Effectiveness of logo_design_is_not_size_dependent_only


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Effectiveness of logo_design_is_not_size_dependent_only

  1. 1. net mediablog.com http://netmediablog.com/effectiveness-of-logo-design-is-not-size-dependent-onlyEffectiveness of Logo Design is not Size Dependent OnlyseoaditiA logo need not only be distinctive but inspirational as well. It is to be remembered that designing logos isnot an easy task as it has to be visually attractive and unique. For a brochure designer, this demands acombination of latest techniques and artistic creativity. It is not always that a logo is only an image or atext but of ten a combination of both. It requires years of experience and unmatched skills to createoutstanding designs f or publicity materials as these are textual representations of your company.For any printed publicity material, it is necessary f or it to be impressionable and the easiest way toachieve this is by creating an exceptional brochure complete with graphics and texts. The center ofattraction of catalogues and f lyers are logos and must mandatorily be made distinguishing. Whendesigning these images, size is a vital consideration as too small an impression would f ail in attractingattention of buyers and potential customers.Logo DesignProportionate Size:A bigger logo does not always assist in creating a greater impact on visitors’ minds. Many advertisershave a mistaken notion that a bigger insignia helps in creating a more positive ef f ect on customers’minds, which is not actually the case. Studies have revealed that though size has a role to play inattracting clients, it does not imply that there is direct correlation between size and impact. Selecting anexact size is a thoughtf ul task and requires f iner estimations.Of all f orms of visual processes, a monogram or insignia is the easiest way of identif ying a company.Your clients, both existing and potential ones, must in the f irst place get attracted by your monogramdesigning. This monogram should be proportionate to your entire layout or leaf let: it must neither looktoo large nor too small. Through your insignia, you should convey the message of your company tobuyers in the most unambiguous way. These designs must be relevant and easily comprehensible. There
  2. 2. should be close resemblance between the patterns and the company they represent. Choosing anincorrect size is not only wastage of resource but also damages the goodwill of your company.Avoid Clumsiness:Irrespective of its dimensions, a monogram must never appear clumsy or overcrowded. Including toomany words or images destroys the appearance of your publicity materials, making your resources go towaste. The entire ef f ort of designing your brochure is wasted if your catalogue or, f or that matter, yourproduct or service f ails to draw customers. Though it is essential that your insignia gets highlighted, youmust be caref ul that your designing is not self def eating. Even if it is put up on a billboard, yourmonogram representation must still be catchy and identif iable f rom a distance. A disproportionateinsignia could be irritating and even harmf ul to your publicity.Leave enough space for Text:In many cases, texts are used in designing logos. Simple wordings against a contrasting backgroundcould have a tremendous ef f ect in convincing buyers and over time could well be used as your company’smonogram. There are several examples of simple texts becoming everlasting logos f or business housesand industries. Empty space helps in adding visual depth to your designs. An accomplished brochuredesigner is adept in recognizing the importance of blank spaces in a publicity pamphlet.At times, the background could be shaded or can be pref erably lef t blank. This choice depends entirelyon the logo you have designed. In case you are using letters f or your pattern, it is advisable that they arein eye soothing shades. Even bright shades are pref erable f or certain products and services. Therecould be several color combinations f or your letters and your designer is the best person to identif ythem. Even f ull words or phrases might be used in logos. In such cases, negative spaces are ideally lef tf or better visual impact. A negative space helps in adding depth to your textual displays or logos. Use ofestablished symbols is another way of improving image quality.Must Read: Why you should use a responsive design for your websiteAll these f actors are to be kept in mind when designing an insignia. Size is not the only criterion behinddesigning an impressionable image. Proportion, color combination, background shading, area of emptyspace and choice of words are important criteria f or ef f ectiveness of a log design. Size is just one ofthe parameters and must be treated accordingly.