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How i activated_twitter_cards_for_netmediablog

  1. 1. net I activated Twitter Cards for NetmediablogNwosu MavtrevorJust like I mentioned in one of my previously published article on this blog titled “Social SEO – How tooptimize a website f or optimum Social SEO”, Twitter Cards make it possible to attach media experiencesto Tweets that link to your content. There are several types of cards f or displaying dif f erent types ofmultimedia contents.Summary Card: Def ault card, including a title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.Photo Card: A Tweet sized photo card.Gallery Card: A Tweet card geared toward highlighting a collection of photos.App Card: A Tweet card f or providing a prof ile of an application.Player Card: A Tweet sized video/audio/media player card.Product Card: A Tweet card to better represent product content.These dif f erent types of card can be attached to Tweets; it’s easier to attract attention when a tweethas an image or any other supported multimedia f ormat attached to it.How to Create Twitter Cards:Creating a Twitter card f or your site/blog will allow links to your site to be more inf ormational whentweeted. This will also give your site a prof essional edge on Twitter. Twitter users of ten get link-blindedsince there are lots of links and hashtags on the timeline, but using a Twitter card will help display yourtweets with more details and even with a multimedia (image/video). Twitter cards can allow users playvideos with your tweet, an image associated with a tweet could raise a user’ curiosity to check out the
  2. 2. f ull content on your site.Creating Twitter cards does not necessarily require you to understand f ully the generic Meta tags oreven how to implement it on your pages especially if you already have the WordPress SEO Plugininstalled f or your site. Simply go to the Social tab of the WordPress SEO and add your Twitter usernameunder Twitter. This Plugin will handle the content attribution and URL crawling of your site. The attributionis of two types, the website attribution (which indicates the Twitter account f or the website) and theCreator attribution (which indicates the person that created the content). The URL crawling determineswhich URLs to display cards f or and which not to.So af ter deciding which type of Twitter card best suits your site, head over to the Card Preview Utility topreview your Twitter card, if you are sure your Twitter Card META tags are in place and displays well inthe preview, then the next step will be to apply f or approval. Click here to f ill the Twitter Cards approvalf orm.It took a while to get my Twitter Cards approved; I actually applied on the 14th February, 2013 andreceived a mail that it’s been activated on the 30th of March, 2013. So you have to exercise somepatience but it will def initely get approved, my guess is there is a long queue of people like you waiting tobe approved and it’s def initely on a f irst come, f irst serve basis.Would you like to see my Blog’s Twitter Cards live in action? Click on the Twitter Button below and clickthe “Tweet” button, then head over to your Twitter account and click on the view summary right below thetweet on Twitter.Will you like to get Twitter Cards f or your blog? Simply f ollow the guides here and apply f or yours. Doyou have any questions, use the comment f orm below to ask. Remember to subscribe to my RSS f eed.Listen