4 important tips to building a successful blog


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4 important tips to building a successful blog

  1. 1. net mediablog.com http://netmediablog.com/4-important-tips-to-building-a-successful-blog Oscar Frank 4 Important Tips To Building A Successful Blog When it comes to blogging, everyone wishes to be on top of the game. But gaining popularity and building your way to success is usually a hard road ahead. It usually involves lots of hard-work ranging f rom guest posting, blog commenting, article directory submission, social bookmarking and back-linking building. I guess you are getting scared? Don’t worry, i’ll explain the various strategies you need to implement in order to build a popular and successf ul blog. It’s quite easy if you understand and implement them rightly. Read caref ully the below tips, they actually worked f or me in improving my blog. Tips To Building a Successful Blog 1. Content Is King I know you must have read this a million times, but it is one true f act that can’t be overlooked. I came to realize and learn over the years that writing quality content really pays of f in the long run. One thing that helps me in making my blog more popular is because I source and write great contents. If you can prepare a list of content ideas, it gives you the opportunity to source f or inf ormation, learn about the subject matter and deliver super articles. There are a couple of places I source f or content ideas such as; Question and Answer Websites like Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers etc Adwords Keyword Analytics Tool Forums related to my blog Niche From Comments on previous blog post Youtube videos The list f or content generation ideas goes on and on. The second part of content is adding images to your blog post. People tend to get attracted to images more than text, in f act that must have led to the general saying that images speak more than a thousand words. Make sure you add images to all your blog post, and then optimize them f or search engines using the alt tag. Google Image search can become a source of traf f ic f or you as I’ve been enjoying this benef it lately on my blog. Coming over to the subject of length of your articles, it all depends on you. Short and interesting articles
  2. 2. gain more share and lengthy ones tend to bore people away f rom experience. Do not over do things, f or me blog posts with about 800 words is on the average and works greatly in terms of conversions, comments and social media share. If you can write quality contents that adds value to your readers, then you are about 30% to building a successf ul blog. 2. Promote Your Blog Articles Building a successf ul blog does not end by creating wonderf ul contents only, you have to promote your blog articles to reach your target audience as a matter of f act. Without the traf f ic (targeted audience), then you will probably go out of business and your ef f orts in creating the contents would be such a wasted ef f ort. There are a couple of ways to promote blog articles which you probably do not know about. Here are some of them Social Media: Social Networking sites are great places to promote your blog post content, concentrate on a f ew social media sites f or a start bef ore experimenting with all others. Some of the social media sites to harness are Facebook (Facebook groups work great), Twitter (Retweet at others, and also make use of hash tags), Google + (join blogging communities) . They have really helped improve my online presence. Some other tools to try are EasyRetweet and JustRetweet, make a little Google search on those terms f or more details. Join Blogging Communities: There are lot of blogging communities you can join in order to promote your blog among other bloggers and gain popularity. Some of them include Bizsugar, BlogEngage, Blokube and more. Google is your f riend if you wish to f ind more about them. Make sure you promote your blog on any platf orm you f ind the chance to, it would help you in building a successf ul blog f or yourself . Must Read: Things needed to become a successful blogger 3. Link Building Link building is a vital point if you wish to get search engine traf f ic to your blog. There are a couple of places and ways to build backlinks that work perf ectly and have been implementing lately some of which include Guest Blogging, Commenting, Social Bookmarks. Guest Blogging is one sure way of gaining dof ollow backlinks, you write quality content on your hosts blog and place one or two backlinks to your blog. Commenting is another way to get mixed backlinks, some blogs allow dof ollow while others are nof ollow links. Try to comment on niche related blogs, this would improve your search traf f ic and also ref erral traf f ic. Submit your articles to Social Bookmarking sites, this would improve your blog search engine presence and domain authority. Link building is so much of a great importance to your blogs SEO and building a successful blog. 4. Blogging Consistency You don’t expect me to let you know that if you do not blog consistently, you’ll loose the traf f ic and readers you have already built in the long run. I experimented this on my blog recently. Normally I posted one article daily and my reader got used to it, this kept them coming back daily to my blog, bef ore I decided to experiment and here was how it went. For a period of one month, i made only 3 articles weekly, this did not immediately run down my blog traf f ic but I realized that my blog was no growing any longer. This prompted me to start a 30-day aggressive blogging self challenge (I now post twice daily) which i’ll be releasing the case study by the f irst week of next month. I’ve started gaining more exposure and traf f ic since I started the challenge, and it’s one power of consistent blogging. I’m not trying to f orce you into blogging twice daily like i’m currently doing on my blog, but you can develop a pattern or blogging routine that your readers would know you by and would work f or you. Experimenting is one key to blogging. Conclusion Applying this strategies would help you in building a successf ul blog. I hope you love this article, f eel f ree to add your tips using the comment box. Happy Blogging.