How bloggers can use ifttt in blog promotion


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This article will introduce a web tool called IFTTT (if This Then That) and explain how bloggers and other webmasters can take advantage of it promoting their website.

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How bloggers can use ifttt in blog promotion

  1. 1. net Nwosu Mavtrevor How Bloggers can use IFTTT in Blog Promotion 7 Flares 7 Flares × If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you would’ve noticed I have talked about IFTTT quite of ten. IFTTT stands f or IF THIS THEN THAT, IFTTT is an automation tool that lets you connect two dif f erent applications together based on the parameters you def ine. I have personally used this tool and today I want to share with you a couple of ways bloggers like me can use IFTTT to their blog promotion as well. IFTTT requires an action to trigger another, lets say you will like to automatically share your blog posts to Tumblr every time you publish a blog post on your blog, or you want to share same blog post to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Then this action depends on your blog f eed, once a new post has been published on your blog, you blog f eed will trigger the action of such post being shared to the Social media sites you choose. In IFTTT this is called “recipes”, there are so many recipes to chose f rom in their site. To create a recipe you tell IFTTT what the “This” and “That” are, choosing your source and your destination. So once the condition f or “This” is met, it triggers the other action f or “That” in your recipe equation. So in the example above, once you publish a new post, a new f eed item is created which is the “This” in our recipe equation, which triggers the “That” in the same equation by sharing to the social network we chose. How to create a recipe in IFTTT Am assuming you don’t already have an IFTTT account, click here to create an account quickly. Then af ter that sign in to your account. Click on the “create” button and you will be taken to the ‘Create a Recipe’ page. 1. Click on the “this” highlighted in blue to reveal the channels. These channels are the building blocks of IFTTT, you can use it to connect two applications. For the sake of this tutorial lets use f eeds since I am more interested with promoting my blog using this tool.
  2. 2. 2. Next is to “Choose a Trigger”, click on “New f eed item” as specif ied on the image below. 3. Then enter your f eed address or Feed URL on the space provided f or the new f eed item and click on the “Create Trigger” to create your trigger. See image below
  3. 3. 4. Then you will be taken to the next step called the action step where you will choose a channel f or you action. Click on the “That” as shown on the image below. 5. Then at this step you are expected to choose an action channel.
  4. 4. 6. You will be asked to activate your Facebook Channel as shown on image below Click on the “Activate” button and a page will be opened to you to login your Facebook account and allow IFTTT access. Once you have successf ully activated your Facebook channel the button will change to this;
  5. 5. Then you can click on the “Continue to the next step” button and you will be taken to the “Choose an Action” step. 7. Then click on any of the three options as shown on the image below to decide what the action would be when you publish a new post. Let’s say we decide to publish a status message every time we publish a new post, then choose number 1 as labeled on the image below 8. Then you will be taken to the “Complete Action Fields” where you can add ingredients to your action. Click on the + button to reveal the ingredients you can choose f rom.
  6. 6. 9. Then click on the “Create Action” Button. 10. Add a description to your recipe and click the “Create Recipe” button to create your recipe. Now you have successf ully created a recipe that triggers the action of posting a new status message on your Facebook wall whenever you publish a new article on your blog. There are thousands of recipes you can create f rom choosing any two of the channels on IFTTT, i personally have recipes that share to my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Storif y, LinkedIn, Buf f er, Flickr, Diigo etc. Bloggers can take advantage of this tool t the promotion of their blog, it is totally automated and you can actually check your activity log to see how your recipes are doing. Must Read: Free social media automation methods I hope you f ind this tool interesting in promoting your blog or in achieving any other aim, Amrish of liveindiantvchannels actually asked me to write a detailed tutorial on how to use IFTTT yesterday and i promised him i will publish it today. I hope i have done a great job in composing this tutorial in a short while. Now over to you, create your recipes and share with me your f avorite recipes, maybe i could create your
  7. 7. type of recipe. What do you think of IFTTT? How do you think bloggers can use it to their advantage? Share with me using the comment f orm below. Remember to subscribe to my RSS f eed.