riend countTwitterRetweetsMentionsList membershipsReplies f rom you to your networkNumber of f ollowersGoogle+Comments on your content+1sReshares of your contentLinkedInYour job title on LinkedInYour connectionsRecommendationsCommentsFoursquareTips completed – the number of suggestions you’ve lef t at venues that people have actually completed.+K
  3. 3. +K+K f rom your f riends now also plays a role in your score. Previously it only inf luenced what categories youwere thought to be inf luential in, not how inf luential you were in general.WikipediaPage ImportanceInlinks to Outlinks ratioNumber of InlinksMust Read: Tips to Measure Your Brand’s Social Media ROINow I hope I have really broken Klout down f or you to understand it better and improve your Socialinf luence. Let me hear what you think about Klout, do you think Klout is the perf ect tool to measure Socialinf luence? Use the comment f orm below to share your views about Klout and social inf luence with me.Listen